Backfire Step 1: Expose the Injustice–Forensic Fraud being committed by PHPs in Collusion with Corrupt Labs

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I will be putting up a survey shortly and want to hear your stories.  One of the recurrent themes I keep hearing from those victimized by PHPs is falsified drug and alcohol tests.   Attached is an example of what they are capable of.

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Quote by Dr. Greg Skipper, MD, FASAM, FSPHP

Remember, this group has essentially removed themselves from accountability in drug and alcohol testing via the use of Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs), a loophole which avoids FDA approval and oversight.   Whereas most drug testing is transparent and held accountable, the PHPs use testing that is opaque, unregulated and accountable to no one.  Accountability demands both the provision of information and justification for ones actions. PHPs block both.  While most drug-testing requires the immediate provision of information if the test is questioned (as it should be), PHPs have put forth the logical fallacy that doctors have some sort of inherent expertise in toxicology and pharmacology and can “figure out” how to circumvent the testing process if they were to get copies of their lab results.  They block this provision of information.  And even if this information is ultimately provided, as seen below,  no outside organizations exist to hold them to account.  They do not have to justify their actions to anyone.  No safeguards exist to assure integrity and honesty of the sample.   No safeguards exist to assure the integrity and honesty of those ordering the sample either.

The documents below show forensic fraud.  This is undeniable and indefensible. It does not take a toxicologist or Medical Review Officer to understand what “chain-of-custody” is and that “updating” one constitutes misconduct, fraud and (as seen here) criminal activity.   These documents were obtained 5 months after a falsified test was ordered by Linda Bresnahan, Director of Operations at Physician Health Services, Inc. (PHS, inc.) the Massachusetts PHP via fax no less.  The blood test was drawn on July 1, 2011.  On July 19th, 2011 Ms Bresnahan requests (through the PHP secretary Mary Howard) that an already positive test for the alcohol biomarker phosphatidylethanol be “updated” with  ID # 1310 and a “chain-of-custody. (which is an oxymoron-a “chain-of-custody” by definition cannot be “updated.”  Unveleivably the lab does it without hesitation or any apparent compunction.   The documents speak for themselves.  ID # 1310 just happens to be my ID number.  When I complained that no one ever accused me of ever having an alcohol problem she replied:

“You have an Irish last name-good luck finding anyone who will believe you!” 

For a more detailed analysis see here, here and here.  And where was the Medical Review Officer during all of this?  Good question and one he will not answer!  And no one else is holding him to account.   This needs to change.

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1. Supression of Dissent: Basic Information

2. The keys to backfire

• “Reveal: expose the injustice, challenge cover-up

• Redeem: validate the target, challenge devaluation

• Reframe: emphasize the injustice, counter reinterpretation

• Redirect: mobilize support, be wary of official channels• Resist: stand up to intimidation and bribery”

via Helpful resources for those abused and afraid — via .

11 thoughts on “Backfire Step 1: Expose the Injustice–Forensic Fraud being committed by PHPs in Collusion with Corrupt Labs

  1. I never see comments here and I am not sure why. I have been following for a while. I do understand that there is corruption in every profession. However, I have personally known medical professionals with addictions problems. Several who lost their license to practice for a time.
    It is common knowledge that the rate for addiction in the medical profession is quite high. (I do realize you also address mental health issues in your blog as well, but I am speaking only to that of addiction with this comment)
    To me, I feel it is of the most importance to ensure the safety of patients when looking at this issue. Medical professionals literally hold the lives of other humans in their hands daily. Along with this, medical professionals deserve compassion and treatment. Not all are at a point where they are ready to acknowledge or accept this. If and when they do, it needs to be given, but with a very high measure of oversight, due to the nature of their job.
    The corruption you speak of is wrong. However, the strict guidelines, oversight, and compliance if a medical professional is discovered to have an addiction problem I feel are necessary. All things with compassion though. Losing our humanity is never justified.

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    • I agree with you completely. Those in the medical profession who are indeed addicts need to be held accountable for their actions firmly but compassionately. The problem here is that those who are holding the medical profession accountable are themselves removed from all accountability and all manner of abuse can be done under a cloak of benevolence. No one is minding the minders and that needs to change. We need competent and caring yet firm leadership. That is not what is occurring under the current regime. Regulation and reform are needed. And the reason there are not many comments is because most people who have been ensnared by this system are afraid to comment for fear of retaliation or retribution. That says a lot. Most will not even give me identifying information as they believe my website might be some sort of “honey-pot” trap. And who can blame them? This system engenders a lack of trust and a “learned helplessness.”

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      • OK, yes I totally agree with this. Thank you for clearing that up.
        You are very right. I know all too well that there has to be accountability for the ones in charge.
        I fully support regulation and reform. I have known many very good physicians and nurses as well that have gotten help and returned to work and remained clean.
        i also know about fear, of course, in other ways.
        I think you are doing a wonderful thing with your blog.
        Just wanted to be sure I was reading it correctly.
        I will continue to follow and support in whatever small way I can.
        I believe in one person by one making a difference.

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  2. Thanks, I think this article by Gabrielle Glaser is going to open some doors. In addition I was interviewed for an upcoming Medscape article that should be coming out next week. Additionally there are some other articles coming out in the medical press. I am just trying to get people to start talking about it and it is an elephant in the room at this point. That has to change. Moreover, they are changing these from “Physicians Health Programs” to “Professionals Health Programs” to widen the net to other professions claiming they are the “gold standard” and “new paradigm” of substance abuse. It is all propaganda for profit.

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