Believe in Yourself!

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17 thoughts on “Believe in Yourself!

  1. I am going to share, too. I see far too many people who cannot do a darned thing without “doctor permission.” But wait. I want to ask these people, “Who owns your body?” I left the USA to stop “doctor” from running my life via scare tactics, threats, assembly-line medicine, and refusal to inform me of key medical issues. I am so much healthier now! It’s almost as if, in the past year since I left the USA, I grew a foot taller, and ten times stronger. At last, I have learned who I am. I am delighted with what I see of myself, and that, to me, is priceless.

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      • Thanks, Michael. Nancy is a friend of mine, yes, a very good person for sure. She is my age and grew up not to far from where I was raised, in suburban Boston. I would put in a good word for you, but I don’t have that much power! I am not on their good side right now due to underrepresentation of expatients on the site. It is my understanding that this is due to lack of submissions, however, I still believe expatients are given poor visibility. As a doctor, I am sure you will not have that experience there. It is something I am trying to work through. I am trying to decide whether to start a literary site exclusively for expatients. This would not exclude MD’s who have been themselves incarcerated in such horrific places. However, it would exclude those “experts” who themselves have not been psych labeled. Lord knows they are rich enough and have not experienced the de-voicing to the degree that you and I have been through.

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    Love the poster and its message! It’s all about the passion, the passion is what makes us. Then there is everything we do to make the passion real. That’s what makes the world – or at least makes the world interesting. Thanks for making this available.

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