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Related Blogs and Webpages

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J. Wesley Boyd, MD, PhD Psychiatry, Social Commentary, and More
Center for Physician Advocacy Protecting Physicians' Rights in Regulatory MattersCenter for Physician Advocacy Protecting Physicians’ Rights in Regulatory Matters
Pamela Wible MD America’s Leading Voice for Ideal Medical Care
 HARBR is a resource for healthcare professionals, licensed or unlicensed who are under fire from unjust healthcare regulatory boards, licensing boards, or PHPs. We seek immediate justice for individual practitioners and long term reform for the betterment of healthcare. Please visit our site and bookmark it.s

HARBR: Healthcare Alliance for Regulatory Board Reform: HARBR-USA.ORG



Eliza Blackwell Facebook Page

Dr No will see you now!

Bad Medicine (U.K.) Dr No will see you now!



Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network Human Rights Defenders

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site dedicated to “all those abused” by the N.C. Medical Board and N.C. PHP





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In this blog Dr Maxine Szramka shares her uncensored views on medicine, science and society.


7 thoughts on “Related Blogs and Webpages

  1. The following is a rant. I offer no excuse for it. I’ve earned the right to rant. I was communicating with a like minded defender of justice tonight. The following words flowed freely from my mind, heart and soul. It is neither edited nor filtered in any way. It is imperfect but brutally true. I again request that my name be openly documented here (my last comment did not include my name, as I had requested). My name is Jonathan Roop. I am one of countless innocent victims of evil forces (which have been well documented here by people far more informed and eloquent than I). I am not afraid. They cannot possibly take more from me than they already have. And they fail to appreciate a simple concept. It is unwise to mess with your victim when your victim no longer has anything to lose.

    Random thoughts of a victim who will NEVER be victimized again (me…sorry for the creepy third person thing. I’m not a writer).

    You’ve asked me to submit a short version. In fact, the version I provided was dreadfully incomplete and represents a fraction of the truth. I’d be happy to contribute. But please give me guidance as how I might further abridge an already abridged statement. I could simply identify myself and the ‘facts’ and or my specific grievances. I can, and will do that. But as you know, the defenders of the indefensible here operate in a world the rest of us could not possibly comprehend. They hold ABSOLUTE, UNREGULATED, UNDESERVED power. They are also often ‘recovering’ addicts themselves who claim ‘divine recovery’ (sounds like solid medicine, eh?!!). These addicts and sociopaths cannot be reasoned with. statements of fact have had little impact on the perpetrators, as well as their defenders and the public at large, who have NO knowledge of or access to simple and easily verifiable truths. If reason could sway the guilty, or the blind public…none of this would be happening.

    I have committed myself fully to this cause. Very few on this Earth have suffered greater at the hands of these Despots than I. And I will do anything and everything I can to be an agent of change (rather than lay down and die…as many of our unfortunate and innocent colleagues have been forced to do). I am lucky to have found this community of justice and empathy. They very nearly succeeded in killing me. But not yet. And as long as I can fight, I will do everything and everything possible to bring the guilty to justice and spare countless innocent future lives.

    I cannot shorten or sanitize the truth. Very basic questions remain unanswered. But these questions persist and MUST be answered by the purveyors of discrimination, government sanctioned assassination and perversion of basic, absolutely accepted and fundamental standards of medical care and physician conduct. To wit: The Godlike possessors of undeserved power are, in fact, the truly ‘impaired’ physicians. I think it can be easily shown that COUNTLESS victims have been silenced by evil forces and evil physicians. Do these ‘experts’ empathize with their victims? No…they ATTACK their victims. They denigrate their victims. They dehumanize and demoralize their victims. They baselessly defend their crimes. AND they do so without remorse. This IS the definition of a sociopath. So…dangerous, unpredictable and unregulated sociopaths have been given absolute and unregulated control over ‘impaired’ physicians!!!! Isn’t the irony enough to spark outrage? No. it’s not. The only truly impaired physicians I have EVER ENCOUNTERED are staff physicians of PHPs and ‘approved’ treatment centers. I know MANY physicians who struggle with medical, psychiatric or addictive problems. I have NEVER observed ‘impaired’ behavior in this population. But EVERY SINGLE physician associated with the PHPs, ‘treatment’ programs and the like I came in contact with ARE and WILL CONTINUE to be impaired. They are impaired by unchecked bias and discrimination. They are impaired by their unwillingness to hold themselves to even the most basic standards of medical practice. They are impaired by their inability to empathize with their victims. They continue to have NO REMORSE for their behavior and the pain and death which they have caused (and will continue to cause if allowed to do so).

    So…clearly IMPAIRED physicians (and inadequately trained low level hacks) destroy innocent lives with impunity in the name of protecting the public from ‘IMPAIRED’ physicians!!!! This irony could be easily identified by a cognitively impaired child. But the guilty, and their many dependents and minions completely ignore the obvious. They ought to honestly consider the irony. It is a good source of hilarity…if it weren’t DEADLY serious. I enjoy giggling at the absurdity of mindless bureaucrats, who weren’t hugged enough as children, attempting to defend their indefensible positions. BUT I’M NOT LAUGHING. Dr. Miday died by the hands of cowardly despots. This isn’t funny. It’s manslaughter!

    Please forgive my rant. I have MANY more. All justified and based on simple concepts of fairness, empathy and the defense of justice.

    But, as you see, I cannot shorten my already shortened plea for justice. The proverbial surface remains unscratched.

    If you would like me to post on your site, please offer recommendations for condensing the mountains of information and undisputed evidence already available to all.

    Alternatively, I could simply post my experiences…unfiltered, uncensored and powerful to all intellectually honest people.

    It’s your site. I’m happy to contribute. But I’m afraid I can’t shorten my messages. In fact, they are preliminary and woefully incomplete.

    Either way…thank you so much for your interest in basic human rights and justice in this critically important matter.


    Please post, Dr. Langan. Thanks

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    • Hi Roop I cannot help to recognize myself in your writings, The fact is that I have strong religious convictions that, thus far, has prevented me from suicide and from enacting the type of a reckoning that these sociopaths deserve. As a Marine Corpsman who has learned what extreme prejudice is I have managed to quell my desire for a justified action As a physician who has gained 14 years of painful experience that one endures from this jihad on vulnerable altruistic physicians I see few civil alternatives. My family has suffered far too long and As you pointed out when their is nothing left to loose then these scum have earned the rules of engagement that extreme prejudice warrants. I am with you brother PTSD DOC

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  2. Jonathan,

    Interesting. I am not sure what to do with this. A doc on staff at our hospital was clearly drunk when he came in and examined a newborn. The family noticed and filed a complaint with the Medical Board. The Board suspended his license for 90 days, forced his participation with a PHP with ongoing urine testing. Five years later he is sober, practicing, and doing well.

    How should his case have been handled?

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  3. TT Wilson, is this your name? A logical fallacy of assumption exists, when the physician you reference above is assumed mortally flawed, in need of the PHP’s services, and three month immersion into Wilson’s errant scriptural tome (I call this incarceration). Would not a breathalyzer, administered in privacy, among a superior, for some predetermined period of time suffice? Bankrupting a fellow, poaching their assets, inducing guilt, and bullying them into submission, are no solution when something as simplistic as confidentiality and empathy are all that may be required, psychopathy notwithstanding. Simplicity wins against the fallaciousness of of arguments from ignorance. Of which do you present?

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  4. Simply interchange the words “swift and certain consequences” with “the requisite amount of human pathos”. You can do this. Again, psychopathy notwithstanding…snicker

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