Massachusetts Office of the Commissioner for Public Health has ignored direct evidence of medical board corruption and felony crimes for 8-months:  How many bodies must be buried before anyone acts?    


screen-shot-2016-02-09-at-3-40-26-amAs long as the state Board enjoys the total support of the judiciary and the Governor’s office, as it does in the face of massive evidence for fraud, institutional corruption and conscious violations of the Constitution and human rights, good physicians shall have zero protection from vindictive bureaucrats running payola schemes with official protection from the MA Supreme Judicial Court. And the patients of Massachusetts shall continue to run from pillar to post to get good individualized and timely care.screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-11-21-47-pm

Evidence that the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine (BORIM)  is rife with institutional corruption involving fraud and other criminal activity is easily available.  Reports of ethical…

Source: Massachusetts Office of the Commissioner for Public Health has ignored direct evidence of medical board corruption and felony crimes for 8-months:  How many bodies must be buried before anyone acts?    

Related Posts: Disprove my claims and win prizes here  and here including a 1964 Rolling Stones 45 vinyl with a sleeve signed by all of the Rolling Stones including Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts.  For price comparison see album page with similar autographs currently listed for $3,763.99!   The item offered here is much better for a number of reasons but no one has tried to claim it.  All one has to do is show that Luis Sanchez committed fewer than three felonies. That’s it


No takers thus far!  What can we conclude from this?   That answer should be crystal clear.. If Sanchez did not commit at least three felonies then this records and all the  other prizes would have been gone in a heartbeat.  No one’s even tried.

Why am I doing this?  Because the usual tactic of these groups in the fact of any accusations is to

1) deny it

2) minimize it

3) use logical fallacy to dismiss, deflect, rationalize and otherwise bury  whatever it is they are accused of including conflicts-of-interest, absence of regulation and oversight, abuse, oppression, coercion, diagnosis-tailoring, fraudulent lab tests and multiple other precise and specific allegations.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 11.23.50 PM.png

The problem is these tactics usually work and everyone walks away complacent that these are just honest and decent folks doing their jobs helping sick doctors and protecting the public.   At the very least, it is assumed, there must be some grain of truth to all of it and they must have a good reason for doing whatever they did.   There isn’t and they don’t. If that were the case then someone would be knocking at my door and I don’t hear anyone knocking.  Conclusion = Sanchez  committed 3 or more felonies.  Deny it, minimize it or explain it and all the prizes are yours.   You can’t and neither can they.  “We are good guys just protecting the public ad helping sick doctors” does not cut the mustard at this point. Ditto for medical boards.  “Not my department” is no longer an acceptable stance from agencies or individuals who could do something but look the other way.   Waiting for someone to do the right thing is not an option.   It won’t happen.

This can no longer be ignored with silence pain and simple.   Simple and direct questions deserve simple and direct answers.   Sanchez?  Stoller?  Bertram?  Rush-Lloyd?  These questions are simple and direct.  We are waiting for a reply.  Answer them.   I’m not going away and neither is the evidence. You will eventually have to respond.   This is not going away.   It will eventually reach a tipping point. This corruption will be exposed.  If you think you are going to get away with it think again–it is an inevitability at this point and I predict sooner rather than later.    The question is how many bodies is it going to take before that happens?  One thing is for certain–once the other shoe drops specific individuals will not be able to deny what they knew and when they knew it.



I am Offering Over $25,000 in cool prizes to anyone who can show past FSPHP President Sanchez did not commit at least 3 felonies based on documentary evidence alone! I claim the documents show direct evidence of multiple serious crimes –prove me wrong and the whole lot is yours!

Going on two months and no takers!screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-12-18-42-pm

Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP) removed from accountability with low risk of suffering consequences for misconduct

According to Erich Fromm rational authority is based on competence, experience, and mutual respect.  Irrational authority is often disguised as benevolent paternalism and is designed to perpetuate or intensify conditions of inequality through the use or threat of force, deceptiveness, and secretiveness.

The Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP) has has operated as an unexamined authority for the past 25-years .  They have pushed practice and policy unquestioned and without opposition that has gravely harmed individual doctors, the medical profession itself and the public at large.  Everything they have done has been done to benefit themselves and their drug and alcohol assessment, testing and treatment affiliates in the provision of protections, power and profits.

Examining the specific practice and policy pushed reveals a body of false-claims making designed to facilitate the systemic use of coercion and threats, remove all due process protections and fundamental rights from physicians and prevent, block and eliminate the evidence.  This practice and policy collective has created a culture of impunity, immunity and deference that is able to successfully conceal ethical violations and crimes.  Uncovering their wrongdoing is a nearly impenetrable gauntlet. It is a system of institutional injustice that is undoubtedly a major contributor to the suicide epidemic in the profession.  They have been able to conceal the truth, avoid investigation and prevent punishment for years by removing themselves from all accountability and outside inquiry. Direct and specific questioning appears to be their Achille’s heel as the recent spat of articles critical of these programs is showing just how much of an illegitimate authority they really are.

In her rebuttal to Pauline Anderson’s article “Physician Health Programs: More Harm Than Good?” FSPHP President Doris Gunderson dismissed the accusations of fraud and abuse in one fell swoop as  “allegations rather than facts” and second hand anecdotes.  Countering allegations of an absence of oversight and regulation she states:


“In fact, we operate under a microscope, answering to individual practitioners, medical boards, malpractice carriers, defense attorneys, state attorneys, medical societies, hospitals, medical schools and residency training programs. We are also accountable to patient safety entities and a Board of Directors.”

Untrue. Accountability demands both provision of information and justification for actions to outside entities capable of punishing misconduct. . What was done and why?  No such entity exists and no pathway for appeal or grievance redressal exists either. Zero accountability.  Ditto for the “PHP-approved” assessment and treatment centers. As cash only out-of-pocket facility they remove themselves from the prying eyes of insurers.

screen-shot-2016-01-13-at-9-55-47-amThe North Carolina PHP Audit  found the past FSPHP President and NC PHP director Warren Pendergast could not identify the qualitative or quantitative indicators used for “approving”  PHP-approved facilities. The best he could come up with is “reputation” and “word of mouth” yet state medical boards mandate evaluations of doctors at these  facilities and specifically exclude  non-“PHP-approved” facilities.This is enforced by the Federation of State Medical Boards Policy on Physician Impairment.  Each state managed by the FSPHP utilizes the same dozen or so facilities and each state medical board mandates it under threat of disciplinary action.  It is in fact a rigged gam

Denying accusations of coercion Gunderson states in her rebuttal to Anderson’s article:

“The detractors of PHPs interviewed for the article maintain that PHPs are coercive. Yet the report fails to mention that PHPs have no authority to mandate treatment and monitoring, suspend or revoke licensure, or otherwise discipline physicians.”

screen-shot-2015-10-07-at-7-11-18-pmThe report fails to mention it because it is more either/or logical fallacy based on the false dichotomy between “treatment” and “punishment” that is often used to promote the FSPHP mythology.  Although PHPs do not have the legal authority to mandate, suspend or revoke a license they have the functional authority to do so.   This is also dictated by public policy.  (ASAM Policy on Coordination Between Treatment Providers,  Professionals Health Programs, and Regulatory Agencies).

Legitimate authority articulates ethical, evidence-based, or internally consistent arguments when challenged.  Legitimate authority does not simply delegitimize one’s opponent and use logical fallacy and obfuscation to avoid addressing the substance of an argument. In her rebuttal Gunderson claims the NC Audit was favorable to them because no evidence of abuse was found.  This is akin to a serial killer claiming victory because no bodies were found in his dungeon replete with torture devices and restraints. State auditor Beth Woods set this straight when she told the BMJ in  Physician Health Programs Under Fire  that the holes were big enough in the program “you could drive a truck through them” and it would be “difficult, if not impossible, to defend” oneself against an incorrect assessment” as no ability to “appeal a diagnosis or assessment” existed.

screen-shot-2016-01-13-at-9-52-11-am“Compounding the problem, said Wood, was that “the chief executive and medical director were in total control of entire process.” They assessed allegedly impaired doctors, but when those assessments were contested, they were responsible for presenting complaints to the state medical board. The doctors concerned were not allowed to be present and were not allowed to see the programs’ medical reports on them.”

Multiple Barriers Removing Accountability at Multiple Levels

The  inability to obtain one’s own medical records or lab reports is the first obstacle one must overcome. The second barrier is that even if documents are obtained there is no one to give them to.  The third is the existence of “point people” who deflect, block and otherwise dismiss valid complaints.  The only oversight provided to the involved labs is an an accreditation agency, the  College of American Pathologists (CAP) They can investigate and correct but do not have the ability to sanction.

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-1-13-29-pmOf the many hundreds of doctors I have spoken to and who have taken my survey not one has been able to obtain evidence of abuse.  It was either refused, censored or doctored.   I have obtained documentary evidence that is specific, detailed and unequivocal.

It is therefore critical it be recognized for what it shows and it is morally imperative that those involved be held to account as the documents illustrate clearly and undeniably a collusion between a state PHP and its drug testing lab to fabricate evidence.  The corruption is top-down as it involves another former FSPHP President Luis Sanchez and the VP of Laboratory operations at USDTL Joseph Jones.  As explicit and detailed as it is in revealing unequivocal  black and white crimes it has been ignored by the usual channels.

Research on street criminals suggests the certainty of punishment has the strongest deterrent effect (basically will I be caught) and the more people think they will be arrested for a crime the less likely they are to commit it. Criminals weigh their actions against possible gains and consequences and the risk of consequences in this system have been essentially zero.  Diagnosis rigging, coercion, threats and abuse are rampant because they have no fear of punishment.  The Chairman of the commission that examined the  causes of the 2008 financial collapse compared the  relatively small fines paid by corporations to “someone who robs a 7-Eleven, takes $1,000 and being able to settle for $25 and no admission of wrongdoing.” He added,“Will they do it again? Absolutely, because it pays.” This is like someone who robs a 7-Eleven, takes $1,000 and never gets caught so he goes to the next 7-Eleven and takes $2000 then hits as many 7-Elevens as he can for as much as he can.

Multiple Crimes, Multiple Felonies and Egregious Misconduct.  Fabrication, Falsification, Concealment and Perjured Evidence. Color-of-Law Abuse, Civil Rights Violations 

In June of 2011 I signed a patent-license agreement with a company to bring an epinephrine auto-injector to FDA approval  within three years.  It was recently mentioned in an NBC news article in the wake of Mylan’s Epipen price hike and the patent  documents can be seen here and a slideshare overview here.  This was successfully derailed the following month when I was asked by the state PHP to have an alcohol test.  This was for no apparent reason. I have never been accused of having an alcohol problem and my work performance at MGH was reported as “impeccable.” There were no issues in any arena.  The events are described in detail here, here, and here.

The blood test was reported positive to the medical board on July 19, 2011 as seen here:   positive-peth-july-19-2011    I requested records but PHS refused but relented in December 2011 and I obtained the   USDTL Litigation Packet  which contained a faxed request from PHS to the lab requesting my unique  identification number and a “chain-of-custody” be added to an already positive report See key docs here.:12:3:2011 Litigation Packet (Selected)

The records showed falsely created and fabricated evidence. Clear fraud. I filed a complaint with the College of American Pathologists CAPLetter.  They investigated and forced USDTL to correct the test as reported in an  October 4, 2012 letter from the lab to Sanchez. Instead of revealing the correction the two concealed the revision and reported “non-compliance”  two weeks later  and board took disciplinary action against my license.  In December 2012 CAP contacted me to followup on the outcome of the revised test which I was unaware of.   I informed them they did not tell me and confronted  PHS but they claimed no knowledge of it.. On December 11, 2012 Sanchez reports to the board that he just found out that the test was revised but it had nothing to do with the disciplinary action taken by the board..  Sanchez and Jones deny there was any correction 67-days earlier and stand by their guns.

In August of 2014 I was able to obtain the complete USDTL documents under new HIPPA-Privacy Rule for labs which removed PHS approval.  Full docs can be seen here:  August 6, 2014 to Langan with health materials.   The  October 4, 2012 correction from USDTL to Sanchez  contradicting Sanchez claim of not finding out about the correction until December is included.Note the language used in the  Letter claiming Sanchez was informed of the revised  test 67-days after he actually was.

Recently obtained documents under records reform act –  Langan PDF copy  They show documents entered as evidence date-stamped and entered into the administrative record after the hearings at which they were to be heard.   Multiple others missing and never addressed.   It is now clear that Stoller concealed all documents relating to PHS misconduct since December of 2011.

Specific and detailed evidence of criminal activity was provided to Board Attorney Deb Stoller over the course of more than five-years. This showed clear collusion between the state physician health program and one of their preferred national drug testing labs.  It is important to recognize the gravity of what this means.   I provided a state officer with evidence of crimes similar to Annie Dookhan–clear fabrication and collusion to fabricate evidence. She suppressed it.     This is much much worse than Annie Dookhan as the lab is used by state physician health programs across the country and over the past five-years their have been multiple suicides of doctors who have allegedly been given fabricated drug and alcohol tests just like mine.    Many of these doctors were given positive tests right before they were to complete a 5-year contract and this is a pattern that seems to be occurring as the rule rather than the exception.   Facing five more years of abuse some doctors have chosen to end their lives rather than continue with the PHP.

Specific and detailed evidence of the fraud was given to Deb Stoller over the course of five-years and she did nothing about it to protect Sanchez.   The impact of this is much greater and the consequences much more severe than what occurred with Dookhan.  As The documents clearly showed felony crimes this is egregious and indefensible.

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-1-14-00-pmWhat is chilling is that this request to falsify evidence was done by fax and the lab complied with full knowledge that the positive-test would result in grave and possibly permanent consequences for someone.  The moral detachment of Jones is incomprehensible to me.  If I was offered a  million dollars at this moment to fabricate a drug test on some stranger I would not do it. I would not for any amount of money and I don not believe the majority of my friends would either.I also contacted Jones (  August 6, 2014 to Langan with health materials ) and told him of the severe consequences this was having for my family but he did not respond.   Had it not been for the new HIPAA -Privacy rule I would never have obtained these documents and without the record reforms act I would never have obtained the evidence implicating Stoller ( Langan PDF copy )

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-1-13-52-pmIt is now time to enter phase two of exposing the corruption of PHPs. It is now necessary to necessary to relentlessly contradict the lies and falsehoods and and present the evidence with logic and clarity.    It is necessary to name names, point fingers and demand that direct and specific answers to direct and specific questions.  It is time to shine a bright light on the specific  unethical and illegal acts detailed here. They are the rule not the exception and the diagnostic rigging and forensic fraud make these more murders than suicides. This is a public health emergency.   By my estimates over 80% of those being monitored by PHPs do not even meet the diagnostic criteria for substance use disorder or any other psychiatric disorder.  It is political abuse of psychiatry.

screen-shot-2016-04-26-at-10-58-19-pmLegitimate authority has a responsibility to be truthful to one’s words and deeds and policies need to be enforced in a consistent manner.  State PHPs are engaging in fraud in collusion with their preferred drug and alcohol assessment, testing and treatment centers.   They are giving diagnoses to individuals who do not meet the diagnostic criteria for a given diagnosis to provided unneeded treatment. They are financially exploiting doctors under threat of disciplinary action against there medical licenses.


The Board claims no crimes were committed because no one has been charged with any crimes.  No, Dr. Sanchez has committed very serious crimes including multiple felonies. This can no longer be ignored. These crimes can be determined by the documentary evidence alone. They are self-evident.

To settle the matter once and for all I am offering over $25,000.00 in cool prizes to the first person who can disprove my claim that Dr. Sanchez committed multiple felonies.    My claim is that by simply looking at the dates and documents multiple felonies are clear.  They are not equivocal.  The first person to disprove this assertion may collect each and every item pictured below.  You can even write up a legally binding contract and I will sign it. There is something for everyone and if anyone has any questions about any of it feel free to ask.screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-7-26-42-pm

To summarize,  I can find multiple clear  felonies in the documents that need no further inquiry. They are black letter law and involve fraud, concealment, perjury and other crimes.  Policies and laws need to be enforced equally.   The Board cannot play favorites and give allowances to its friends when it comes to criminal activity.  Sanchez is licensed by the medical board just as I am and the screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-9-08-18-pmboard’s position on the fraudulent practice of medicine is quite clear.

One felony would be demand the board address what is seen here.  Multiple felonies make it inexcusable to ignore and if it is ignored it will be relentlessly addressed again and again and again.   As it is so difficult to obtain evidence it is necessary that this be addressed with full measure as a precedent.  People just like this are harming good doctors across the country and unless you are profiting from the drug and alcohol testing and treatment racket you should be disgusted at what is seen here.   The fact that Sanchez pontificates on the behavior of others makes this particularly egregious.  Moreover, Jones also tests newborns and other groups with these same tests.  If he is this unethical who knows what amount of damage has occurred.  Anyone of integrity and conscience should be outraged by what is seen here.  As it is one of the clearest and most specific examples of laboratory fraud I am going to be asking for help getting this out–it should be used to show how this type of drug and alcohol testing can be abused.

Direct and specific questions deserve direct and specific answers. This will need to be addressed directly as it is not going away and neither am I.   If cannot disprove fewer than three felonies than they need to be addressed.   Suspect similar point-people in other agencies protecting them.

If multiple felonies were not committed then  you would think at this very moment there should be people knocking on the door trying to get my attention so they can collect these prizes.    I don’t hear anybody knocking, do you?


Prizes as Below


Prizes as Below


Disrupted Physician


Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP) removed from accountability with low risk of suffering consequences for misconduct

According to Erich Fromm rational authority is based on competence, experience, and mutual respect.  Irrational authority is often disguised as benevolent paternalism and is designed to perpetuate or intensify conditions of inequality through the use or threat of force, deceptiveness, and secretiveness.

The Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP) has has operated as an unexamined authority for the past 25-years .  They have pushed practice and policy unquestioned and without opposition that has gravely harmed individual doctors, the medical profession itself and the public at large.  Everything they have done has been done to benefit themselves and their drug and alcohol assessment, testing and treatment affiliates in the provision of protections, power and profits.

Examining the specific practice and policy pushed reveals a body of false-claims making designed to facilitate the…

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One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 2.27.26 AM.png

Milton Friedman (July 31, 1912 – November 16, 2006) was an American economist who received the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

In an article written for the March 2015 Physician Health News, the official newsletter of the Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP) President Doris Gunderson reviews the history of the organization in honor of its 25th anniversary. She writes:

“In 1990 the FSPHP was born out of a need for individual state programs to work together in discussing and promoting best practices and especially to influence national public policy.”

For the last quarter century the FSPHP has pushed a plethora of both practice and policy (legal, regulatory and healthcare) that claims to assist state physician health programs in identifying, managing and monitoring impaired physicians and protect the public from harm.It was recently suggested by the Chief Editor of American Society of Addictions Medicine (ASAM) Weekly News that this same group take the helm in influencing public policy for addiction medicine at large (i.e. not just doctors but everyone from our kids to our pregnant mothers to our elderly) on a national organizational level.

It is time we examined both the authority and the knowledge claims on which they are based.

In her rebuttal to Pauline Anderson’s August 2015 Medscape article ‘Physician Health Programs: More Harm Than Good?  Gunderson dismissed criticisms as “allegations rather than facts” and “second hand anecdotes.”

In response to allegations that PHPs have no oversight Gunderson comments:

“In fact, we operate under a microscope, answering to individual practitioners, medical boards, malpractice carriers, defense attorneys, state attorneys, medical societies, hospitals, medical schools and residency training programs. We are also accountable to patient safety entities and a Board of Directors.”

The list of organizations Gunderson has to “answer” to appears to be many of the  organizations and societies that physician health programs interact with.  She might as well add Blockbuster for getting her videos back on time. This is not meaningful oversight.  Oversight equates with accountability and that requires answerability (the provision of information) and justification for one’s actions. It also requires the presence of an outside organization truly independent of the group that is able to sanction or punish individuals for wrongdoing or misconduct.     No such organization exists for state physician health programs. Period.  There is no organization that exists that is able to investigate a complaint of misconduct and provide sanctions.  The same applies to their primary business associates, the assessment and treatment centers (because they are private pay and out-of-pocket) and drug and alcohol testing labs (because they use non-FDA approved tests).  The entire racket is unaccountable and unexamined.

Kathryn Pyne Addelson  warned that what we should fear most is “unexamined” authority. “Illegitimate politicization and rampant irrationality find their most fruitful soil when our activities are mystified and protected from criticism.”


This group has been protected from criticism for the better part of a generation. They have enjoyed making authoritative pronouncements as unexamined authority. Their power depends entirely on not being questioned as what is behind the curtain is flimsy and dredged,  a Potemkin village.   The recent Medscape and BMJ articles are revealing that confrontation with direct and precise questions results in nothing but logical fallacy, distortions and lies.  They are utterly incapable of responding with a direct and precise answer.   Gunderson’s response to absent oversight  is just another example of this logical fallacy and distortion.  This is not how rational authority responds. This is not how legitimate authority responds.  I kindly invite her to debate this.  I would like a back-and-forth to clarify.  It is a simple question that deserves a simple answer and I know she follows my blog as she used her own name and e-mail address.

The cumulative comments on the articles critical of these programs are revealing a system of oppressions, injustices and illusions.   A more recent article on Medscape,  “One-Man Fight:  MD Takes on State Medical Board, PHP” reports the same pattern of coercion, absence of due process and diagnosis rigging for sham peer review that I am hearing from doctors across the country.   The comments section to this article are also overwhelmingly critical of PHPs.  They are pertinent, articulate and precise and missing from them is any semblance of a rebuttal by the FSPHP, their apologists or anyone else.   The writing is on the wall as they say. And for that reason we call upon all those of good will in both the medical profession and the public at large to join us in this confrontation with illegitimate, irrational and immoral authority.

  1. Gunderson D. Message From the President  Twenty-Five Years: A Remarkable Journey. Physician Health News. 2015;20(March).
  2. Addelson KP. The Man of Professional Wisdom. In: Fonow MM, Cook JA, eds. Beyone Methodology: Feminist Scholarship as Lived Research. Bloomington: Indiana University Press; 1991:16-35.

Disrupted Physician


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Class Action Suit Filed Against Michigan PHP Alleging Constitutional Violations Related to Involuntary Treatment—Looking for Attorneys Familiar with (or Willing to Learn About) PHP Issues to File Similar Suits Including here in Massachusetts

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 1.59.40 AMSurvey indicating same patterns across the country–Looking for attorneys familiar with (or more importantly willing to learn about) professional health program legal issues who can file similar suits including Here in Massachusetts.

The issues are the same and include:

1. False assessments and diagnoses.
2. Forensic fraud and falsified drug and alcohol tests.
3. Collusion with third party commercial labs to commit fraud.
4. Establishment clause violations.
5. HIPAA Violations.
6. Anti-trust violations.
7. Ultra vires acts as non-profit agencies including the unlawful practice of medicine.

Please click on the links above to see detailed examples and discussions of these issues.  It is an open area as my survey has revealed an additional factor stacking the deck and removing accountability from PHPs.

The attorneys ostensibly representing doctors are also part of the racket.

A doctor referred to a PHP will be given a list of 3 or 4 attorneys by the PHP who are “experienced in working with the medical board.” What they do not tell you is that theses attorneys are hand-picked or cultivated to abide by the rules dictated by the PHP.

They will not “bite the hand that feeds” and any procedural, ethical or criminal misconduct by the PHP will not be addressed.

See “Competent, Ethical and Fair Legal Representation for Doctors–A Possible New Niche Area for Lawyers.”

My survey also indicates some states are worse than others and North Carolina, Washington, Florida and Massachusetts are over-represented as far as misconduct and ethical violations.

Disrupted Physician

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 1.59.40 AMA Federal class action lawsuit has been filed in the Eastern District of Michigan against the state PHP program alleging constitutional violations related to the forced medical treatment of health care professionals involved in the State’s  “Professionals Health Program” (PHP)  and the “callous and reckless termination of professional licenses without due process.”  According to the complaint:

“The Health Professional Recovery Program (HPRP) was established by the Michigan Legislature as a confidential, non-disciplinary approach to support recovery from substance use or mental health disorders. The program was designed to encourage impaired health professionals to seek a recovery program before their impairment harms a patient or damages their careers through disciplinary action. Unfortunately, a once well-meaning program, HPRP, has turned into a highly punitive and involuntary program where health professionals are forced into extensive and unnecessary substance abuse/dependence treatment under the threat of the arbitrary application of pre-hearing deprivations (Summary Suspension) by LARA.filed…

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Disrupted Physician 101.4–The “Impaired Physician Movement” takeover of State Physician Health Programs

These ASAM “addiction experts” have become so numerous they have been able to take over almost all the state Physician Health Programs (PHPs). Their national association—the Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP)–has a stated goal of universal acceptance of the 12-step doctrine: lifelong abstinence, and spiritual recovery as the one and only treatment, as spelled out in the “PHP Blueprint.”

Very much like Straight, Inc in the 70s and 80s, they have cast a wide net with doctors to ensnare them in an endless loop of drug testing and rehab—whether the tests are fabricated or not. The doctors will enjoy no sympathy from the public, and complaining about it is deemed a sign of your “disease.” Furthermore, ASAM recommends that physicians only be referred to “PHP approved” facilities.

The medical directors of these facilities can all be found on this list of ”Like-Minded Docs.” Surprisingly, many Like-Minded Docs were former addicts and alcoholics, some even with criminal backgrounds. There are felons and even double-felons on the list.

It’s a rehab shell game. Heads I win tails you lose.

And the program is expanding. The organization that oversees the licensing for all medical doctors, the Federation of State Medical Boards, adopted a new policy and approved the concept of “potentially impairing illness” and the Orwellian notion of “relapse without use.”

Signals for “impairment can be as benign as not having “complete accurate, and up-to-date patient medical records” according to Physician Health Services, the Massachusetts PHP. Despite the overwhelming amount of paperwork Doctors now have, incomplete or illegible records could be construed as a red flag, since as Associate Direct of PHS Judith Eaton notes “when something so necessary is not getting done, it is prudent to explore what else might be going on.” The question is, who is next?”

Disrupted Physician

Forget what you see
Some things they just change invisibly–Elliott Smith


Physician Impairment

The Sick Physician: Impairment by Psychiatric Disorders, Including Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, published by the American Medical Association’s (AMA) Council on Mental Health in The Journal of the American Medical Association in 1973,1 recommended that physicians do a better job of helping colleagues impaired by mental illness, alcoholism or drug dependence. The AMA defined an “impaired physician” as “a physician who is unable to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety to patients because of mental illness or excessive use or abuse of drugs, including alcohol.”

Recognition of physician impairment in the 1970s by both the medical community and the general public led to the development of “impaired physician” programs with the purpose of both helping impaired doctors and protecting the public from them.

IMG_1010The 1975 media coverage of the deaths of Drs. Stewart and…

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Without Dr. William Morgan the 2004 Red Sox World Series win would not exist–a true Boston Hero


The essay below found on called The “Doctor Who Saved Boston.” is about Dr. William J. Morgan, the brilliant hand surgeon who helped the Red Sox win the World Series for the first time in 86 years.  Morgan performed  surgery on Curt Schilling’s severely damaged ankle that allowed him to pitch in game 6 of the ALCS against the Yankees when we were down three games to two.
No known medical or surgical options existed to allow Schilling the functionality to pitch.  But just as things were looking bleak Dr. Morgan miraculously performed an unprecedented procedure he invented that allowed Schilling to pitch seven innings winning the game 4-2.   He created a wall of stitches to hold Schillling’s torn tendon sheath in place before game 6’s win and again before game 2 of the World Series that we also won.
And October 27. 2004 is a magical date for red sox fan.  Watching it unfold with my wife and daughters and the joy and excitement that followed is a vivid memory for me that I will never forget and it should be noted that without Dr. Morgan that night would never have happened.  Without Dr. Morgan the curse would not have been reversed.  He is a true Boston hero.   But, as with all of us, he is not perfect.  In November of 2003 he was arrested for driving under the influence and, as a Massachusetts doctor, he was mandated to Physician Health services (PHS) under a monitoring contract.  According to news sources from February of 2010 Dr. Morgan was forced to give up his right to practice medicine in Massachusetts as a result of “unspecified allegations” and reading these reports the assumption that he must have done something very wrong is assumed–a logical and rational conclusion based on how we assume the world works.
I was reminded of doctor Morgan because today is opening day for the Red Sox.  Over the past couple weeks I have been contacted on average four time a day by doctors who are currently suffering under their state physician health programs or by those who wanted to tell me of the circumstances surrounding the suicides of doctors they loved.  The stories  I have been hearing are heartbreaking and unreal but the patterns are the same. One of the most bothersome facts is that I have yet to hear from anyone who was truly an addict or alcoholic.  Like Dr. Morgan, some life event bought them a one-way ticket into a PHP and from that point on their lives and locus of control was placed in the hands of others.  Most of the doctors I have spoken to are good and kind doctors who were referred for situational factors and one-offs–mistakes or circumstances that were transient.  Many were given positive tests using the non-FDA approved laboratory developed tests (LDTs) and pulled out of practice resulting in suicide.
The “unspecified allegation” leading to Dr. Morgans 2010 loss of license was that he had a positive Phosphatidyl-ethanol (Peth) test ordered by Dr. Luis Sanchez and reported as positive by USDTL. And as seen here, these two cannot be trusted.   Intentional fraud perpetrated in this manner requires zero tolerance. It also brings into question the validity of all testing done by PHS and performed by USDTL.   It is extremely concerning that criminal acts done under color of law is not being addressed by the state medical society and the Department of Health (DPH).

The sociologist Stanley Cohen’s States of Denial: Knowing about Atrocities and Suffering (Polity Press, 2001) systematically analyzes processes of denial by both individuals and governments and describes five methods of denial:

1. Deny responsibility: “I don’t know a thing about it.”

2. Deny injury: “It didn’t really cause any harm.”

3. Deny the victim: “They had it coming to them.”

4. Condemn the condemner: “They’re corrupt hypocrites.”

5. Appeal to higher loyalties: “I owe it to my mates.”… 

None of these apply here.   I happen to know that the positive test  given to Dr. Morgan was not the result of anything he did.   Sanchez and Jones claim professionalism and high ethical standards but the undeniable evidence shows they are unethical individuals engaging in criminal acts.    These need to be exposed and those involved need to be held accountable.
Schadenfreude is a word taken from German and literally means “harm-joy.”   Along with psychopathy and narcissism. schadenfreude seems to be a common characteristic of those involved in PHPs.   Deriving pleasure in the misfortunes of others and particularly if that person is someone who represents what they could never be.   I understand they took particular pleasure in bringing down Dr. Morgan and he deserves to be restored to his status as a true Boston hero. The city of Boston and Red Sox fans everywhere have the responsibility to make sure they be charged criminally by law enforcement.   We owe it to Dr. Morgan and any others who have been victimized by the Massachusetts PHP.

The Doctor Who Saved Boston

The memories of the Red Sox run to the 2004 World Series championship this year will remain in the minds of Sox fans forever.   It is about Dr. William J. Morgan, a brilliant hand surgeon who performed a risky

Whether it is David Ortiz’s walk off performances against the Angels and Yankees, Manny Ramirez’s tape measure home runs, or Derek Lowe winning the clinching games of all three playoff series, Red Sox nation will not soon forget the memories that the “bunch of idiots,” as centerfielder Johnny Damon dubbed this year’s Sox club,provided them, nor will they forget the Sox all out assault on baseball and Boston sports history.

But of all the images the fans retain, of all the feelings they experienced, of all the heroes Sox nation put on an altar and worshipped – the most memorable has to be Curt Schilling pitching three games on an inured ankle, blood from broken sutures seeping through his sock and a look of obvious discomfort on his face, winning two, and capturing the heart’s of every member of Red Sox nation. images-37

But to understand the elation of the Nation and the reason that it has turned Curt Schilling into a God in the church that Cy Young, Ted Williams, and Carl Yaztremski built, we have to take a step back and remember the predicament that the Red Sox were in just over two months ago.

It was October 12, and the Yankees had beaten the Red Sox in Game one of the ALCS. It was only one game, but that familiar feeling was back. That familiar feeling that Red sox fans have of doom and gloom lingering just over the horizon returned.

Curt Schilling, the hired gun, the man who Sox management had brought in to beat the Yankees in just this situation, had not only lost the game, but looked utterly ineffective in doing so, allowing six runs in just three innings of work and the media was reporting that Schilling may not pitch again.

On June 10, reports came out on ESPN and in the Boston papers that Schilling had a minor injury to his ankle but that he would pitch through it and make his start that night and would not have to go on the disabled list.What came out later on in the papers was that Schilling had made the majority of his starts in the 2004 season only after undergoing shots of marcaine, which describes as a long lasting local anesthesia that is used for pain management and works by blocking nerve sensations.The attitude that the Red Sox seemed to take toward Schilling’s injury was no harm, no foul, and after June little was heard about Schilling’s ankle, that is until October 5.October 5 was the beginning, and almost the end, of the Red Sox 2004 playoff run. It was a glorious, and infamous, day in Red Sox history. Curt Schilling pitched 6 and 2/3 strong innings at Anaheim, allowing just two runs and scattering nine hits as the Red Sox cruised to a 9-3 victory.

But late in the sixth inning, Schilling pulled up lame after fielding a slow roller down the first base line and throwing the ball over first baseman Kevin Millar’s head. He was favoring that same right ankle that had been hurting him all year.

Back to October 12, and the feelings of anxiety that every Sox fan from Maine to Rhode Island no doubt had in the pit of their stomachs. Questions were swirling around Boston. Just how serious was Schillings injury? Could he pitch again? Would he pitch again? Is there a God?

Jamie Musler, an assistant clinical specialist at Northeastern, put the injury into perspective.

Musler said that Schilling tore the tissue that covers his peroneal tendon, which sits in a small groove in the fibula and is partly responsible for moving and planting the foot. Musler said that this type of injury is caused by a traumatic event to the foot or ankle, like a significant ankle sprain, and when Schilling was moving his foot, the tendon was slipping out and causing an uncomfortable, but not necessarily painful, snapping sensation because the tendon was snapping across the fibula. This, Musler said, would directly affect foot mechanics and cause a huge problem in Schilling’s delivery.

And it would present a huge road block in Boston’s attempt to win a World Series title.

Schilling meant more to the 2004 Red Sox club than any other player. He was the tone setter and the ace, and without him the Sox would have no chance against the hated Yankees.

The Red Sox needed Schilling, because number two starter Pedro Martinez is not the fire balling Dominican dandy he used to be. And the Yankees, it seemed, had his number of late after he lost two late season starts to them, prompting Pedro to say in a press conference after one of those losses that he could “just tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddy.”

After Pedro, things got even bleaker, with inconsistent and fragile Derek Lowe, aging and unpredictable knuckleballer Tim Wakefield, and young, playoff inexperienced Bronson Arroyo filling out the rotation. These four hurlers are serviceable and talented major league pitchers, but they were not the automatic win that Schilling had proved himself to be in postseason’s past, especially in 2001, when he garnered co-MVP honors after defeating the Yankees in the World Series.

So in comes the man from behind the scenes. The man who would help the Red Sox end 86 years of playoff futility, Red Sox team doctor Bill Morgan, who talked about the injury and treatment in “Faith Rewarded,” the DVD that the New England Sports Network (NESN) recently released.

“It was a very unique situation. Either we did this or (Schilling) didn’t pitch,” Morgan said. “And he was determined that he was going to pitch, no matter what it took.” But what could Morgan do?

What followed was possibly the most publicized treatment of a sports injury in history. One could not turn on a New England news program or open up a New England paper without the top story being about Curt Schilling’s right ankle.

First, according to, the Red Sox front office brought in Dr. George H. Theodore, chief of foot and ankle service at Massachusetts General Hospital, to help Dr. Morgan try to create a brace to immobilize Schilling’s ankle while he pitched. The idea was that by eliminating movement of the ankle he would eliminate movement of the tendon and eliminate the sensation. But the problem, Schilling insisted, was that the sensation was altering his delivery, and that became apparent after his struggles in Game one of the ALCS. File that idea in the circular cabinet.

Next on the block, according to, was pair of customized cleats. Morgan had Reebok play around with different styles of cleats, from high tops to low tops, raised bottoms to lowered bottoms, in an attempt to find Schilling a comfortable medium. No dice. Schilling still could not get comfortable.

According to the Massachusetts Medical Board’s website, Dr. William Morgan is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hand surgery. He has his own private practice in Brighton, but his primary work setting is in hospitals. Morgan works out of several area hospitals and rehabilitation centers, including St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center of Boston and New England Baptist Hospital, New England Rehabilitation Services of Central Massachusetts, Worcester Medical Center, and University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center. Morgan also works out of the Massachusetts Hospital School.

Morgan got his degree from the Texas Medical College and Hospital in Galveston, Texas. He received post graduate training at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. He continued his post grad training in hand and upper extremity surgery at the Roosevelt Hospital in New York, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, New England Baptist Hospital, and the Kantonspittal in Basle, Switzerland.

Morgan performed successful wrist surgery on one former Boston Red Sox superstar shortstop Nomar Garciaparra, allowing him to come back from what could have been a career altering injury as the All Star he was before he was injured.

The point is that Morgan is not some shaky med student on his first hospital residency. He has been around the block a few times and he knows his orthopedic surgery.

Musler said that with any injury, a doctor has to analyze it by thinking “what is the injury? What can we do to keep the tendon in place? If the feeling is throwing (Schilling) off, how do we help that?”

Morgan, it would seem, did just that, and came up with a new treatment, which he based off of the usual treatment for Schilling’s injury. Musler said that the usual treatment for the injury is to go in and deepen the groove that the peroneal tendon sits in. Musler showed me a video of the procedure in which surgeons cut away the tissue surrounding the tendon and the tendon sheath and then used a surgical drill and chisel to physically deepen the groove in the fibula that the tendon sits in. The surgeons then sutured the sheath back in place and closed the opening.
But Morgan and the Sox didn’t have that much time. They had four days. They went in, did the procedure, gave Schilling another marcaine shot, and, as they say, the rest is history.

Schilling came back and won game six against the Yankees. After the game, Morgan took out the sutures, Musler said, to avoid infection.

Morgan did the procedure again before Game two of the World Series, and Schilling would later say that had the series gone past four games he and Morgan had decided not to do the procedure again and that Schilling would shut it down for the rest of the series.

This time, Schilling was pitching on what is the biggest stage in sports, the World Series, against the best hitting team in baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals, whose line up featured Albert Pujols, the best young hitter in baseball and an MVP candidate, Scott Rolen, the RBI leader in the NL during the regular season, hard hitting and speedy shortstop Edgar Renteria, and two probable Hall of Famers in outfielders Larry Walker and Jim Edmonds.

Schilling was dominant. He made the heralded and hyped Cardinal offense look like a team of Little Leaguers as he pitched six strong innings allowing no earned runs and only four hits.
The rest, as they say, is history. The Sox would go on to sweep the Cardinals in four games, ending their 86 year dry spell of World Series titles and sending New England into a euphoria that it has still not recovered from.

But one has to wonder if there will be any lingering effects from the injury. Will Schilling be alright to pitch next year as the Sox try to repeat as champs?

Mary J. Hickey, an Assistant Clinical Specialist in the Northeastern department of Physical therapy, thinks so.

“Curt made an informed choice about his ankle. I don’t think there will be any long lasting damage,” Hickey said.

But Schilling is not out of the woods yet. Hickey said that Schilling faces at least four to six weeks in a cast, during which he will be seen often by Morgan and the Red Sox medical staff, and Musler said that Schilling faces five to six months of rehab to get back his range of motion, endurance, strength, and sports’ skill. Musler said that this could risk further injury if Schilling is not properly prepared for next season and presses when he is not ready.

Regardless of rehab and healing time, Curt Schilling and Red Sox fans are on cloud nine. The Red Sox are World Series champions for the first time in 86 years, and Sox fans have a new hero and new memories.

The memory of Curt Schilling, of him pitching hurt, grimacing in the dugout, bloody sock and all, will remain with everyone who saw it, even Yankees fans, forever. Schilling billed himself as the hired gun, a man who said in an interview with the Boston Herald before the ALCS that “he was not sure of any scenario more enjoyable than making 55,000 people from New York shut up.” But in the end he was so much more than just a hired gun, he was a hero in real red socks. And he made more than 55,000 people from Boston stand up and applaud as he became the newest Red Sox player to be canonized in the church of Red Sox nation, alongside Yaz, the Kid, Pudge and Cy.

And not to be forgotten is the man behind the scenes, the quiet and unassuming surgeon who made it all possible, Dr. William Morgan, whose name will be forever linked to Curt Schilling, the Red Sox and the 2004 World Series. He may not have thrown a pitch or swung a bat, but William Morgan saved the 2004 Boston Red Sox from being another team that just missed. And he saved Red Sox fans from finally having to utter those awful words – “wait ‘til next year.” But because of Bill Morgan and the entire Red Sox medical staff, next year is this year.

Press Release | Forensic Science Misconduct: A Dark and Cautionary Tale | @csidds

Press Release | Forensic Science Misconduct: A Dark and Cautionary Tale | @csidds.


Originally posted on FORENSICS in FOCUS @ CSIDDS | News and Trends:


Don’t expect a “whodunnit” version of CSI victories in this Op-ed blog article about a darker side of the forensic sciences. It is from an author with ample forensic credentials and experience from both within and outside criminal courts of the US. The article has topics ranging from the continued use of outdated or grossly over hyped “CSI” methods, ethical and moral failures in some forensic groups, to the criminal courts inability to understand much of anything about what is “real ” versus self-serving personal opinion called “science.” A measure of proof confirming these systemic problems is the article’s presenting a glimpse into the multi-million dollar costs to taxpayers for damages won by those wrongfully convicted with the help of court-qualified forensic testimony. Some optimism about better scientific scrutiny is presented but the institutional inertia resisting legitimate change in some forensic organizations, government agencies, and criminal  justice institutions is still…

View original 56 more words

Backfire Step 1: Expose the Injustice–Forensic Fraud being committed by PHPs in Collusion with Corrupt Labs

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.45.17 PM

I will be putting up a survey shortly and want to hear your stories.  One of the recurrent themes I keep hearing from those victimized by PHPs is falsified drug and alcohol tests.   Attached is an example of what they are capable of.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.09.39 PM

Quote by Dr. Greg Skipper, MD, FASAM, FSPHP

Remember, this group has essentially removed themselves from accountability in drug and alcohol testing via the use of Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs), a loophole which avoids FDA approval and oversight.   Whereas most drug testing is transparent and held accountable, the PHPs use testing that is opaque, unregulated and accountable to no one.  Accountability demands both the provision of information and justification for ones actions. PHPs block both.  While most drug-testing requires the immediate provision of information if the test is questioned (as it should be), PHPs have put forth the logical fallacy that doctors have some sort of inherent expertise in toxicology and pharmacology and can “figure out” how to circumvent the testing process if they were to get copies of their lab results.  They block this provision of information.  And even if this information is ultimately provided, as seen below,  no outside organizations exist to hold them to account.  They do not have to justify their actions to anyone.  No safeguards exist to assure integrity and honesty of the sample.   No safeguards exist to assure the integrity and honesty of those ordering the sample either.

The documents below show forensic fraud.  This is undeniable and indefensible. It does not take a toxicologist or Medical Review Officer to understand what “chain-of-custody” is and that “updating” one constitutes misconduct, fraud and (as seen here) criminal activity.   These documents were obtained 5 months after a falsified test was ordered by Linda Bresnahan, Director of Operations at Physician Health Services, Inc. (PHS, inc.) the Massachusetts PHP via fax no less.  The blood test was drawn on July 1, 2011.  On July 19th, 2011 Ms Bresnahan requests (through the PHP secretary Mary Howard) that an already positive test for the alcohol biomarker phosphatidylethanol be “updated” with  ID # 1310 and a “chain-of-custody. (which is an oxymoron-a “chain-of-custody” by definition cannot be “updated.”  Unveleivably the lab does it without hesitation or any apparent compunction.   The documents speak for themselves.  ID # 1310 just happens to be my ID number.  When I complained that no one ever accused me of ever having an alcohol problem she replied:

“You have an Irish last name-good luck finding anyone who will believe you!” 

For a more detailed analysis see here, here and here.  And where was the Medical Review Officer during all of this?  Good question and one he will not answer!  And no one else is holding him to account.   This needs to change.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 11.17.32 PM

IMG_8756 2

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IMG_8757 2

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.38.57 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.40.47 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 11.16.11 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.42.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 11.09.28 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.51.09 PMBTwgkTwCMAABmSA


Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 12.40.13 PM


Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 12.41.01 PM


Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 12.41.18 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.22.44 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 1.34.48 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 12.53.49 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 1.25.03 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 1.23.23 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 2.02.29 AM

1. Supression of Dissent: Basic Information

2. The keys to backfire

• “Reveal: expose the injustice, challenge cover-up

• Redeem: validate the target, challenge devaluation

• Reframe: emphasize the injustice, counter reinterpretation

• Redirect: mobilize support, be wary of official channels• Resist: stand up to intimidation and bribery”

via Helpful resources for those abused and afraid — via .

Monopolies, Self-Referral and Shell Games: The Need for Antitrust Investigation of Physician Health Programs and their “PHP-Approved” Assessment and Treatment Centers

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 4.38.05 AMThree shells and a pea–ASAM, FSPHP, and LMD.

“PHP-Approved” Assessment and Treatment Centers

On the above list  can be found the Medical Directors of a number of drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities.

Talbott, Marworth, Hazelden, Promises, and another two-dozen or so “PHP-approved”  assessment and treatment centers are represented on this list.    State Physician Health Programs (PHPs) refer doctors to these facilities for evaluations.  PHPs are non-profit tax-exempt organizations.  They do not evaluate or treat patients.   If a physician is referred to a PHP for a suspected problem the assessment must be done at an outside facility which will invariably be linked to a name on the list of Like-Minded Docs.

What most people do not know, however, is that this is an exclusive arrangement.    Evaluations are constrained to one of these facilities.   It is mandated.   No bargaining.  No compromises. No choice.  In other words it is a coercion.

“What’s wrong with that?” one might ask.   These facilities are all recognized as top-drawer and first-class.  Perhaps they were hand-picked on objective criteria and the PHPs are just making sure that doctors get the best assessments money can buy– decision making by experts based on knowledge and experience–picking a winner so you don’t have to.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 7.55.16 PM copy

No documented Policy for Selecting Treatment Centers.  Criteria for “PHP-Approval” Unknown by those “Approving”

What objective criteria are used in selecting “PHP-approved” assessment and treatment centers?    According to a  Performance Audit of the North Carolina Physicians Health Program done by State Auditor Beth A. Wood that’s a good question.

The North Carolina State  Audit specifically noted the predominant use of out-of-state treatment centers.   In addition to “creating an undue burden on” those being evaluated the audit states that:

 “Program procedures did not ensure that physicians received quality evaluations and treatment because the Program had no documented criteria for selecting treatment centers and did not adequately monitor them”

In fact the audit found no documented policy for selecting treatment centers.  The very organizations demanding documentation of policy for approval and charged with approving the treatment centers could not even give a comprehensible, plausible or even simple explanation for what any of  these things even mean.    

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 5.38.23 PMThe auditor also noted this lack of concrete criteria goes against both The Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP) and the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) requirements that physician health programs use established guidelines to select evaluation providers and treatment centers.

In its “Physician Health Program Guidelines,” the FSPHP established: • “Characteristics of Evaluation Providers Appropriate for PHP referrals,” and • “Characteristics of Treatment Programs which are appropriate for PHP referrals.”  And in its “Policy on Physician Impairment,” the FSMB states : • “PHPs should employ FSPHP Guidelines in selecting the providers/facilities to provide treatment of physicians with addictive and/or psychiatric illness.”

When the NC PHP was asked to define these characteristics they explained that they learned  of “new treatment centers through professional networks and other informal sources” and used the “treatment centers’ reputation as a basis for establishing a referral relationship.”      Staff credentials, quality of care, treatment methods and modalities, patient choice, follow-up data, outcomes and other objective information apparently took a back-seat to what appears to be ill-defined and subjective word-on-the-street.   Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 7.33.14 PM

This  “failure to use FSPHP  recommended criteria to select treatment centers,” the Audit concluded “could cause the Program to enter into referral arrangements with service providers that do not meet quality standards”

Ironically the  NC PHP failed to follow guidelines they themselves introduced and demanded be followed.  They could produce no documentary evidence these criteria even exist or even provide plausible criteria.   “Professional networks”, “reputation” and other informal sources are fine for some choices.  That’s how I picked out my first skateboard.

Resources such as these can play in important role in choosing a shirt, buying new sneakers or even purchasing a car but they do not constitute selection criteria for an assessment in which the consequences and recommendations made for the person being assessed are significant, potentially life-altering and possibly permanent!

And to top it all off the  Medical Director of the North Carolina PHP,  Dr. Warren Pendergast,  was the  President of the national organization for state PHPs, the Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP) at the time of the audit!

PHPs are not clinical providers but monitoring agencies.  They meet with, assess and refer doctors for evaluations and then monitor doctors through drug and alcohol testing and periodic reports of supervisors, co-workers and others.        As such the PHP is tasked with just two jobs-referring doctors for evaluation and then monitoring them after they have been evaluated in a contractual agreement.  The fact that the state PHP 0r FSPHP could not produce the facts and reasoning  behind the mechanics and mentality of the very reason for which they exist is incomprehensible.  It is, in fact, ludicrous beyond belief.    The President of the FSPHP being unable to define the selection criteria for approved and mandated facilities is like Anthony Bourdain being unable to explain the ingredients of an omelette.

To summarize, doctors in North Carolina were being forced by the PHP  to have evaluations at “PHP-approved” assessment and treatment centers but the PHP was unable to explain anything substantive in defining any of it.  Why?  Because no qualitative objective selection criteria exist.

“Reputation” obfuscates and confuses.  It does nothing to support or justify.    It is like answering “numbers” to the question “what is 9 x 9?”

And this is especially concerning when it is realized that these evaluations are limited to facilities and people  tied financially and ideologically to the groups and individuals who are mandating the referral.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 11.06.35 PM

All of the “PHP-approved” assessment centers are represented by medical directors who belong to “Like-minded docs”-an admittedly  12-step steeped conservative fundamentalist faction of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).   And all of these facilities are private-pay rehabilitation centers that recommend doctors be treated three-times longer than the rest of the population–another medical “urban legend” that should have been debunked from the get-go.

Limiting assessment and recommendations to this close-knit  group of evaluators is a monopoly of force.  It is unethical if not criminal. And the fact that these are all heavily indoctrinated 12-step facilities also makes it a violation of the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment.  Moreover,  many of the medical directors at these facilities are also graduates of the same program in “recovery.”

And if it is looked at from this vantage point it is a system of  self-referral.  Self-referral harms patients and society as a whole.

It is a shell game that removes all choice and removes freedom, objectivity, fundamental fairness, autonomy and choice.

Antitrust law

American antitrust law was “designed to be a comprehensive charter of economic liberty aimed at preserving  free and unfettered competition as the mule of trade. It rests on the premise that the unrestrained interaction of competitive forces will yield the best allocation of our economic resources, the lowest prices, the highest quality and the greatest material progress, while at the same time providing an environment conducive to the preservation of our democratic political and social institutions” (29, p 4).

In this case it is a safe assumption that all doctors desire the “best possible” care and this requires objective and unbiased assessment and treatment when requested by Physician Health Programs.

Congress and the Supreme Court have made clear is that the “best” services are selected by  consumers when their choice is made in an open market free of restraints. Eventually the marketplace will determine the best medical care, not judges, juries, or even doctors (30, p 904).

PHPs are clearly bypassing patient choice.  In 2011 the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) issued a Public Policy Statement on coordination between PHPs, regulatory agencies, and treatment providers recommending  that  only “PHP approved” treatment centers be used in the assessment and treatment of doctors.  The state Medical Boards have accepted and adopted this policy and denying doctors requests for assessments at non “PHP-approved” facilities. Many have been sanctioned for resisting, protesting or even questioning this unlawful monopoly.  It is prohibition of patient choice.

The N.C. PHP is representative of most PHPs. This is not an exception but a rule.      PHPs are mandating assessments only at facilities they approve but cannot define or explain how these facilities are “approved”  Yet The ideological and financial conflicts of interest between the PHPs and their referral centers are self-evident.  Connect the dots.  

State medical boards are enforcing this mandate under threat of loss of licensure.   Your money or your life.

Federal Trade Commission

For these reasons an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission and Office of the Inspector General of the DHHS is necessary.  For those who have been abused by this unholy alliance I urge you to look at this list to see if the medical director of the facility at which you were evaluated is represented.

If so note it here.   My guess is almost everyone will find this correlation and representation in numbers would necessitate both state and Federal investigation.  If this were done it  could quickly transform a system of institutional injustice into one that allows choice.

Applying Antitrust law to the linkage of  PHPs  and “PHP approved” assessment and treatment centers is consistent with free-market law and theory.   Demanding accountability would provide a powerful deterrent to this type of unfettered abuse.

1. Northern Pacific Railway v U.S., 356 US I (1958).

.2.  Koefoot v American College of Surgeons. 652 F Supp 882 (ND Ill 1986).



Need Signatures: Please Sign Petition and Call (617-727-6200) MA State Auditor Suzanne Bump to Demand Audit of Corrupt Physician Health Services and the MA BORM Physician Health and Compliance Unit


The Petition can be found here.  Or better yet, sign the petition and call her at 617-727-6200.   The evidence that Physician Health Services, Inc. (PHS) is committing crimes has been free-floating for the past two years.   It has been posted on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, blogged, faxed, and phoned.  The response?  Absolute silence.

The procedural, ethical and criminal violations are clear and many.     The incontrovertible evidence has been directly delivered to individuals who can and should address this but for some reason do not.  This is not a matter of opinion folks but a matter of fact.    Time and time again we hear of  egregious misconduct hidden for decades because of  cognitive dissonance and blinkered apathy.

What evidentiary standard is required for action?   Over the past three years and under a lot of duress I have obtained indefensible documentary prima facie  proof of  crimes committed by individuals that should elicit immediate action but produced nothing but silence.

The crimes are many and they are of significance.  Accountability necessitates both the provision of information and justification for one’s actions.   This group has effectively blocked both of these. With much effort and under threat I have obtained proof of criminal activity with the expectation that the provision of this information would  result in those who should and could do something about it would.   They have not.

The documentary evidence of crimes is self-evident.  It is indefensible.    It is inexcusable that criminal activity is taking place within the walls of the Massachusetts Medical Society.   The fact that PHS is unregulated and without any meaningful accountability is irrelevant.  They are engaging in criminal activity within the walls of an institution whose very foundation is the antithesis of this groups actions and it must be addressed. Either support what the documents show or do something about it.

So please sign this petition and call  Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne Bump at 617-727-6200

Institutional injustice just like that being committed by Luis Sanchez, Linda Bresnahan and the corrupt MRO Wayne Gavryck is killing doctors across the country.  They need to be held accountable.  Help me hold them accountable.

You do not need to be from Massachusetts to sign this petition. It is to raise public awareness–hopefully enough to elicit more exposure of this problem to prompt audits not only in Massachusetts but in other states as was recently done in North Carolina. The N.C. state auditor conducted an investigation and found poor oversight of the state PHP by both the state Medical Society and the state Medical Board, a lack of due process for physician’s who disputed the PHP’s evaluations and requirements, and multiple instances of potential conflicts-of-interest.

Dr. J. Wesley Boyd, who was previously an Associate Director at Physician Health Services, inc., the Massachusetts PHP is recommending that state government agencies audit their PHPs and his own state won’t even do it!  This is despite clear evidence that the Massachusetts PHP, Physician Health Services, Inc. is engaging in forensic fraud, ethical misconduct, HIPAA violations and crimes that Deb Stoller of the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine Physician Health and Compliance Unit has been aware of and is most likely complicit in.   The Massachusetts State Auditor, Suzanne Bump, has refused to conduct an investigation.  Why is this?  I’d like to know why?

As Boyd states in his  Psychology Today blog:

“After a group of North Carolina physicians complained about their state PHP to the state auditor, the auditor conducted an investigation (link is external)and found poor oversight of the PHP by both the state medical society and the board of medicine, a lack of due process for physicians who disputed the PHP’s evaluations and/or recommendations, and multiple instances of potential conflicts of interest. 

The national federation of PHPs ought to implement national standards for its members and commence routine audits of its members.  Other state governmental agencies ought to audit their PHPs as well, to ensure that their vast power is wielded judiciously and with oversight.”

The Massachusetts PHP is much worse.     The Massachusetts PHP is engaging in unconscionable conduct including forensic fraud and self-evident criminal activity that is indefensible from within the walls of the Massachusetts Medical Society. Most are not aware of this. They need to be. This rigged game is a national problem and how the racket works in Massachusetts can be seen here.

Please help me expose this and put a stop to it!   Please Sign Petition and Call (617-727-6200) MA State Auditor Suzanne Bump to Demand Audit of Corrupt Physician Health Services and the MA BORM Physician Health and Compliance Unit.

The corruption is undeniable and the actions are indefensible, unethical and unconscionable. Please help me shine a light on these criminals.   Corruption needs to be acknowledged and investigated. Ignoring it and hoping it might go away seldom works.

The Massachusetts Auditor should either be able to defend the actions of PHS and the BORM Physician Health and Compliance Unit or investigate.  It is as simple as that.