Physician Suicide, the “Impaired Physician Movement” and ASAM: The Dead Doctors at Ridgeview Institute under G. Douglas Talbott


FullSizeRenderThe Elephant in the room is the state Physician Health Programs organized under the FSPHP.    Nothing has changed–they have only grown more powerful and opaque and removed themselves from accountability and culpability.  Moreover,  they are expanding to other fields. Just ask the airline pilots. They eventually want to expand to students and children.   Just take a look at the ASAM White Paper on Drug Testing or Dupont’s Keynote Speech before the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association.

If this does not affect you yet it eventually will and by then it will probably be too late.

Illegitimate and irrational power is very dangerous.  But no one is really paying attention.   This is just a few public policy steps away from you. Speak now before the door closes for good!





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Disrupted Physician


“It is easier to believe a lie one has heard a hundred times than a truth one has never heard before.” –American sociologist Robert S. Lynd

Ridgeview Institute was a drug and alcohol treatment program for “impaired physicians” in Georgia created by G. Douglas Talbott, a former cardiologist who lost control of his drinking and recovered through the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Up until his death on October 18, 2014 at the age of 90, Talbott  owned and directed a number of treatment facilities for impaired professionals, most recently the Talbott Recovery Campus in Atlanta, one of the preferred referrals for physicians ordered into evaluation and treatment by licensing boards today.

G. Douglas Talbott is a prototypical example of an “impaired physician movement” physician–in fact in many ways he may be considered the”godfather” of the current organization.  He helped organize and serve as past president of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and was a formative…

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