The Plan to introduce non-FDA approved drug and alcohol tests into the Healthcare system and require doctors drug-test ALL PATIENTs including students and kids!


The Plan to introduce non-FDA approved Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) into the Healthcare system and require doctors drug-test ALL PATIENTs including students and kids!

The ASAM plans to introduce non-FDA approved “forensic”  Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) into mainstream healthcare via a loophole.    This same group introduced most of these tests through a loophole and now they want to drug-and alcohol TEST EVERYBODY including STUDENTS AND KIDS through another loophole!   These tests are of unknown reliability and accuracy.  The LDT pathway does not even require proof that the test is even valid  (i.e. that the test is actually testing for the substance it claims to be testing) but with no FDA oversight or regulation the labs can claim anything they want in marketing it and they do.

If a doctor collects a test on a “patient”  the test is rendered “clinical” rather than “forensic” and by deeming this drug-testing  “clinical” rather than “forensic”  they can then call the consequences of a positive test “treatment” rather than “punishment.  ” It is via this loophole they plan to introduce and unleash the panoply of junk-science tests currently being used on other groups who have no say in the matter (probationers, parolees, private professional monitoring groups, etc. ) onto the general population at large.    A boon for the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association and the assessment and treatment industry but a bane to the rest of society.    And to prevent this from happening more people need to be talking about this.

28 thoughts on “The Plan to introduce non-FDA approved drug and alcohol tests into the Healthcare system and require doctors drug-test ALL PATIENTs including students and kids!

  1. When a patient suffers from addiction it is a disease. When a healthcare worker suffers from addiction it suddenly isn’t a disease anymore. It is a reason to destroy someone. For Nurses in my state they are mandated to attend a program and be tested randomly AT THEIR OWN COST! Because for healthcare workers it is not considered a disease health insurance will not pay for it. They are openly ridiculed at work. They are ostracized. Nurses are fired from their jobs….arrested and blacklisted from any hope of future employment.
    Thank your lucky stars you are a Physician because due to the prohibitive cost of these mandated programs, run by god knows who, many Nurses have no choice than to surrender their license even though they are and have been drug free because they don’t have the money to pay for treatment.

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    • Exactly, but nurses and doctors are in the exact same boat that was built by the same people. All one has to do is look at Florida to see this as all health care professionals are being monitored by the same system. Some were against giving the doctor who is now in charge of the whole system his license back because of his significant and lengthy history of manipulating the system but they were outvoted. He got his license back by claiming he was saved through the good graces of 12-step and they not only gave him his license back but put him in charge in a position with no transparency, outside oversight or regulation.

      See some of the comments on J Wesley Boyd’s website. These are truly horror stories:

      This system of institutional injustice is directly responsible for the physician suicide epidemic and the numbers are far more than the oft-quoted 400. I am sure it is responsible for many a nurse suicide but these are never investigated as the Professional Monitoring Program (nurse or doctor) deems it a manifestation of their “disease.”

      I’ve spoken to the mothers and spouses of the dead and most ensnared by the PHPs are not even addicts. Not even close. They are doctors who had a one-off, reacted to situational factor, were depressed or in the midst of grief. Some referrals are political. That being said those who are truly addicted need proper treatment. Those who aren’t addicted don’t need what they are mandating.

      While many doctors (who can be referred to a PHP for “warning” signs such as being behind on chart notes ) being monitored have benign personal histories those running the programs are a different story. Many in charge of the programs have lengthy and concerning personal and criminal histories that suggest manipulating the system just like the chap in Florida.. There are felons and even some double felons running this system.. They were given a “clean-slate” and got their licenses back by claiming their behavior was due to drugs and alcohol. They use a facade of 12-step salvation to excuse their misdeeds. “It was my disease.”

      At the same time they use A.A. and 12-step to control those n the monitoring programs. It is mandated. And they even got the FSMB to accept “potential impairment” and “relapse without use” as concepts they can use in removing a monitored doctor from practice.

      The truth is all out there and documented but no one is looking and I’m trying in this blog to present it piecemeal with facts and evidence to get others to connect the dots and help me reveal what is actually hiding in plain site.

      The next target is the “aging physician, ” ABMS sanctification, and the folding of Addiction Psychiatry into “addiction medicine.” The unrecognized ABAM self-certiication diploma mill has enabled this group to outnumber Addiction Psychiatry 3.2 to 1-“who needs addiction psychiatrists?” –after all it is a “brain disease.”

      And with widespread self-appointed experts spread throughout mainstream healthcare they plan to use doctors as drug-testing collectors for the LDTs they introduced.

      Forensic testing is unnecessary they claim and by utilizing the doctor-patient relationship it becomes “clinical” and the consequences become “treatment.”

      And to save American Medicine, both medicine and nursing, we need to wake up and become cognizant of what is actually transpiring around us.

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  2. I’m not sure if I am understanding this right, but if I am then this is some messed up stuff. So, basically, we’re like lab rats to these people right? There are no consequences for what they do.

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    • Actually the lab rats were the groups they tested these unvalidated tests on who had no power to prevent it. These include probationers, parolees and those in professional monitoring programs (doctors, nurses, etc.) where the groups ordering the testing have all the power and those being tested have none and had no choice. Now that they have “tested” these LDTs in these populations they plan on expanding to other groups by claiming this the “new paradigm” and “gold-standard” through misinformation and propaganda. See:

      Dr. Robert Dupont (White House drug chief, 1973–1977, ASAM, FSPHP) and Peter Bensinger (DEA chief, 1976–1981) run a corporate drug-testing business. Their employee-assistance company, Bensinger, DuPont & Associates is the sixth largest in the nation.
      As keynote speaker before the 2012 Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) annual conference, Dupont delivered a speech entitled “Drug Testing and the Future of American Drug Policy” describing a “new paradigm” for substance abuse treatment. He states:
      “Based on abundant evidence, a “new paradigm” for substance abuse treatment has evolved that is the exact opposite of harm reduction. This paradigm enforces a standard of zero tolerance for alcohol and drug use that is enforced by monitoring with frequent random drug and alcohol tests. Detection of any drug or alcohol use is met with swift, certain, but not draconian, consequences.” Those ensnared in these programs would beg to differ on the definition of “draconian” however. The speech can be seen here:

      And the ASAM white paper can be seen here:


  3. Wouldn’t they at least have a release signed by the patient telling them why they want the test. As practitioner we can not order tests for hepatitis, venereal diseases, or HIV to everyone that comes through our doors. Maybe I didn’t get how they are getting around that law.

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  4. Reblogged this on Chaos Theory and Human Pharmacology and commented:
    “And to prevent this from happening more people need to be talking about this.” — Agreed.

    “The Inquiry concludes that there is no justification for drug testing in the workplace as a means of policing the private behaviour of employees, or of improving performance and productivity. It suggests that although drug testing does have a role to play, particularly where safety is a concern, investment in management training and systems is likely to have a more positive impact and to be less costly, divisive and invasive.” — Drug Testing in The Workplace — IIDTW

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  5. […] During this time period any rational authority would have admitted error and removed the test from the market. Skipper’s approach was to keep raising the cutoff level from 100 to 250 to 500 to 1000. With EtG paving the way for other laboratory developed tests he then added “confirmatory” LDTs such as EtS and PEth. The EtS was found to have the same problems and PEth inevitably will but this is now a billion dollar market and they plan on using these tests on almost everyone including kids. […]


  6. I have a perfect solution. Mandated microchips embedded in everyone, at birth. Then, schoolchildren are lined up once or twice a week when their microchips are read by the school nurse, who in turn checks the state-run database and gives each child his or her appropriate drug cocktail. This would be required, and the requirement of American History class, including the teaching of Bill of Rights, would fade into oblivion. After all, the microchip plan reunites pets with their owners, so it must be a good idea, right? We’re all just like dogs! Sit! Stay! Put us all on leashes and fence us in for our “safety.” Those that bark too loudly will receive electroshock, done with a higher voltage than we’d ever dream of doing to our pets. The pet dog analogy would work fine, just like the lie about so-called “mentally ill” people needing dangerous psych drugs just like a diabetic needs insulin. It’s so easy to pull the wool over people’s eyes, especially if we terrorize and threaten them, or lock them up. Chipping would be the most essential part of what we know as “healthcare.” Never mind not having anything to do with health.

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