The High PROFITS of the 12 Step Cult Religion and Bain Capital

“The belief that there are such things as witches is so essential a part of the faith that obstinately to maintain the opposite opinion manifestly savors of heresy.”

So begins Malleus Maleficarum , a witch hunters manual published in 1486 that launched a new paradigm for all those concerned with the identification and extirpation of witches. Used as a judicial case-book the Malleus set forth definitions of witchcraft, rules of evidence and the canonical procedures by which suspected witches were tortured and put to death. Written by Inquisitors for Inquisitor, the Malleus construct came to be regarded as irrefutable truth and contributed to the identification and execution of as many as 60,000 “witches”, predominantly women. The 29th and last edition was published in 1669.

Because of the nature of the enemy the evidentiary standard was lowered and any witness, no matter what his credentials, could testify against the accused.

Using the nebulous “witch label” anyone with a grudge or suspicion could accuse anyone of witchcraft .

From the 15th century through the early 17th century a confederacy of “authorities” calling themselves “demonologists” existed and made money off the misery of others.

Identification of witches was detailed in the Malleus including both physical and behavioral clues. Physical signs included things such as bushy eyebrows and thin lips. The Malleus declared that witches have a “Devil’s mark (stigmata diaboli) or Devils seal (sigilum diaboli) which was usually a scar, birthmark, or blemish. An extra nipple (polythelia) was a tell-tale sign. Behavioral manifestations included living alone, cultivating strange herbs in the garden, public singing or dancing and saying hello to a neighbors cat.

Physician oversight of witch persecution was standard.  So too was the involvement of “witch-prickers” who were able to provide their expertise and “medical” testing in the assessment and diagnosis of the witch.

Pricking them with needles, awes, and bodkins to prove they were indeed nefarious and non-human was a surefire way to line one’s pockets but for the pedophiles and pervs there was an added bonus—a thorough searching for that stigmata diaboli on someone else’s dime.

Through the witch trials clerics, doctors, and lawyers used their expertise as witnesses to increase their prestige. Witch hunts developed into a means of economic profit. Some gained a lot of money from the witch trials. The witch or her relatives paid for the salaries of those who worked the witch trials including judges, court officials, torturers, physicians, clergymen, scribes, guards, attendants.

Even the people who made the stakes and scaffolds for executions gained from the conviction and death of each witch.

“Witch hunting,” wrote the historian Rossell Hope Robbins, “was self-sustaining and became a major trade, employing many people, all battening on the savings of the victims.” The costs of a witch trial were usually paid for by the estate of the accused or their family.

And what my friend Laura Tompkin’s describes here in no different; except in place of “demonologists” we now have “addictionologists.”

Both faulty paradigms with a lot of people making money hand over fist.

In 1592 Father Cornelius Loos wrote:

“Wretched creatures are compelled by the severity of the torture to confess things they have never done and so by cruel butchery innocent lives are taken; and by new alchemy, gold and silver are coined from human blood.”

And this is no different. No different at all.

12 Step Cult Religion Exposed

The following article will educate you on the annual profits made by the 12 step industry.  Whenever steppers claim that their cult is free, you now have proof that it is most certainly not in any way, shape or form, free.  Just because people are too lazy, ignorant and/or brainwashed, is no excuse for perpetuating dangerous lies.  Please note that anything in parentheses is my addition and anything bolded is also mine.  This author is misinformed, as is the general public, and classifies alcohol disorders as diseases.  However, this misinformation does not disqualify the facts here about rehab profits and Bain Capital.

Bain Capital’s grip on addiction – The profit of 12-step treatment

By Jamie Wendland

Last year nearly 2.5 million people 12 years of age or older sought treatment for substance abuse in the U.S., according to the National Survey on Drugs and Health. 2.3 million Americans…

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7 thoughts on “The High PROFITS of the 12 Step Cult Religion and Bain Capital

  1. hmmmm interesting article, ok , i have a question, are you a believer of sorts ?, or a agnostic , or agnostic atheist, or atheist , what ever answer you give i wont hold it against you. me , i’m and agnostic(leaning towards atheism)

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    • I am a officially a Jesuit Catholic— but I believe in Self-Empowerment not powerlessness; self-individuation not externalization of blame. I respect and appreciate others viewpoints equally (including atheism and agnosticism) as long as those viewpoints are not harming others, and I definitely don’t accept them imposing their viewpoints on me.


  2. The 12 step zealots have also infiltrated the FAA and Human Intervention and Motivational Study (HIMS) for commercial airline pilots. One DUI, or even self disclosure, is a coercion gateway into twelve step indoctrination and extortion. An affected pilot is referred by means of a peer monitor (12 step ideologue) to one of several treatment centers with PHP medical directors that report directly to the FAA and peer 12 step monitors. These are the business arm and profit centers of Alcoholics Anonymous, Therapy consists of forced participation in 12 step meetings billed to insurance and step work counseling sessions with AA therapists who bully, threaten, and suppress any dissent. If the efficacy, appropriateness, or patently ludicrous dogma of the therapy is questioned, a patient is assigned the pathology of denial, delusion, self will, anger, and intellectual pride. This is harmful to an individual struggling with depression and detrimental to the psychological well being of a person seeking legitimate help. Operating under the cloak of anonymity, public service, and benevolence, these ‘professionals’ have your credentials in their hands. Fail to attend meetings, walk the walk, or talk the talk and your medical credentials are in jeopardy. An affected pilot is told three AA meetings weekly or the FAA will deny your application for medical re-issuance.


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