Letters From Those Abused and Afraid



Letters From Those Abused and Afraid.

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I get many e-mails, letters and phone calls from doctors, nurses and others who have been abused by  “professional health programs” (PHPs).  Most do not want their letters published for fear of being identified and punished by the PHP.   They are reluctant to do so even with their names and states removed as they feel their complaints alone could reveal their identity to they prying eyes of the PHP.   A few have allowed their letters to be posted and I am doing so here:    Letters From Those Abused and Afraid

I am posting Dr. Roop’s  letter below at his request.  He specifically stated his name and contact information be included. I applaud his courage.   As was the case with the Inquisition, this is system  that relies, above all else,  on secrecy and silence.

Effective “Impression management” requires both promoting positive information and suppressing negative information.

The “PHP-blueprint” has been effectively propagandized via a back-slapping parade of congratulatory misinformation; a promotional campaign that includes exaggeration of the existence and dangers of the doctors they target as well as their inflated abilities and success in “helping” these doctors and protecting the public.   Aimed at the legal, regulatory, and administrative arenas of medicine as well as the the general public, the PHP moral crusade has flourished without any meaningful opposition.

 Suppression of negative information is necessary and  involves both removal  ( comments critical of PHPs are rapidly removed as spam) and prevention.   One way of preventing negative information is by silencing critics.  Those enrolled in PHP programs who speak out often suffer “swift and certain consequences” and this effectively silences the rest.

 In reality  If more people like Dr. Roop spoke up this abusive system of coercion, control and corruption could easily be identified, exposed and reformed.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

The stories are the same and these patterns must be recognized.

Doctors  are vulnerable to medical abuse, just like any other patient.  Their knowledge of medicine and the medical system, means that they question, as they should, the validity and appropriateness of any treatment.   It has long been proven that patients that question their doctor’s decisions and the quality of the care provided to them, fare better and have better outcomes and are less subject to medical error or medical fraud.

The Physicians Health Program is based on a flawed philosophy that Doctors must be beaten down, forced to be submissive and obedient to PHP authority who intimidate and control, deny access to services, impose punishments, and even create criminal records with impunity and immunity.

This not quality care for anyone. It is abuse.  The PHP paradigm is just another  example of how false constructs come to to be regarded as irrefutable truth.

Once in the clutches of a  PHP a doctor is told – obey us, or lose your license, your hospital privileges, your credit rating, your good reputation – obey us no matter what we tell you to do.

 If you stand up to them, they take you down, very publicly and humiliate you, and destroy your career and good name.  Then no other doctor who saw the retaliation that happened to you is willing to buck the PHP system.  It is essentially extortion.

Dr. Janet Parker, a a human rights and disability advocate has  personal knowledge of doctors forced into the Washington PHP program Dr. Roop speaks of below.

These doctors told her that they had a plan to kill themselves if a PHP  “peer counselor” came anywhere near them –  they meant it.

3 doctors in the Washington PHP did commit suicide during the period of time when she was interviewing the WPHP referred doctors.   Last year a doctor I went to high school with and have known since childhood hanged himself due to the abuses of the Washington PHP.  HIs crime?  He was pulled over for speeding five years prior after having a few drinks at a social function.  He was given a breathalyzer and blew just over the legal limit–his entry ticket into the system Dr. Roop describes below.   As is often the case, he was given a positive alcohol biomarker just as he was about to complete the five-year PHP contract  This results in re-assessment at a “PHP-approved” facility, a new contract with the PHP and another five-years of drug and alcohol testing  all paid for out of-pocket.

And this is a national problem–three doctors being monitored by the Oklahoma state PHP killed themselves during a one month period (August 2014).

There is no evidential standard used and false accusations and even forged documents are routinely used against the targeted doctor.   Physicians are ill prepared for such criminal tactics used against them,  by the time they realize it is happening, it is too late to stop the inevitable process that threatens their medical license.  This is very emotionally traumatic to doctors who have always excelled in their schooling, worked hard to get where they are, and are facing the loss of not only their professional careers but also financial security, their self esteem and self concept.

Name: Jonathan Crane Roop MD

Email: jonathanroop@hotmail.com

Comment: I am Board Certified in Internal medicine. I have endured years of emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse at the hands of the Washington Physician’s Health Program. I have suffered through a long list of injustices without recourse. They include, but are not limited to discrimination, abuse of power, breach of contract and repeated and WILLFUL medical negligence. 

Because the actions of the WPHP have been SO egregious, I assumed what was happening to me must be extraordinarily rare.

I have nothing to hide. And I have shared my story with any and all who would listen. To date, my voice, my rights and now my life have been dismissed as unimportant. MY LIFE!! It’s apparently better that I die than my tormentors be questioned and compelled to defend their indefensible and evil behavior. 

I am meeting with one last attorney tomorrow. I fully expect him to ignore the basic, indisputable and well documented facts of my case. Namely, there is massive and systematic malfeasance being committed by a tax payer funded agency in the State of Washington who act with omnipotence and without oversight. I have no reason to believe he will respond any differently than the others with whom I have met. HE WON’T CARE! HE WILL NOT BE MOVED. He will make statements that suggest I DESERVE this treatment. And that my life, as well as my imminent death, is unworthy of his time or efforts.

Once my assumptions about this last meeting are officially confirmed, I am committed to the only course of action available to me. The only thing which will put an end to this nightmare.

Today I stumbled upon your website. And today, for the first time, I have learned that my case is not rare. I suspect the other physician victims in this matter have occasionally allowed themselves to dream wistfully of justice. Justice which they have seen thwarted at every turn. Perhaps they, like me, have dreamily imagined the relief and joy and LIFE they would experience if the truth were simply presented and the perpetrators held accountable. I have imagined standing up in court and triumphantly affecting justice for myself as well as all of the other current and future victims. I deliver a powerful defense of justice. My ‘dream speech’. I have imagined that I might still live. And then I wake up. 

And so today, imagine my shock, when I found my ‘dream speech’ here. My speech. Reasonable. Honest. Consistent. And based firmly in truth, justice and defense of the powerless against the (arbitrarily) powerful. My speech, it seemed, but authored by another.

Thank you, Dr. Langan.  You have given a voice to my struggles. Please never stop speaking for me, and people like me, many of whom, I fear, will not survive to see justice. 

Despite my intention to die, I actually WANT TO LIVE! And I will live and fight on if I ever believe that there is even a small chance of justice for me and the other innocent victims of PHP’s and the ‘treatment’ centers with whom they contract (Talbott in my case. Purely evil and loathsome human beings, for the record).

So, because I do WANT to live…PLEASE HELP ME, SIR!

Can you refer me to attorneys, individuals or groups who might advocate for me and the other victims? Do you have any specific words of hope or encouragement?

Please note my name. Please add me to the list of innocent victims of these power hungry, narcissistic BULLIES.

I don’t expect to live through this. And in a way, the PHP, Talbott and the addiction ‘experts’ with whom I have been tragically acquainted are correct…My life is worth very little. But this issue is so much larger than I. I can die with some serenity if I believe there will be meaningful justice for others like me. And that those responsible will be held to account. 

Thank you Dr. Langan. Thanks to all of those involved in the creation and maintenance of this website. Although your shining beacon is barely perceivable through the darkness of injustice which surrounds and seeks to extinguish it…it is the only glimmer of hope I have found during my slow death by PHP.

Jonathan Crane Roop MD

811 S Cowley St #48

Spokane WA 99202


45 thoughts on “Letters From Those Abused and Afraid

  1. It is mind-boggling that this happens. It sounds like a twisted plot out of a Robin Cooke or Michael Crichton novel, but is so much more horrifying because it is happening to real people, people that have spent their lives trying to do the right thing in every aspect.

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  2. NO Dr. Roop! Please, please hang in there! I’m sure you have family and friends who love you very much and it would kill them to lose you! Please stay with us and help expose this so it doesn’t happen to others! And please know this is happening to lawyers, too, and that they are feeling the same way. You will find one that understands. I’m sure of it.

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  3. What an appalling situation. It can be very scary and disconcerting to be bullied by those in government and it can really make you feel powerless. Sometimes it can help to talk to other people who have been through the same thing, so at least you know it’s not you, you’re not crazy. The injustice of it all can be absolutely maddening, but hang in there.

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  4. Reblogged this on NorthernMSW: Advocacy, Aging, Healthcare & Social Work Issues….. and commented:
    The quote by the PHP of: “Obey us, or lose your license, your hospital privileges, your credit rating, your good reputation – obey us no matter what we tell you to do.” This is not ethical at all! They are ‘blackmailing’ physicians and in the end hurting the patient……

    Noam Chomsky’s quote describes reality: ” As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable , then the powerful can do as they please., and those who survive will be left to contemplate the outcome.”

    Change is needed. How many more physicians need to commit suicide before PHP’s, government and insurances get it?? Integrity and honesty are needed. If it was their family member or friend, the PHP on the other end would have a very different attitude.

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  5. I went through a 12 Step coercion experience too and it left me severely traumatized and suicidal. Thanks to all of you who speak out against this racket. It’s criminal and it needs to stop. Now!

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  6. Dr. Roop: Please don’t leave us! We need you! Few are able to speak out about injustice as you are. You can carry the voice of many others who have been victimized, as well as your own. We must fight back against bullying or they will take over. Please don’t leave.

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  7. First I want to thank Dr. Langan for following my blog. Secondly I can feel for doctor Roop. I am not an MD but it sounds much like the same thing that goes on in almost every profession. There seems to be an almost necessity in the professional world to form organizations composed of people who have a mind set to make it as hard and miserable for all those who may come under their radar. Keep up the good work here in this blog.

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    • Thanks, as Aldous Huxley said that the “surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior ‘righteous indignation’—this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats.” (Chrome Yellow 1921).

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  8. Dear Blogger, Dr. Roop, and any other medical professional who reads this blog. I am not a Dr., but I know something about injustice. As the blogger says “Sunshine is the best disinfectant.” It sounds like the legal system is failing you, no surprise there, but do not give up hope. We didn’t become free, or get what we have in life because we wished it, or because an omnipotent being snapped their fingers. We humans have unique abilities, tenacity, and the will to fight those who oppress us and the drive to get what we want, especially when it comes to justice, but we can’t find justice on our own. The idea that “One man can fight City Hall,” is a childish myth. We need to find our courage and bravery in order to fight, and we must help others find theirs, to place their arm around our shoulders and urge them on, ever encouraging them with a strong voice — “One more step.”

    Will there be sacrifice? Yes. Will there be casualties? Yes. Change does not come without these things. In any battle, whether it is personal, or something more egregious, we must keep in mind we not only fight for ourselves, but for those around us, and those who come after us.

    All of those who are affected by this must find their courage to take “One more step.” Forget the lawyers, for now, contact anyone who you feel may be affected and create a “Band of Brothers.” Find a sympathetic soul in a PHP, contact talk shows, news organizations, radio stations, newspapers, bloggers, podcasters every media outlet you can imagine and make them understand what you fight for. If you have to, pool your resources to find a PI to uncover their heinous practices, find a marketing or pr firm to help them take your fight to the public, because it does no good cowering in the shadows, because when you do that, they have already won. Like many ills, this fight will not be easy. As you expect your patients to fight their illnesses, you should expect the same from yourselves.

    You being a physician Dr. Roop, and all the others who are experiencing what this blog speaks to, do not ever forget all of you have done a tremendous amount of good in this world by fighting for your patients under your care. So, wrap your arms around the shoulders of one another, and in one, strong voice let them hear your clarion call of “ONE MORE STEP.”


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    • Mark, thank you for the words of encouragement and solidarity. It saddens me how so many physicians being abused in this system are afraid to speak up. And who can blame them when those holding the keys to their careers, their futures, their families futures and even their lives are sociopaths who have no qualms or compunction about doing so. And when someone in this system is backed into a corner and takes their own life the PHPs blame it on their “disease” and the majority of those ending their lives do not even have the “disease” by their very own definition.

      One area you might be interested in (and I am doing an upcoming blogpost on it) is the rampant HIPAA violations. Departments of Public Health such as the Massachusetts DPH claim they have no oversight of PHPs. I would think the fact that an agent of the State DPH that is supposed to help doctors and protect the public being involved in deliberate laboratory fraud would constitute a public health emergency yet the MA DPH (or the proper channels anyway) has documentary proof of fraud and has turned a deaf ear.

      The DPH has no avenue for pursuing criminal activity involving a business associate that it relies on to protect the public health? That they have carte blanche power to commit crimes against physicians without any recourse?

      One of the ways they are engaging in forensic fraud is by changing “forensic” to “clinical” specimens. There is no FDA, CLIA or any other regulatory oversight of “forensic” testing but there is for “clinical.”

      These agencies cannot order “clinical” tests yet they are. A “clinical” laboratory specimen is defined (CLIA, DPH, HHS, state laboratory law, essentially everyone) by its use in the diagnosis and treatment of a patient in a doctor-patient relationship. It necessitates patient “care.” As a clinical sample it is protected health information (PHI). PHI is subject to HIPAA.

      HIPAA- Privacy Rule was specifically designed to provide “patients” with certain rights and among those is the right to obtain PHI without having to get permission from the provider.

      Accountability requires both the provision of information and justification for actions.

      Accountability also requires consequences for violations of professional standards-of-care, ethical codes of conduct and the law.

      PHPs are able to do what they do by both blocking information and relying on others to overlook, table or otherwise dismiss valid complaints–complacent that these are good people helping doctors and protecting the public. The current incarnation does neither. This is in violation of the HIPAA criminal statute and has been reported. It is my understanding PHS can be tied to it by the conspiracy statute. But with the usual channels at HIPAA blocked by “point-people” how do we get this to the right people. Think of the money they could recover from this nation-wide fraud!



  9. If this is connected to the mental health system, then it really is evil.

    Mental health should be redefined as mental hype.

    Modern mental health is witchcraft.

    It is based on humiliation, subjugation and control by inept people who think they are morally and intellectually superior to the patient.

    Adding drugs to the picture keeps the patient suppressed, and their soul just “dies.”

    I have heard too many complaints from victims of psychological abuse in “therapy,” which is designed to keep the patient dependent on the drugs, and the therapist, who is making a fortune off the victim.

    anyone who does have a problem with drug or alcohol, should seek God in their lives, and the healing will come without any abuse or shame.

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    • Oh my god yes. I was abused in therapy and I do speak out. I left the USA and whatever I say won’t be followed by a police visit or threat since no one is going to find me. I contacted the webmasters of therapyabuse.com (it might be .org.) You might be interested. I had an eating disorder that went ignored for thirty years while I was given more bogus diagnoses than I can count. I was damaged by their drugs and this damage is permanent. I lost my family due to harmful psych diagnosis that had no basis in reality. I was given diagnoses to cover up the damages caused by psychiatry. You walk into their doors, you are enslaved. I am out now and free. I just had to make up my mind to get on that plane. I would have died had I stayed, from neglect, bullying, hate crimes, threats, denial of medical care, and mostly, loneliness, isolation, and trauma that resulted from the abuse.

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  10. Thanks for what you are making known. Abuses are happening to all health care workers these days, especially in the form of mandated vaccination – no choice, no privacy… Take it or else you lose your job. Never mind the degree of dedication, proficiency, or skill. This was nearly to much for me to discover when I “retired” from working in the O.R. after over 35 years. Corporate dogma ruled. I bailed before I got fired – at age 62, too young to quit work, but had already been disciplined in the form of a verbal warning for refusal. 3 strikes and you’re out. I don’t think most people are aware of what’s heading down the tracks toward us, especially here in the USA. And it’s not just in the medical field. All I can say is, God bless us every one! P.S. Thank you for liking and following my blog. I bid you God’s peace. Hang in there!

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  11. One of the asam minions of the Maine medical board and PHP , DR Blaik, { a psychiatric D,O PHD mph} quack who I knew both through the Board and through mutual patients has escaped a major Fraud thanks to his friends on the Board. As you aware when an insurance company request records for an audit you either provide substantial complete records or get charged for the incomplete records. Dr Blaik does not do medical records because he is above that minor requirement and was charged 25,000.00 dollars and reported to the board for fraud, If you read this short board action you will note nothing about medical records to substantiate his fraudulent billing practices His slap on the hand is reported on the Jan 2013 adverse actions on the Maine osteopathic board website. You will note that he received a simple sanction with no fine cme or further investigation into the hundreds of other patients who he has defrauded In fact the board gave him a ready made excuse stating he “made a mistake” .Please take a look at this consent
    Several of my patients who after bankruptcy sought help in my practice to continue their suboxone, attempted to get their medical records from this quack , he was unable to be reached ,Blaik would force these patients to see him weekly and would routinely give them Ritalin which would allow him to charge for the “dual diagnosis. He would also routinely charge them for extended visits for as much as 2 hours ( for 5 minute visits to give them a script for their weekly suboxone/ritalin,) When these patients attempted to file further complaints to the board in order to attempt to get their medical records and report this abuse they were given the billings records and were told that there was nothing that they could do. these patients were told that their is nothing that they can do.
    Dr Blaik is one of the long time PHP/asam hacks that would advise the board on physicians who found themselves in front of the PHP for constructed substance abuse issues. He is responsible for many destroyed lives of good physicians. I am not sure how to pursue this issue. Dr blaik has never had his license suspended or reported for fraud and continues to practice unabated with no further oversight for his fraudulent medical practice. I know many cases of physicians doing hard l time for less. I hope that you can give me advice on reporting both the board and this ASAM Fraud, What do you think? thanks paul

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  12. Reblogged this on Disrupted Physician and commented:

    There is no evidential standard used and false accusations and even forged documents are routinely used against the targeted doctor. Physicians are ill prepared for such criminal tactics used against them, by the time they realize it is happening, it is too late to stop the inevitable process that threatens their medical license. This is very emotionally traumatic to doctors who have always excelled in their schooling, worked hard to get where they are, and are facing the loss of not only their professional careers but also financial security, their self esteem and self concept.

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  13. I have seen doctors who kept very sloppy records, or no records at all. I personally think the fewer records the better. However, it’s criminal for a doctor to lie and say he/she has indeed been keeping records and then, disseminate inaccurate information that could kill a patient. Personally, I think the patient is the most reliable source of information and should be believed over some doctor who has hundreds of patients. I can tell you what happened when and I have an excellent memory. I write memoir, so you bet I do! I know I saw my shrink July 10, 2013, for instance. Then, when I arrived at an ER nearly dead from kidney failure, she told the doctor at that hospital that she had not seen me for many months. I had for a long time suspected abuse, so I have that July 10th session on tape. I knew such a thing wouldn’t be admissible in court and might not even be legal in MA. However, I highly doubt that it’s even a crime to record a session if you know something’s terribly wrong. Especially since so many crimes (think Kelly Thomas) are caught on surveillance camera. It may, in fact, be the only evidence you have of abuse, beyond your own memory and records.

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  14. It is unfortunate that these programs seem to be so harsh on Physicians. However, that is still no excuse to abuse drug, alcohol, and people, while taking zero responsibility for yourself as a human being, or as a professional. Perhaps since these programs are ineffective, there should be something even more strict. After all, I never met a drug addict or alcoholic that liked to be told what to do, or easily admit they had a problem. It is not easy to change, but you need to take some responsibility and stop blaming others for poor choices.


    • Agreed but that is not the issue here. The overwhelming majority of those writing here do not have an alcohol or drug problem and this is confirmed by outside experts in 2nd, 3rd and even 4th opinions (by bona fide experts ( not ex alcoholics and addicts like those that run these programs).


  15. We have to keep fighting this unjustice . Using social media to educate the public , especially young medical professionals. I see a time not to distant they will have to pay Drs to go to school, and pay more to keep them . Nurses are burnt out also. The corruption just is thick as thieves. EXPOSE them what they did, who did it, don’t let them go unnoticed .

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