Helpful resources for those abused and afraid — via 

www-bmartin-cc-pubs-bf-bfbasics-pdf-51. Supression of Dissent: Basic Information

2. The keys to backfire

• “Reveal: expose the injustice, challenge cover-up

• Redeem: validate the target, challenge devaluation

• Reframe: emphasize the injustice, counter reinterpretation

• Redirect: mobilize support, be wary of official channels• Resist: stand up to intimidation and bribery”

via Helpful resources for those abused and afraid — via .

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3 thoughts on “Helpful resources for those abused and afraid — via 

  1. Where were you in January of 2014? Actually it wasn’t the physician covering up the abuse, but the hospital covering up their fraud. I filed charges anyway, since I’ll never go there again for any reason at all, and had the pleasure of seeing them convicted of Medicare Fraud. Unfortunately every physician in town is on their payroll, so I’ve had to find one from out of town, but since she is a visiting doctor, (hello, Dr. Welby), I have no problems with checkups. And simply put, I have made peace with the fact that when I fall again (I have advanced MS) I’ll just die there, rather than call for help, because we only have one hospital, bankrupt, not enough help in nursing department, no one in Radiology able to read an X-ray, so why not die in my own home in familiar surroundings rather than in an uncomfortable cold hospital cubicle where no one answers the light if you put it on for any reason. 36 hours in a bed after shoulder replacement, never repositioned, all requests for pain meds ignored, requests for bed pan ignored,…..climbing off my soap box now. We have a lousy hospital, built on quick sand, already sinking 2 years after grand opening, bankrupt before opening. Sad situation. going to bed now.

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