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Don’t expect a “whodunnit” version of CSI victories in this Op-ed blog article about a darker side of the forensic sciences. It is from an author with ample forensic credentials and experience from both within and outside criminal courts of the US. The article has topics ranging from the continued use of outdated or grossly over hyped “CSI” methods, ethical and moral failures in some forensic groups, to the criminal courts inability to understand much of anything about what is “real ” versus self-serving personal opinion called “science.” A measure of proof confirming these systemic problems is the article’s presenting a glimpse into the multi-million dollar costs to taxpayers for damages won by those wrongfully convicted with the help of court-qualified forensic testimony. Some optimism about better scientific scrutiny is presented but the institutional inertia resisting legitimate change in some forensic organizations, government agencies, and criminal  justice institutions is still…

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4 thoughts on “Press Release | Forensic Science Misconduct: A Dark and Cautionary Tale | @csidds

  1. I remember seeing a PBS special years ago about the field of forensic “science.” It was illuminating, especially the part about how fingerprints aren’t as unique as you might think. It will be very interesting to see how biometrics technology will be used against us, no?

    As for the multi-billion dollar drug testing industry, one only has to look at all the problems that labs have had to see that your drug test results are probably inaccurate.


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