If you like this blog please donate $5 to buy me a coffee so I can continue producing updated and important content!

Donate $5 to buy me a coffee so I have the fuel I need to keep producing up-to-date and important content!

Disrupted Physician was started in 2013 as an informational website, discussion forum and blog focused on the systemic and unchecked fraud and abuse reported by physicians referred to state physician health programs (PHPs). I created this website to: 1. Expose the fraud and abuse 2. Act as a resource for physicians who may find themselves experiencing PHP fraud and abuse. Since 2013 over 1200 physicians, residents, medical students, nurses and a dozen or so airline pilots have contacted me seeking guidance, discussion and advice. I have had many call in crisis and some suicidal. Many have told me the website saved their lives and in two cases literally. Both were feeling hopeless, helpless and defeated and having gone through suicidal ideation and planning they were close to completion when they discovered the website and changed their minds. They called to tell me the website had just stopped them from ending their lives and say thank you. Finding out they were not alone was enough to instill hope. Disrupted Physician may have started as an informational website, discussion forum and blog but as it has evolved it has become a sort of makeshift crisis management/suicide hotline niche service for physicians, medical students and others who may find themselves coerced into the so-called medical-regulatory-therapeutic complex (MRTC). Disruptedphysician.blog is a one-person voluntary unfunded endeavor. So please buy me a coffee so I can renew and revitalize the website and start adding new content. The donation button below is for just $5.


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