Post scriptum (P.S.)to Disrupted Physician

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The latin term “post scriptum” (P.S.) literally means “written after” as in that which is after the writing.

This postscript to is 14-months after I abandoned the website and blog because of the abysmal support of those requesting guidance.

. I have not visited this website during the year 2020 but 9,608 visitors have visited the abandoned blog. In February 2021 many of them contacted me in a flurry of concerned calls, texts and phone calls. The website for Disrupted Physician no longer existed and the 448-blog posts on were vanishing into oblivion within days. The domain for was lost but the blog-posts are intact. The website needs work and would also like to update this blog and keep it up to date. Am going to request donations and have set up below.

I am repeatedly told the website is saving lives and a valuable service to the community. I have been told by many people the website saved their lives and a few from imminent suicide yet no one was donating?

If that is the case why was no one donating? I am requesting donations to support this blog. PLEASE MAKE DONATION BELOW.

March 2013 > December 20, 2019 (448-Blog posts over 5 yrs 9 months) Status = Active Blog.

Disrupted physician was created in March. 2014 to shine a light on physician health program (PHP) abuse and because I created it those abused shine a light on me. = informational and discussion website and blog. Rapid following by physicians, medical students and others from around country and >”Go to Guy”for PHP issues. From 2015 > 2019 I am contacted by 4-6 new people seeking help.

Medscape Editor takes interest in website and blog > 2015 Medscape article Physician Health Programs- More Harm Than Good?  which broke new ground as the FIRST article critical of PHPs in the mainstream medical news. Medscape then opens door for BMJ article “Physician health programs under fire” and others. directly sparked the Medscape article and acted as catalyst for all that followed. caused 2015 article that broke new ground.

I start a GoFundMe to help support but > 95% of those seeking assistance do not contribute anything. In 4-cases I was able to help medical students and physicians circumvent the PHP and avoid signing a contract and not one of these individuals ever contributed a dime to my fund.

December 20, 2019 is abandoned as no support from those seeking help. Deadbeat group.

Blog-post published on December 20, 2019 requesting donations to GoFundMe. No response to my requests. I ask a physician who had contacted me 2-weeks earlier and had spent a considerable amount of time hearing his story in addition to several conference calls with his lawyer and others. He said no and I asked him “so you can’t contribute 20 bucks to this fund?” to which he replied “no, were all in the same boat.” That is when I said “F’ this” and abandoned

February 2021– Abandoned blog for 14-months. Disrupted physician website no longer exists as lost domain.

I receive flurry of concerned messages and phone calls informing me that the website no longer exists and will no longer exist in 2-days if do not pay fees. They all offer support and offer to pay and blog is safe for now.

I am told this website is invaluable and saving lives and must be kept up. Need to improve Need funding.

Please Donate Below


Donate $5 to buy me a coffee so I have the fuel I need to keep producing up-to-date and important content!

Disrupted Physician was started in 2013 as an informational website, discussion forum and blog focused on the systemic and unchecked fraud and abuse reported across the country by physicians referred to their state physician health programs (PHP) I started this website to: 1. Expose the fraud and abuse ( have made significant progress but a long way to go) 2. Act as a resource for those referred to or having problems with their state PHP Since over 1200 physicians, residents, medical students, nurses and a dozen or so airline pilots have contacted me seeking guidance, discussion or advice. I have had many call in crisis and some suicidal. Many have told me the website saved their lives and in two cases literally. Both were feeling hopeless, helpless and defeated and having gone through suicidal ideation and planning they were close to completion. They were having serious problems involving a common setback with their PHPs and when searching for answers on the internet came across the website and changed their minds. They called to tell me the had just literally stopped them from ending their lives and say thank you. Finding out they were not alone was enough to instill hope. So please buy me a coffee so I can renew and revitalize this website and start adding new content.



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One thought on “Post scriptum (P.S.)to Disrupted Physician

  1. I’ll come back and keep revisiting, if you can help me obtain my license. Which was ridiculously stripped from me several because of the use of alcohol, without any danger to patients. If you think that’s okay, then we definitely need to start punishing diabetics who do not control their blood sugars, or the CHF patients who have multiple exacerbations per year for eating things they were told not to eat. If you think my example is ridiculous, then you must not believe in the disease concept of addiction. My fucking like has went down the shitter resulting in me with further resentments leading to exacting revenge upon those who with the swift of their pen, overturned 8 years plus of education and training I went through to achieve my dream. Nothing will ever change, unless force is used. Medical boards are enemy #1

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