400 Doctors are Killing Themselves Every Year: The Role of Licensure Complaints in Doctor Suicide

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 7.31.40 PMSource: 400 Doctors are Killing Themselves Every Year: The Role of Licensure Complaints in Doctor Suicide

7 thoughts on “400 Doctors are Killing Themselves Every Year: The Role of Licensure Complaints in Doctor Suicide

  1. AA has a 5% success rate. It requires members to discount their previous world view and adapt that of AA. The 12 Step world view is illogical, contradictory, and has a very heavy emphasis on not asking questions, but simply obeying the group and one’s sponsor. Those with higher degrees of education are notorious for having difficulty with 12 Step Program for reasons that I hope readers will understand are problems with 12 Step program and not a problem with being educated and analytical.

    If the educated and analytically inclined persevere in 12 Step more than likely they will repeatedly be told “Keep it Simple, Stupid,” and could be subject to ridicule and be ostracized until they abandon their more logical framework for approaching life.

    It is not surprising that those doctors referred to 12 Step become more depressed because AA will not work for anyone who tries to analyze it, and to be logical myself, that AA is illogical is the fault of the program and a reason for its failure. It is not the fault of the logical for wanting to make sense of a mind set that really doesn’t make sense. That 12 Step tends to blame those that can’t believe in its convoluted (but supposedly simple?) ideology, makes 12 Step far closer to a cult than the mainstream could ever imagine.

    What makes this all the more tragic is that there are 9 other major alternatives for treating addiction, such as HAMS and SMART, that are far easier for the more intellectual mind to make sense of.

    Where this situation because both ironic and tragic is that the medical community is involved with coercing their own patients to attend AA.

    Thus, the logical solution for all is that the medical community stop coercing AA and 12 Step entirely, both for fellow medical workers and also stop recommending it to patients. That so many doctors do not do well in AA (even if some will report that they do very, very well) should indicates that there is a problem with 12 Step Program.

    To state what should be obvious, but does not seem to be…. If participation in 12 Step seems to promote suicide in doctors, isn’t it likely that it promotes suicide in other highly logical and educated segments exposed to the same bizarre (and as I would argue warped and even cult-like) ideology?

    Dr. Silver Damsen

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    • You are correct. However it is the ASAM doctors that are the root cause. The FSPHP was formed by a group of doctors ( they were all awarded bestowed as Fellows of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and can be recognized by the FASAM after their names). The ASAM monopolized the “recovery racket” in part because they took control of physician health programs and imposed the ideology on the doctors referred to them and as perceived “experts ” duped the medical societies and others into accepting their flawed ideas. So it is not “doctors” as a group but the ASAM “impaired physician movement” doctors. As the “voice if addiction medicine” has the power to target any doctor for an “assessment” and end their careers it is understandable most do not speak out on this issue just as few speak out about medical marijuana.


  2. The stats I have indicate that doctors get off, and there is a reason why they are given the moniker “trade protection groups/societies” etc.


    • Incompetent doctors seldom get removed from practice. The current PHP system is creating two problems 1. Doctors who should not be practicing medicine are returned to practice as no matter how sinister or foul their behavior the model allows them to deem it a product of their “disease.” They are absolved of responsibility and the PHP endorses their continued fitness to practice through reassurances such as polygraph “confirmation” and 12-step attendance. 2. Good doctors are being subject to sham peer review and being force into PHPs and falsely diagnosed possibly because many of the doctors now running the PHPs came from the former group


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