Doug Stanhope on Dr. Drew, Addiction, Rehab, and AA

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Evidence Base


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2 thoughts on “Doug Stanhope on Dr. Drew, Addiction, Rehab, and AA

  1. Hi Michael; I think that Dr.Pinsky is unfortunately a real rehab-AA zealot. The most dangerous,like so many believe that they are absolutely,totally right. They ignore true science. He also seems to be addicted to his media exposure. Beth

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    • Yes – he is ASAM and uses his ABAM board certification as a stamp of his expertise as if it were the U.S. treasury stamp on a silver dollar. I have the same diploma that I bought for around 2200 dollars without ever meeting anyone face to face and at the time knew very little about addiction medicine. Bottom line is I’m no expert, Pinsky’s no expert and neither are the 4000 other recipients of the ABAM diploma mill. The mortality rate of his celebrity patients is concerning and as this mentality always does he blames their deaths on their “disease” and removes the consideration that the “treatment” of the disease might be playing a role.


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