Integrity and Accountability—The Declining State of Physician Health and the Urgent Need for Ethical and Evidence-Based Leadership

Integrity and Accountability—The Declining State of Physician Health and the Urgent Need for Ethical and Evidence-Based Leadership.

Good leadership requires correct moral and ethical behavior of both the individual and the organization. .  Integrity is necessary for establishing relationships of trust.  It requires a true heart and an honest soul.  People of integrity instinctively do the “right thing” in any and all circumstances.  Adherence to ethical codes of the profession is a universal obligation.  It excludes all exceptions.  Without ethical integrity, falsity will flourish.

The documents below show fraud. It is intentional.  All parties involved knew what they were doing, knew it was wrong but did it anyway.  The schism between pious rhetoric and reality is wide.

One measure of integrity is truthfulness to words and deeds.  These people claim professionalism, ethics and integrity.  The documents show a reality of hypocrisy and sanctimony.   But the hypocrisy seen here is also a danger because the careers and lives of doctors are in these peoples hands.

Dr. Clive Body in his book  Corporate Psychopaths   writes that “Unethical leaders create unethical followers, which in turn create unethical companies and society suffers as a result.”  And according to Dr. Robert Hare in  Without Conscience  “If we can’t spot them, we are doomed to be their victims, both as individuals and as a society. ”

Abuse under the utility of  medical coloration is especially egregious.  It violates the fundamental ethical principles of Medicine -Autonomy, Beneficence, Nonmaleficence and justice.  Intentionally falsifying a laboratory or diagnostic test to refer for an evaluation or support a diagnosis or give unwarranted “treatment” is unconscionable.

Similar fraud is occurring across the country.

This is an example of the institutional injustice that is killing physicians.  Finding themselves entrapped with no way out, helpless and hopeless they are feeling themselves bereft of any shade of  justice and killing themselves.  These are nothing more than bullies and accountability is essential.


12 thoughts on “Integrity and Accountability—The Declining State of Physician Health and the Urgent Need for Ethical and Evidence-Based Leadership

  1. I have been following this blog quite actively. I am in similar circumstances. It’s is all true. It is all corrupt. The question is what can we do? In order for change to occur we all must organize together. Physicians , nurses , pilots, anyone holding license to work is vulnerable to falling into this system. This blog has been wonderful and brought awareness but what is the next step. ?

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    • Hello, ZZZZCRNA. My son died while paying to be “monitored” by a PHP.. I am a physician and want to bring this into the light of day, as Michael does. First of all, we have to stand tall and reveal ourselves. If you know of anyone else in these circumstances, especially of someone who practices in Missouri… Or if you can find some way to find out…please put them in touch with me.
      Karen Miday, MD
      Cincinnati, OH

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  2. More people need to start talking. More people need to comment here. I realize many are afraid but they can do it anonymously. One thing I have been hearing about is cut-and-paste neuropsychological exams to show “denial” and “cognitive impairment.”

    They are reporting elevations on the L-scale of the MMPI validity scales stating that the person demonstrated and “unsophisticated and naïve attempt to appear in a positive light” as boilerplate text so they can support “denial” of their condition to recommend an admission. This would be unusual in a physician (even if they were impaired) as an elevated L-scale is usually only seen in naive and unsophisticated individuals. Answering no to questions such as “have you ever lied?” is just not plausible. Obtaining the raw data and scoring sheets could show that they are fabricating them. They are shaving points off the executive function areas of the Wechsler IQ scale to support “cognitive impairment.”

    This started after the Master’s case. He successfully sued Talbott for malpractice, false diagnosis, and false imprisonment. The records were found not to support a diagnosis of alcoholism. In an effort not to let that ever happen again they make the data fit the diagnosis.

    Then there are the EtG, PEth and all the other junk science they introduced. Reporting valid medications as “positive” tests and disregard for cutoff levels are common.

    We need to see the patterns and show exactly what they are doing.

    Law enforcement needs to take complaints of crimes seriously.

    And someone needs to do a cochrane type review of the “studies” they are using to support the PHPs. They are all biased small methodologically flawed puff pieces aimed at showing the regulatory agencies and others that they are of value. It is all B.S.


  3. When I was drinking if someone told me to stop I’d get mad and drink more. How dare someone tell me to stop drinking!
    I realize now that I got so angry because those people thought drinking was my problem. If they had, instead, said something like, “Hey, you seem to be drinking a lot, is everything okay? Can I help,” I may have made the choice to get sober a lot sooner than I did.

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  4. […] assessments and diagnoses. 2. Forensic fraud and falsified drug and alcohol tests. 3. Collusion with third party commercial labs to commit fraud. 4. Establishment clause violations. 5. HIPAA Violations. 6. Anti-trust violations. 7. Ultra vires […]


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