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  1. Thank you for following my new first time blog. I find your articles on the medical issues interesting. As a newly retired person living in a Dell Web community I see a lot of fraud and scams. I also noticed the dentists in this area are doing very well. When they suggest an expensive procedure to an elderly person it is hard to evaluate the advise.

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  2. Dear Michael, so that you don’t become a one trick pony I would highly recommend that you expose some of the other Medical Malpractice which is going on. C-sections used to be about 5% of the population and now it is a 33% medical scam. Read about this further in my blog The Truth About C-sections. It should open your eyes to the fact that the public is royally being ripped off by gynecologists. With a degree in medicine you should also be aware of some other hidden secrets of the medical profession which should be made public. Help to expose the other secret and not so secret medical scams. Best wishes. Uldis

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    • Thanks, I need all the help I can get. This also impacts nurses. Many states now cover everything from acupuncturists to veterinarians but the ultimate goal is to replace DOT and other EAPs.

      The medical profession is just a wedge as PHPs are transitioning from “physician health programs” to “professionals health programs.” They have already entered the airline industry (and they are putting up a lot more resistance than the medical profession ever did) State Medical Societies and the AMA are unfortunately complicit with the “feel-good” fallacies they offer. All they would have to do is look at the evidence base to see it is all trumped up propaganda and these programs are neither protecting the public nor saving anyone (or any money for that matter).

      Below are comments from allnurses.com http://allnurses.com/nurses-recovery/ipn-contract-rn-942026-page2.html#post8378305

      “Physician Suicide and Physician Health Programs: The Elephant in the Room ( http://disruptedphysician.com/2015/02/25/the-elephant-in-the-room-physician-suicide-and-physician-health-programs/ )

      Any and all nurses involved in IPN or ANY monitoring program needs to read up on this. Everything that the physicians are doing, nurses follow in kind. The next layer to come down the pike will be LIFETIME contracts. WAKE UP PEOPLE”

      “IPN PRN all these monitoring agencies in all states are corrupt. How many nurses on this forum have gotten screwed. There is NO ONE to appeal. When IPN makes a mistake and believe me THEY DO. who receives the fallout? YES there should be oversite. They can decide anything they want. They can mandate that ice pick lobotomy is the new” treatment” requirement. That is NOT that far out. They performed the procedure in the office in 1967!!!. it takes numbers people to stop this. Call or write the state auditor. Complain about IPN abuse of power and conflict of interests. There needs to be an investigation. It has to stop.”

      Below is what they ultimately have planned:



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      • Michael,

        Your fears are coming true.

        I have been ordered by my medical board to participate in my state’s PHP for life. FOR LIFE. And the PHP and their consultants and the medical board all acknowledge that I don’t have a drug or alchohol problem!!! I’ve become just another cash cow for their system, and another statistic to justify their “successful recovery” numbers. It’s easy to “recover” from a “disease” that you don’t have. I know other healthcare professionals who have become similarly ensnared LIFETIME contracts by this predatory racket. I now pay ab0ut $3000 per year for drug testing, weekly phone calls to a “monitoring entity”, monthly meetings with a “monitoring consultant”, and quarterly reports from a “monitoring healthcare professional”. And if I fail to “comply” with any of this ridiculousness, I will be publicly shamed and lose my ability to practice medicine forever.

        Welcome to Hell.

        Thank goodness I only have another 12-15 years before I can retire — physician shortage be damned. I hope the worsening shortage directly causes some of these parasites to suffer due to lack of timely and appropriate medical care. Let them pray to their higher power (money) instead.

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  3. Hey Michael, I haven’t had a minute to even start reading your pages. I just read what you said in comment to alesiablogs, and I would like to post that comment on my space, if that’s okay with you. I think you need a voice, and I am willing to help shout this, and the other issues, out to the world. I only had to read the titles of your posts, and the title here on your about page to know you have become disillusioned with your chosen field. The pictures tell me, you planned to be a doctor from your youth. I assume the first pic is your mama, you and your oldest sister, around 1965? You stopped by my site and followed me, so I figure you know I am a rebel, and seek justice for those in need. My email is
    rgcorros@gmail.com if you want to talk not on the blog comment section. I just followed you, so I can keep up with your posts. I have a few contacts, in different orgs. Talk soon?

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  4. I think if any doctor or medical student has a mental health issue they are just automatically dismissed and seen as too much hassle ! Unfortunately…doctors and nurses are not allowed to be human.

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  5. You know I am quite angry with the medical profession these days. I also want to say I know that is not logical. I believe I am a worldly and compassionate person. I also find it strangely reassuring knowing you are out there. I so admire your convictions, the amount of detail you provide. The research and dedication you put into your site is something to behold. Thanks


    • Thank you Louise– this group is actually responsible in large part of the decline of medicine as they constructed the “impaired physician” Moral panic and instigated and fueled the “disruptive physician myth”-they created a cultural shift that changed everything

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  6. Please accept my apologies, I was sure I’d left you a “Thank you!” message but it seems I didn’t! tsk tsk – you were so kind to follow our blog. I really hope you read something to encourage and uplift your day, or your faith. I absolutely love this introduction in pictures! I have to say it, “You was such a cutie pie.” *big grin* I’m sure you got a lot of pinches to the cheeks, hugs and kisses from aunties and everyone. LOL Thanks again and God bless!

    Love in Christ Jesus,
    Rebecca (and Ma Chris too!)

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  7. Your blog, story and mission have imprinted on my heart! I am in awe of your strength and bravery, and find great inspiration in what you’re doing here! I’m not sure how much you’ve been saluted and recognized for the greatness of your blog here, but in any regard, I’d love to add to the parade of presenters. In such, I nominate you for the Real Neat Blog Award. If you choose to accept the nomination, you can find out more details here –>http://wp.me/p3Zjs6-Pw. Peace & Blessings be with you in all you continue to do!

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  8. Thanks so much for following my blog. It’s s bit discouraging trying to get the word out on gluten intolerance. I look forward to reading your posts.

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