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  1. I read your material with interest. I retired Oct 1,2013 after being unable to come to agreement with MassPHS as to correct or reasonable treatment for me. My overall experience was demoralizing. Although I am happy in my retirement,I suspect I may be lucky in that. Beth

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    • Thank you Beth- if you feel comfortable elaborating please do. This is in essence an organization given unrestrained and carte Blanche managerial prerogative by the State. As with any organization given absolute power over others they have become corrupt. Those with moral compass and intellectual prowess have been removed. Sanchez and Bresnahan are criminals i have no trouble saying that as the proof is right here. What is sad is the blinkered and willful ignorance of those outside of PHS who ignore criminal and unethical acts either complacent in their belief that these are good guys just helping sick doctors and protecting the public-(as the current incarnation does neither) or complicit in it as the medical board is ( and most likely DPH)

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      • Hi Michael;Thanks for your reply. As I become more familiar and more comfortable with all this computer stuff,I will share more. Frankly,what I read about threats to some people I am concerned. I have a daughter in D.O school who would like to train in New England( and she knows better!). However I read all this with a lot of interest. I will tell you that when I was given a possible monitoring program,read it,I felt the trap closing and I bolted. Beth

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  2. Thank you for following my blog, Michael. I hope you enjoy the random things you encounter there. Although I have no medical background whatsoever (aside from seeing physicians) I am enjoying reading your posts. Cheers!

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  3. Hi Michael, not sure what transpired but an earlier attempt to comment seems to have failed.
    Anyway, thanks for following my blog. (The Golden Rule). Really appreciated.
    Your blog is of particular interest in its critical awareness of corruption and your willingness to make injustices public.
    If you have had more than a cursory glance at my website, you will be aware of how actively I publicize injustices (as I see them), in all areas.
    In particular, I am critical of the medical “industry” when and where it seems to stray from the best interests of the public.
    I am therefore very pleased to have your interest.
    As a non-medical expert, I am usually risking making a fool of myself in relying on the beliefs of others who do have medical expertise. Relying on a degree of commonsense and inherent suspicion of authorities that seem to less endowed (with commonsense and honesty.

    Any comments on my blog and any posts, particularly medical, that you would consider appropriate would be greatly appreciated.
    Supportive or constructive criticism, either will help the cause of truthful reporting and personal balance.
    Regards, Ken.

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    • Thanks Ken, I read through your blog and think the most applicable issues related to what you are trying to expose are 1) the top-down corruption involving the unscrupulous drug-testing labs and the entities that utilize them for both power and profit 2) The Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association backed ASAM “New Paradigm” as outlined in the ASAM White Paper on Drug Testing that plans to use these Non-FDA approved tests (hair, nails, breath, blood, urine) on the population at large using what they call “contingency management” (a euphemism for extortion i.e. your money or your license/custody of your child/freedom/etc.) 3) Utilizing the medical profession as a urine collection agency by calling this “clinical care” so that drug-testing is deemed “assessment” rather than monitoring and sending the person to a “Professional Health Program Approved” assessment center (i.e. a fundamentalist 12-step facility within the fold) which will invariably lead to a diagnosis of “Substance Use Disorder” under the new DSM-V Criteria (the ASAM and their affiliates were the primary impetus for lumping “addiction” and “substance abuse” under the new definitions of SUD to lower the criteria for diagnosis (and payment)-this “diagnosis” will render it “treatment” rather than “punishment” and justify a revolving door of periodic (probably weekly) drug and alcohol testing with zero-tolerance and “swift and certain consequences” for the victim. A cash cow for the monitoring agencies, the drug-testing labs and the preferred treatment centers that will inevitably lead despair, suicides and societal chaos if we don’t stop it!

      So yes, let’s work together and educate the public on this. It is currently under the radar and ignored as it is 1) difficult to describe without coming off as a conspiracy theorist (that is why I am trying to get this out in little bites -the DisruptedPhysician 101 stuff so that people can absorb it a little at a time, think about it and then build on that). Hopefully I am accomplishing that and I welcome any criticism, suggestions or questions). But this is like one of those “once you see it” memes. Once you connect the dots it’s all in plain sight and in this case everything is recorded (in the history, the public policy, the new definitions, the research and the backgrounds of the primary players involved (which is sometimes shocking and unbelievable). I could go on and on but let me know how you would like to proceed–Michael

      P.S. I put together some of the most pertinent papers and articles below that you might find interesting)

      http://bit.ly/1cleDHA ( Junk Science-EtG, PEth, CPDB, and the “new paradigm” of addiction medicine)






      https://bitly.com/a/bitlinks/1h8l0f0 (DOCTORS4JUSTICE: Abuse and Neglect in USA Residential Treatment Centers by Dr. Janet Parker)

      http://bit.ly/1j8piF4 (You Are Going Directly To Jail: What It Means, Who’s Behind It, and Strategies to Prevent It )

      http://bit.ly/H2H5Pc (Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) & ASAM : Practicing Quacks? | http://www.orange-papers.org )

      http://bit.ly/1725eSU (Lack of Adherence to Professional Standards in Substance Abuse Treatment | Medical Whistleblower)

      https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yHAlA0pGfgbWMJeZjzslLY7hCqGYF_GcgP8BMHmowpg/edit (The Changing Role of the Physician in the Treatment of Chemical Dependence Thomas L. Haynes, M.D.)

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    • Well I particularly like your poems “Truth” and “Struggle”


      The truth lies within,

      patiently waiting to emerge

      freedom rings at last…

      By Sylvia Porter-Hall


      I wonder if they realize…

      the ongoing struggles of others.

      You know…the ones who seem to have everything,

      at their well-manicured fingertips.

      I wonder if they realize…

      the very food they discard with ease,

      would be welcomed by those that

      find it hard to come by one meal,

      not to mention two or three.

      I wonder if they realize…

      the fancy cars they drive,

      without a second thought,

      passing by the same single mom daily,

      barely missing her, while speeding by her in all their glory,

      leaving dirty puddle water stains splattered,

      on the one ‘good’ outfit this single mom owns.

      I wonder if they realize,

      with their heads held sky-high,

      that hard times do not discriminate.

      I wonder if they realize,

      come tomorrow, this could be them too!

      By Sylvia Porter-Hall

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  4. I applaud a truth warrior like yourself and wish you success in your endeavor to make medicine less dogmatic and more accountable realistically and not mythologically, with evidence based information or facts. Best wishes. Uldis

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  5. It’s of great interest to get in contact with a medico opting to act as a blogger. Welcome. This is sure to benefit many a people.
    My thanks for following my blog. I too am following yours with immediate effect.

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  6. Definition of Torture:

    Torture, whether physical, psychological, or both depends on complicated interpersonal relationships between victims and aggressors, bystanders and others. Torture also involves deeply personal processes in those involved. These interacting psychological relationships processes and dynamics form the basis for the psychology of torture. Torture is about reprogramming the victim to succumb to an alternative exegesis of the world, proffered by the abuser. It is an act of deep, indelible,traumatic indoctrination.

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      • Thanks – few people care about this. It is off the radar and that is how they thrive. They are laughing all the way to the bank leaving the maimed and the dead in their wake. Perhaps if enough of us point out the fact and the truth ( and how it may impact them) we can derail this train of sociopaths and fools


  7. I read your blog with great interest. I am a Nurse and have had experience in the way the medical system attempts to destroy, financially, psychologically, and careers of the impaired Nurse. I have known a few Nurses who have attempted suicide because of the punishment dolled out on them that they disguise as. “treatment”. They want us to treat addiction and mental health issues as diseases except when the person suffering from these things are in the medical profession. It is a fight that someday, when I am strong enough, I plan to fight but, for now I will learn from you.

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  8. Thanks for following my blogg! I’m not sure what’s going on in this health business. But money and power seems to be strong motivators. Or are they just byproducts? Perhaps there is something deeper that drives this forward?

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    • It is both money and power. The ASAM is basically a corporate front group for the multi-billion dollar drug and alcohol testing, assessment and treatment industry. The doctors involved in orchestrating this are predominantly doctors who previously had v4ry little power and got involved by being caught for drug related offenses (or worse-some are pedophiles and con-artists). They got their licenses back by claiming they were saved by 12-step and wanted to help others. The Physician Health program system is a funnel for sociopaths and in numbers they organized, gained power and now threaten the whole system. And the funny thing is that this is all hiding in plain site–all the evidence is out there but it is so convoluted that it is difficult to describe and that is why I am trying to present it in little comprehensible bites with the hope that others will connect the dots and realize what a danger these groups pose not only to the medical community but to all of us


  9. Thanks for following my blog. I’m from Australia and haven’t heard of the ASAM. I have read various articles about the DSM5 and its creation of a host of new mental disorders.

    Anyway, will follow your articles with interest.

    I hope my blog will give you some moments of fun. Cheers, BM

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    • Yes, the ASAM was a big part of redefining “addiction.” By lumping together “drug abuse” and “addiction” under the all encompassing “Substance use disorder” they widen the net. A mistake, one-off, situational or even fabricated accusation can gain anyone a ticket into a lifelong revolving door of drug-testing and treatment with zero-tolerance requiring lifelong abstinence and “spiritual recovery” as defined by them. It is a racket.


  10. Hello Michael – let me second all the heartfelt positive comments here, and also complement you as a courageous and strategically intelligent disruptor. I discovered long ago that although one may see a whole truth it is impossible to convey that truth to large numbers of people as a single, intact vision. I also learned that no matter how angry a great wrong may make you, nobody will listen to an angry voice. (That particular lesson took me a long time to learn.) You have discovered that the ideal approach is to spoon-feed, as one does a baby. You are doing a great job of this. I have just posted your blog address to the LinkedIn group “Medical Marijuana Professionals” which ought to help put your fine work in front of a large group of people who will understand exactly how difficult it is to get the public to understand a complex set of issues no matter how clear these issues may seem to some who have done the work to achieve that clarity.

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  11. Thanks a lot. That is exactly the case. I am going to do an upcoming Disrupted physician 101 on how the ASAM/FSPHP/LMD impacts both MMJ and the War on Drugs. These people are not even on the radar at this point. They need to be. Every public policy statement the ASASM has endorsed has been passed with no meaningful opposition (funded by the multi-billion drug testing, assessment and treatment industry they know what they are doing.) It is amazing that no one is even paying attention to the ASAM White Paper on Drug testing http://disruptedphysician.com/2014/11/02/1111/

    The ASAM represents absolute prohibition and have multiple public policy statements on MMJ. As you know, MMJ requires that a physician be involved in the mechanics and the ASAM Public Policy position is that only ASAM physicians be involved under the ruse that they are the “experts” in addiction treatment therefore they should be the ones acting as the gatekeepers of MMJ. Sounds like the fox guarding the henhouse to me. My goal is to get enough people to realize this so it is recognized, discussed, debated and eventually reaches a level where people like Eric Sterling are discussing it in the media. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am on LinkedIn



  12. Hi Michael. Thanks for following my blog, Fur Out The Closet, which led me to your blog 🙂

    The content of our blogs is certainly very different but I suppose we are both standing up to injustice in different forms?
    All the best,

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    • Yes – these peole are engaging in Political abuse of psychiatry. This rehab racket industry and drug testing has no meaningful regulation and is open to all sorts of abuse. They are using regulatory agencies to change rules and regulatons to
      Both protect them and remove the rights and liberties of those regulated. They are claiming it as a replicable model. First Doctors, now pilots and next teachers and kids


  13. Thank you for following my blog, and glad you did. This is a very unique situation I’ve never known about until perusing your site. It is a familiar experience, being ostracized by your professional peers when, due to your own health, you’re scrutinized for your capacity for honest work. I look forward to your future posts and the progress if any in bringing this calamity to national/global discourse.


  14. Dr. Langan,
    Thanks for stopping by studiotj.wordpress.com and thanks for the like/follow. You have certainly introduced me to topics that I have really never thought about. That’s the beauty of visiting other sites. My niece has just taken the MCAT and is preparing to go to med school. I will certainly introduce her to your blog. I am now following you as well.


  15. Dear Dr. Langan – Thank you for the follow at my Miriam Tree blog. As I read your blog, I’m struck by the similarity to another blog I followed back at http://takingthemaskoff.com/, which addresses the damage done (including suicide) by the stigmas attached to addiction and recovery. If you’ve not read this blog before, I am sure you will find it to be of interest. Also, as person who is newly employed in the health care industry, I will be interested to learn more about your petition for investigation of the Massachusetts PHP and the issues which have prompted it. Thank you for your work! – Tara Erin

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  16. Thank you for the follow. I heard some about health problems among physicians, and I’m hoping things improve. Certainly a rough position to be in.

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