Webinar: The Perilous Physician Licensing Landscape–Kernan Manion, M.D.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 2.14.02 AM.pngA week ago, I presented a live webinar “The Perilous Physician Licensing Landscape” to over 50 physicians with guest panelist Dr. Michael Langan.

Here’s a link to the replay and the handout. You’re welcome to share it with whomever you feel might benefit.

Free webinar: “The Perilous Physician Licensing Landscape”

It’s understandable why so many physicians registered. Because the problem is huge. The numbers of complaints that medical boards receive and investigate (a significant number anonymously) is staggering. And too many physicians are put through a needless “guilty until proven innocent” ordeal costing them tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and even lost practice income. And that doesn’t even include the financial and immense psychological costs incurred if you’re sent to a Physicians Health Program for “assessment.”

While the threat of a malpractice suit is ever-present, and sadly too many of us know the hazards of being named a defendant, fewer physicians are exposed to the challenge of getting entangled in a medical board investigation, a mandatory PHP assessment or a hostile peer review.

You or a colleague may be amongst them. If so, you’re in that select group of physicians who have to get up to speed quickly in dealing most effectively with these challenges. We can help.

And we know – all too well – that most physicians really have no idea how nasty and complex things can become in these dealings.

Both Michael and I have delved pretty intensively into understanding these entities, their unchecked power and the mind-boggling cost and effort required to challenge their sovereignly immune deliberations, preserve all of one’s due process and civil rights, while maintaining one’s practice and protecting one’s patients from dangerous and unwarranted interruption of care.

Too often, and too late, one may discover that notions of due process are little more than apparitions. That perhaps is the most shocking realization at the outset.

And it really derails most docs.

In our thousands of hours of case consultation and study, we came to some startling conclusions about these processes which we share in our webinar.

We’ve also seen how each physician so ensnared has had to fight their battle as though she or he and their counsel were the only ones who’ve ever travelled this path.

With the overview you’ll get from our webinar, and further the wealth of insight and strategy considerations we offer in consultation, you’ll discover that you and your colleagues don’t have to face this battle alone, using up your life savings and psychological reserves to engage in costly and nearly inevitably futile legal battles.

It’s vital to realize: the decisions you make from the outset of engagement with these entities will set you on a pathway that, unexamined, WILL extremely limit your subsequent courses of action. Bottom line, you’ve got to become fully educated about the territory and the choices you’re given and actively involved in the process. In these cases, ignorance, brashness and passivity spell disaster.

And that’s why we offered this webinar and why we’ve embarked on providing in depth case consultation, guidance and support.

We’re staunch physician advocates who know the territory and who insist on fairness and transparency.

This isn’t about ignoring bona fide issues of legitimate concern. We don’t believe in skirting issues. If a physician or other healthcare provider has a bona fide impairing mental illness or substance abuse problem or significant behavioral disorder (e.g. legitimately assessed “disruptive physician” et al.), we believe they ought to – and need to – address these issues in the most straightforward and ethical manner possible.

But we also believe that EVERY PHYSICIAN and healthcare provider under the jurisdiction of a state occupational licensing board and a so called “Physicians Health Program” not only deserves but is entitled to due process and respectful, professional and ethical treatment.

We know the pain and we know the cost of being ensnared in these potentially career-ending proceedings. We’ve borne witness to hundreds of physicians’ and other healthcare professionals’ stories and offered countless hours of support and guidance.

We have many insights to share about this danger-laden territory, in fact too many to compress into this 30 minute webinar. But we wanted to make sure we provided an overview in the most concise way possible. We believe that this knowledge could mean the difference between returning to practice and having all that you’ve worked for taken away.

Here’s the link again to our free webinar:

“The Perilous Physician Licensing Landscape”

You may also have colleagues who could greatly benefit from this ground-breaking webinar. We welcome getting the word out so we can help guide many more physicians – naive, vulnerable and overwhelmed – through these dangerous straits. So feel free to pass this along. We’re confident they’d appreciate knowing about it too.

Kindest regards,

Kernan Manion, MD

p.s. by the way, we offer all viewers a free 30 minute “case scenario” confidential discussion. The direct link to schedule that is in the replay email you’ll get as soon as you register.

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6 thoughts on “Webinar: The Perilous Physician Licensing Landscape–Kernan Manion, M.D.

  1. For five years now have experienced total false defamation, inept board “consults”, deprivation of any and all due process, deprivation of livelihood (a human rights violation when coupled with use of a falsehood), misrepresentation by board staff, totally inadequate lawyers who advertised to specialize in board cases—-lies lies lies (with no legal recourse due to immunity laws. I have been unable to find any employment that suffices, lost board certification with NO due process, had license permanently restricted in Kentucky, lost DEA in Kentucky, been unable to obtain license in Tennessee and Virginia, lost about 2 million dollars in income, lost business related real estate with 150,000 dollar equity, used up all retirement income, and many other such things. The license board system is out of control and does not care that it is out of control. I am yelling for REFORM with due process, due process, due process. If there is a class action lawsuit by physicians against this insane deprivation of rights on so many levels, I want in on it. Why haven’t the physicians joined together to reform this.

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    • Working on it. Different circumstances same stories over and over and over again. Need medicine at large to acknowledge the problem exists to make this happen. If that occurs it would be the catalyst we need.

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  2. I lost my entire career. Class action lawsuit sounds like a good plan but who to sue when there are multiple states involved?

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    • The primary stakeholders who benefit from this racket are the state PHP the “PHP-approved” drug and alcohol assessment assessment and treatment centers and drug and alcohol testing labs. There is plenty of evidence that the centers are engaging in “diagnosis rigging” and the labs are engaging in laboratory fraud (the non-FDA approved “laboratory developed tests” of unknown validity are also unregulated). As these groups are acting individually and collectively with utter and callous disregard for the truth and the rights of those victimized the national organization running this racket (the FSPHP) and the specific facilities and labs they use should all be targets.

      Additionally, no qualitative or quantitative criteria exist for the “PHP-approved” facilities and state boards mandate that only “PHP-approved” facilities be used for evaluation and treatment. The FSMB made this a matter of policy in 2011. Refusing to be evaluated at an approved facility or obtaining evaluations at a “non-approved” facility is considered “non-compliance” with the PHP and results in automatic summary suspension. The state PHPs are no-bid vendors and no criteria exist for choosing the facilities the board mandates under threat of loss of licensure. FSMB should also be a target. Regulatory capture, “rent-seeking” and antitrust issues need to be seriously explored.


  3. So glad that this is finally getting out there and is being discussed and brought to the attention of would be future “targets” , of these corrupt boards. There seems to be a pattern , with medical professionals, it happens to nurses as well . While the program is not PHP, if the board’s investigator cannot find any clinical issues, after doing an investigation that uncovers more territory than an murder investigation . If nothing found there, multiple SDT turn up nothing they order psych evals by a a Dr who is on their” list “. That Dr knows they must recommend counseling , which means probation, forced mandatory counseling , at the nurses expense , while nothing has been proven. Everything is alleged . The Bd shows no proof of anything in their case in court. They just bring in a line up of those willing to lie, when you disprove their tall tales they get the ALJ to sign what ever nonsense the bd has written for the Alj to sign. Making the biggest liars “credible”. The OAH court is rigged, the ALJ is a prop , the DA is like a over paid tattle tale. over dramatized events , in their own words can twist any supposed event to reflect a Stephen King horror book. At this point the ALJ is woken up and rubber stamps what they want. The boards have no over sight, the Gov appoints members and weaponizes them , by letting them do what ever they want, with much over reach . Members recommended by those who are on the bd , who to appoint . The Dir using her position to take care of friends , mouthing “public safety” , while smearing your reputation . Then it goes before the board , while calling it a” peer review” , not one of the members has taken care of a patient since the Mayflower came over, if ever.


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