Guest Post: “The Perilous Physician Licensing Landscape” by Kernan Manion, MD


Over the years, many have visited Michael’s audacious blog as he’s dared open eyes about concealed abuse by medical boards, physician health programs and hospital-based peer review committees. 

Through shared experience, Michael and I have been studying these issues for nearly a decade. We are amongst a handful of physicians nationally who get the big picture and know the career-threatening challenges one faces in responding to and interacting with medical licensing boards, PHPs and related entities.

In fact, we’ve been founding members of a study group loosely referred to as the Coalition for Physician Advocacy (which I’ve cross linked to from here on occasion). Amongst the members of that think tank are a major writer-advocate of PHP reform; an MD JD whose focus is on disability law, mental health issues and litigation stress; a former vice chair of psychiatry at a well-recognized academic center; and an established addictions psychiatrist who is multiply boarded and is also a retired brigadier general. All have come together to address what we collectively feel are major abuses of privilege by a significant number of state medical boards and PHPs. We have observed the remarkable similarity in many of these due process deprived dealings to that of sham peer review. 

You would likely recognize our Coalition members’ names from their prominent articles and comments on many blog pieces over these last several years in Medscape, KevinMD, Medical Economics; Journal of Addiction Medicine; et al. Just look anywhere where Michael or I have posted comments. And with each gathering comment bearing witness to these gross abuses, we are gaining immense strength.

Michael encouraged me to convey through this guest post that we’re offering a free informational webinar “The Perilous Physician Licensing Landscape” on Monday 4/16 at 8pm EDT specifically pertaining to the issues. 

You can register here:

Over the years, we have collectively spoken with hundreds of physicians who have shared their stories of abuse at the hands of these agencies and the harm that has ensued to their practices, their careers and their patients. Of course, throughout this ordeal, their personal and family lives have been thrown into turmoil as well.

This concise webinar will provide not only an overview of these key issues and what we’ve learned through hundreds of consultations but also some very practical “do’s and don’ts” in dealing with medical boards and PHPs. And these pertain not only to physicians and all others in healthcare – both with degrees and still in preparation – but to their families and even their counsel. 

We’ve heard many heart-rending stories of immense suffering and injustice meted out by these unregulated entities. Many have been badly traumatized, so much so that they fear retribution and further harm if they dare speak out.

And it’s our goal to use our expertise to help our fellow physicians negotiate their way through these very dangerous waters.

Be sure to join us Monday 4/16 at 8pm EDT for The Perilous Physician Licensing Landscape.”

Register here:

And even if you can’t make it, be sure to register in order to get the replay link and any handouts.

I can’t close without offering tribute to Michael’s perseverance in the face of all adversity. He’s continued to expose these abuses, and suffered greatly for it. I am confident, in significant part due to his relentlessly hard-hitting well researched essays, that national exposure is growing, that journalists are taking note and the powers that have so menacingly operated like demonic Wizards of Oz are now having to examine their vulnerability to their reckless sadism being exposed. 

On behalf of Michael and myself, I hope this finds you well and that you’ll be able to join us for the webinar.

Kernan Manion, MD

p.s. In the event that you know of colleagues who might benefit, please share this invite – just copy the url of this webpage and paste it in an email.

p.p.s. And … if you’re on any social media or physician discussion groups (e.g. Sermo, Doximity, LinkedIn et al.), just copy and paste this link below into your post inviting people to attend. Knowledgeable career-saving help is available. You don’t need to face it alone. Learn what you can and need to do to protect your career in the event that your license is jeopardized by these entities. Here’s the link again:

6 thoughts on “Guest Post: “The Perilous Physician Licensing Landscape” by Kernan Manion, MD

  1. The abusive board attorney and incompetent board members that you describe are precisely what I found with the WV Osteopathic Board. Board members never see the merits if the case. The board attorney with an axe to grind, does whatever vindictive thing he wants to do. The sheeple on the board nod their collective heads without ever examining the facts or evidence that contradicts the tale that they are being told by the corrupt board Atty.

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