Misconduct at Massachusetts Medical Board–need to drain this swamp sooner rather than later. Election year is nigh!

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 8.34.36 PMLord Acton warned that we should not make moral allowances for powerful people just because they are powerful. If a common man murdered someone, Acton explained, he should hang. But when a king or queen murders, we make allowances for it. “I would hang them higher than Haman, for reasons of quite obvious justice, still more, still higher, for the sake of historical science” Acton wrote.  The same dynamic applies here.

One thing is for certain.  There should be zero-tolerance for forensic fraud perpetrated by those in positions of power.   This is  worse than Annie Dookhan as her victims were abstractions.  She did not see the damage that resulted from her laboratory misconduct.

And as far as I can find, these documents are the most elaborate and complete representation of the mechanics of forensic fraud available and show the sequential steps between the requesting party and complicit lab.   The documents also show how easy laboratory misconduct is accomplished as well as the moral detachment of the involved parties.

Bertram knew these where crimes and God help me I am not going to let the unctuous bastard get away with it.  Problem for him is that there is no defense and time has a way with catching up with justice.

Bertram was  also informed  that since 2011 there have been multiple suicides related to these same allegedly falsified  tests  including several doctors here in Massachusetts (one who was my friend!).  These deaths are solely on his head.  He needs to  be called on it and he will.   The laboratory fraud is as equally abhorrent as those who engage in it, those who deny it and those who ignore it.  . One other thing is for certain: When  this racket is exposed (and it will be most likely in 20018) the record will show who knew what and when.   It will be indefensible.  And those involved need to be held to account.  Let us make sure of it.


Source: Defending MA BORM Deb Stoller’s Five-Year Concealment of Fraud–Nothing Left but Logical Fallacy and Lies

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2 thoughts on “Misconduct at Massachusetts Medical Board–need to drain this swamp sooner rather than later. Election year is nigh!

  1. The MASSACHUSETTS Board of Nursing needs a good flushing as well. Putting statements that are totally false and very provable in their documents. Statements that were made by a woman who worked as a nurse for 13 years without a license . And a BON is siding with HER?? Ann Totsch , nurse imposter , AZ FINALLY had to act when told by another agency . AZBON ignored this when presented to them, “they didn’t get it ” , and the employee who was handed the complaint is no longer working at the AZBON. Wonder if these people read or just thinking about siding with the state agencies . How can they side with the little guy , it just wouldn’t look good, and geez what if another agency went against them ? Dictators.

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