“Sham Peer Review”–Informative Discussion of the Underhanded Tactics Used by the Morally Disengaged Bullies Who Have Occupied the Medical Profession

Disrupted Physician

Dr.  Lawrence Huntoon lectures on the common tactics used by the enemy forces who have taken an uninvited seat at the table of power in the regulation and control of the noble profession of medicine.  Collectively this band of nitwits and thugs  represent an enemy occupation and the damage has been ruinous to both the science and the art.  Clinical decision making has been reduced to algorithmic pathways and binary options that throw knowledge base and clinical acumen out the window and replaced them with  a heap of feel-good bottom-line poorly constructed dictates. These simple-minded marauders are nothing more than idiots with sticks but they’ve bamboozled the citizenry,  sweetheart-swindled the politicians and Robber barroned  their  morally disengaged  logical  fallacy into bandwagon reality under the rhetoric of cost containment and public welfare.

An enemy force has occupied our turf and it has indeed been ruinous.  Pride, integrity and enlightenment  have been…

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4 thoughts on ““Sham Peer Review”–Informative Discussion of the Underhanded Tactics Used by the Morally Disengaged Bullies Who Have Occupied the Medical Profession

  1. As far as the Nursing board of nitwits and thugs , I m not sure they use any algorithmic pattern at all. It is more of less shoot from the hip, style . Certainly is favoritism . According to what hospital you are at, certainly a patient complaint goes no where. They would rather do a witch hunt . Not sure who is making up the ‘decision’ to file notice of charges, but it seems like that decision has been made before the complaint is filed .
    In recent turn of events the main witness for the state , was turned in to the AZ BON by the one she lied about. Turned in for impersonating a nurse . Testified she was nurse paralegal, signed RN, sent out inter office , Nurse, RN< and gave affidavit , she worked in Yuma, for 13 years without a license. Yes you read that right ! The AZ BON did NOTHING ! when the complaint was turned into them, the hospital licensing dept did nothing, the ATTY GEN at first did not take the complaint but when fraud division was given the complaint they investigated and told the BON they CAN take action, a cease and desist letter and sent to AG for possible, criminal prosecution. Mind you this imposter is the states main witness !! Keep Fighting leave no stone unturned ! Oh , and because AZ took action , other states can and do as well, in MASS , they decided to hold a 'trial " (my license had been expired for 2 years ! BUT no evidence from the original trial in AZ to be used ! Even though they are strictly going by , "you threatened a CO WORKER, "YOU swore at a PEER.. This woman lied through her teeth , to this day I have NEVER MET HER ! But a judge who was never in the court room (signed another judges case ) . Decided she was "credible " ! . MASS has spend a ton of money on this, just got 2 envelopes sent to me for around $35, have a piano box full of papers and they did not read the transcipt !!! Many false statements of charges ! Blatant lies that are IN THE RECORD, but Mass is paying some high priced mouthy lazy , DA to prosecute this !! UNREAL . The guy cant even read ! He asked me "what makes you think you have never met her , if she testified in your case?" WELL NITWIT, if you looked at the RECORD , she was while living in the same state allowed to 'testify and lie her head off on the phone. " Not good a DA asking questions he had no idea what the answer was ! ! <Notice , that neither the judge who ruled or the 'witness were ever in the court room and have not met , how can you judge the demeanor? AND this "ghost judge , has never been a member of the AZ BAR. So you have an unlicensed person calling themselves a registered nurse and a person who is not a member of the BAR calling himself a Judge. OH this was the same NITWIT (mass DA ) who demanded I and another witness appear in MASS in person !!! YES something needs to be done about this, Waste of papers, time, resources, and the taxpayers footing the bill for this horrible acting but incompetent morons who are only their to pick up a paycheck and hang in for full retirement for public safety??? yea right ! the prosecutor is EUGENE LANGER; MASS, the AAG AZ is ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL and the atty for the AZ BON is EMMA MAMALUY, I will recognize the board members as well . Recognize them for what they are ., puppets , with initials !


  2. No clear path for everyone. We all facing hardship, challenges, and bullies along the way of our journey. It affects how we think, very disturbing actually. Let us not allow anyone to ruin our precious dreams. We took negative forces as inspiration and transformed it into positive allies.


    • UPDATE : attend Board of Nursing meetings, watch the cases, write reviews. The AZBON does not like it , they hate to face you, and they are protecting other board members who have made very dangerous statements based on their lack of experience. comments to nurses about patient care> Just initials behind their name . Well at the last AZBON the ATTy MAMALUY told the security guard to watch , follow, and tell me i could not record or talk to anyone ! He was quit threatening, so I made a call to police they came , guard had change of attitude . The following day an anonymous “tip ” went to them)BON) They talk ed with Mamaluy , who told them many tall tales , i was posting threatening, distupting etc. the investigators found NOTHING she said was true. Unsubstanciated false allegations. IN MASS a “Judge rebukes Brigham for placing morcellation critic under guard while his wife was in surgery. ” 2 Drs Expose the procedure and the facility so they are stalked searched in the hospital . As potentially dangerous. next case a young man died from acne medication North Dakota, case filed , his mother has a protection order on her , all 3 cases of people who stood up to them and are now DANGEROUS. They are not used to being challenged , when they are to them it is insubordination or a threat, then they embellish , mischaracterize . When it comes to their behavior they sugar coat it and rationalize. So I guess their is a pattern taking people down who challenge you.


  3. I think its important to note that all nurses involved with AZBN exchanges of disciplinary actions have the source of themselves to understand and accept the nature of their actions, sooo the experiences of life OFF OF THE CLINICAL BLOCK may have a much less virility. Your dedication to the process of defining levels of severe discrediation to the evidence used against us is the big light to a corrupted and narrow at gate of lifes’ ups and downs. Stay close. Do Not Go alone. Later


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