I Need a Miracle! Please Donate to a Decent Cause!

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-7-10-11-pm“Michael, Your blog has provided a platform for so many wronged professionals. I don’t need more convincing that the system in place is wrong in every way. It needs to be scraped and begun anew. Where and how do we begin to change it? Give us guidance….what can we as a group do to be a voice of power, to embarrass state boards, php’s, the Federation of State Medical Boards…etc? Do we send a compendium of your blog to the press? We need to focus on action. “Michael,  a revolution is in the works. I am confident. Take pride in the fact that your voice and this site have been a beacon of hope for so many. Honestly, you have likely saved lives despite not practicing clinically over the past few years. Keep continue to be our voice.  Respectfully (and tremendously grateful for what you have created with Disrupted Physician)”-Lilly

The purpose of this blog has been to expose the corruption and civil and human rights abuses occurring in state physician health programs (PHPs).This is all being done under the management of the Federation of State Physician Health Programs  (FSPHP) and evolved over the past 25-years.   For the past quarter century they have existed as unexamined authority.  They are a power unto themselves.  Zero oversight, regulation or accountability exists and when individuals are given unrestrained power over others with no fear of penalty we all know what happens.   They abuse it.  Physician health programs were started by good people for good reasons but subverted by bad people to exploit doctors for money in an extortion racket they have set up with certain drug and alcohol assessment and treatment centers and drug and alcohol testing labs using a medical license as leverage.   It is a nearly fool-proof scam and the use of coercion, threat and consequence efficiently stifles any resistance.  It is a dictatorship of  institutional injustice.  Systemic political abuse of psychiatry on par with the Soviet Union era gulags are occurring right here and few know it. Civil and human rights abuses are also occurring off the radar.

This has begun to change just recently beginning with Pauline Anderson’s Physician Health Programs: More Harm Than Good?  which was the  first mainstream medical news article addressing these problems. The FSPHP dismissed all allegations in a pompous dismissal of the allegations as well as the integrity of the author and those interviewed. The dismissive rebuttal did not give any direct answers.  After the BMJ article put to rest some of the claims made by the FSPHP they have chosen to remain silent and not respond undoubtedly hoping that by ignoring us we will go away.  That cannot happen.  We have to demand direct and simple answers to direct and simple questions. We have to confront them with critical reasoning backed by fact and evidence  and demand answers and we have to do this relentlessly and loudly.

Tscreen-shot-2016-12-09-at-1-13-29-pmhis blog has been a nexus for those abused by these programs and the numbers are growing.  Many were at first fearful this was a trap and reluctant to reach out.  It is essential that a non-profit advocacy group as well as a watchdog group be created and this is the next logical step and why I created the fund for donation last year. It is nowhere near its goal. Without some immediate funding I may have to abandon these plans. Unfortunately those against physician health reform who are profiting from this and have essentially unlimited funds and are well connected politically. The gains we have made may be short lived if we don’t keep up the momentum.  I am losing ground.  If  I do not get some quick funding I will not be able to proceed with this blog and move this forward. Then the bastards win.

So I am asking everyone who reads this to donate just $1.00 to my fund. Of course anything more would be greatly appreciated but just donate  one buck.  It is for a good cause, it is the right thing to do and it makes a difference here.  If you do this then I can keep this going for now.

Please donate here.

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