I Need a Miracle Everyday!  Please Help Out-I Promise I’ll Get You back!

Your blog has provided a platform for so many wronged professionals. I don’t need more convincing that the system in place is wrong in every way. It needs to be scraped and begun anew. Where and how do we begin to change it? Give us guidance….what can we as a group do to be a voice of power, to embarrass state boards, php’s, the Federation of State Medical Boards…etc? Do we send a compendium of your blog to the press? We need to focus on action. “Michael,  a revolution is in the works. I am confident. Take pride in the fact that your voice and this site have been a beacon of hope for so many. Honestly, you have likely saved lives despite not practicing clinically over the past few years. Keep continue to be our voice.  Respectfully (and tremendously grateful for what you have created with Disrupted Physician)”-Lilly

Source: I Need a Miracle! Please Donate to a Decent Cause!

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