The Alienation Of America’s Best Doctors | Melinda Hakim MD

 Doctors are hurting and they don’t have the time to reach out.

5 thoughts on “The Alienation Of America’s Best Doctors | Melinda Hakim MD

  1. I beleive Dr. Hakim is on-spot with this analysis of the deteriorating situation. On a personal level, I have encountered many of the issues she described and have discussed this very topic amongst my co-workers. I work for a pharmaceutical company and am hearing about doctor’s leaving or selling their practices or worst – just closing the doors, on a daily basis.

    I am hopeful that President-elect Trump is aware of this crisis and will include some actions through his “Make America Great Again”campaign promise, evaluating both the ACA and Medicare system and the major changes both of these programs are desparately in need of.

    There is nothing affordable in the ACA nor equitable. The Marketplace polices are a joke. I believe that President Obama successfully “pulled the wool over our eyes” because we wanted change. Unfortunately, this was a major fail, in my opinion. Every day I watch out employees eek out a living only to turn around and have to pay 20% of their earnings to medical premiums and the company have to pay ridiculous amounts to the Medicare funds. Where is the justice in all this?

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    America, this is serious. The brightest minds in this country are running away from careers in health care. Many of our best doctors are being forced out of business. We must start an open dialogue with doctors ― the individuals who are the most influential in advancing our health care system. The success of our health care system absolutely depends on the caliber of talent we attract to become and remain our nation’s physicians. Short-changing the individuals who are sacrificing everything to save lives will lead to the biggest threat to our nation’s health care system.

    Want to make health care great again? We must all reach out to doctors and do everything in our power to demonstrate that we value our country’s physicians before it’s too late.
    If you or someone you know needs help, call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Outside of the U.S., please visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention for a database of resources.

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  3. Two of the best doctors I ever met, retired early. They did not want their name associated with the decline in the medical community. So, sad. A fantastic pediatrician, and skilled reconstructive surgeon, leaving early because… How many people those 2 saved? I can’t even imagine. They both traveled to third world countries to provide their services for free. How may people they could have altered for the better, or saved if they were not pushed out by their own side. The ultimate betrayal.


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