Reefer Madness Redux: Is your doctor a marijuana user? Maybe you should ask.

Disrupted Physician

The article below was recently published on “social media’s leading physician voice”  A previous piece by the same author attempted to connect marijuana to heroin use.  Interestingly, this type of archaic rigid paternalistic chatter is becoming more and more common in the articles and social media of healthcare.   How, and more importantly why, is this type of tripe and rabble getting past editorial review?   It is 2016 not 1958!  Disappointingly, this absurd and sexist rant has generated a mere 20 comments thus far with the majority being negative.  I do agree with the apt and accurate observations of “FEDUP MD” who states the following:

“The answer is not that cut and dried.

Do I want a surgeon who is clinically impaired from marijuana operating on me at the time, who just smoked a joint before entering the OR? No.

Do I care if a surgeon two weeks ago went to Aspen on…

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