TT Wilsons PHP Playbook–Feel Good Fallacies, False Dichotomies and Frontal Lobotomies

Disrupted Physician

images-34Although my challenge to reveal his true identity  in “Rantings from the Bully Pulpit” remains unaddressed,  the doctor known as “TT Wilson” has put his two cents in on a couple of issues over the past month.  I previously posted his comments to illustrate the  groupthink and common tactics of doctors involved in state Physician Health Programs (PHPs) and Drug Courts.  Wilson’s comments are pathognomonic of these groups and his new comments are chock full of humdingers that reinforce my notion of Wilson’s LMD affiliation.  .Although Wilson never answered any of my questions his apparently piqued curiosity prompted him to query some my way.

The question is whether or not I would revise my posts concerning the legitimacy of addiction medicine when it is “embraced by the ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties) in two years.”   My answer is no.

ABMS accepting addiction medicine into the fold is not a product of the discipline meeting the 

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