Looking for an Investigative Reporter to Question MRO—-Procedural, Ethical and Legal Justification Needed

As the Medical Review Officer (MRO)  for the Massachusetts state Physician Health Program (PHP), Physician Health Services, Inc. (PHS, inc.), Dr. Wayne Gavryck’s responsibility is simple.  He is supposed to verify that the chain-of-custody  in any and all drug and alcohol testing is intact before reporting a test as positive.

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Note Dr Gavryck is: 1. Certified by ASAM; 2. A .Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) who “serves PHS in this capacity.” Although Dr. Gavryck serves PHS I would beg to differ on the MRO function. Accessed from PHS Website 1/15/2015 http://www.massmed.org/Physician_Health_Services/About/PHS_Associate_Directors/#.VM1dZlXF-hY

Dr. Gavryck evidently did not do that here.  In fact for more than a year he helped cover up an alcohol test that was intentionally fabricated at the behest of PHS Director of Operations Linda Bresnahan (who told me when I confronted her with the fact that I have never had or ever even been suspected of having an alcohol problem “you have an Irish last name–good luck finding anyone who will believe you!”

It took a formal complaint with the College of American Pathologists to get the truth out.  The whole fiasco can be seen here and here.

What Gavryck and his co-conspirators did is egregious and ethically reprehensible.  It shows a complete lack of moral compass and personal integrity.  What was done from collection to report to coverup  and everything in-between is indefensible on all levels (procedurally, ethically, and legally).

The documentary evidence shows with clarity that this was not accident or oversight.  It was intentional and purposeful misconduct.  I think everyone would agree that there should be zero-tolerance for forensic fraud in positions of power.    Any person of honor and civility would agree.

Transparency, regulation, and accountability are necessary for these groups.   It is an issue that needs to be acknowledged and addressed not ignored and covered up.

If Dr. Gavryck can give a procedural, ethical, or legal explanation of what was done then I stand corrected. Just one will suffice.  I’ll erase my blog and vanish into the woodwork.  But If he cannot then this needs to be addressed openly and publicly.   And whether he was involved in the original fraud or not is irrelevant. As the MRO for PHS it is his responsibility to correct it–however late the hour may be.

Perhaps Dr. Gavryck needs to see some of the damage he has caused in order to take this responsibility. Known as a “bag man” who simply rubber stamps positive tests at the request of Sanchez and Bresnahan (much like Annie Dookhan)  he does not see the damage that is caused. Forensic fraud has grave and far reaching effects and in this case has severely impacted many people and include patient deaths.

Perhaps Dr. Gavryck needs to take a “moral inventory” and see that this this type of behavior causes real damage to real people and put a face on it.

Perhaps Gavryck needs to be asked these questions directly from an investigative reporter.

It is people just like this who are killing physicians across the country.   The body count is vast and multiple. This has recently been underscored by the horror stories mounting in recent Medscape and KevinMD articles associating PHP programs like this one with the recent epidemic of suicides in doctors.

These people have removed themselves from accountability.  One way they do this is by withholding information and suppressing the truth.  This is facilitated by willing sympathizers and apologists who refuse to acknowledge or investigate wrongdoing.   Gavryck believes he is beyond reproach and is complacent that his friends will protect him and insulate him from harm.  The evidence, however, is not going away. Neither am I.

Those who are caught doing dirty deeds such as this need to be held accountable.  This requires the provision of information, justification for actions and the ability to be punished by outside groups.

I have the information.  Gavryck needs to provide justification for his actions and held accountable for them.  Perhaps an investigative journalist could interview him and ask him directly.

Help me get this exposed, corrected, and rectified.  The doctors of Massachusetts and the doctors of this entire country deserve better than this.

via Integrity and Accountability—Defend the MRO Procedurally, Ethically or Legally and win 100 Volumes of the Classics in Medicine Library and Salk and Sabin Autographs!.
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The MRO Code of Ethics--Seems like Dr. Gavryck's breaking them in sequential order!

The MRO Code of Ethics–Seems like Dr. Gavryck’s breaking them in sequential order!

13 thoughts on “Looking for an Investigative Reporter to Question MRO—-Procedural, Ethical and Legal Justification Needed

  1. Hi Michael, Clearly, you were framed. Many have been, myself included, and I personally know others who were. Do you know why this happened? For one friend of mine, it was an abusive ex. Others were whistleblowers. Have you heard of Mark Taylor, the Columbine survivor who spoke out against the drug companies? He had a huge and powerful campaign against the company that makes Luvox, and was really successful at opening the public’s eyes about these drugs, and he was really only a kid. Well, they framed him, too. Doped him up on Clozaril so much that he cannot recall his activism. I have no clue if anyone has been able to get him out yet. Also activist Allison Hymes was framed. (It might be spelled Alison.) Apparently she was quite vocal while she was free. I am myself advocating for John Rohrer (freejohnrohrer.org) who has been stuck in a state hospital for six years. This was clearly a case of retaliation. It’s genocide, Michael. Let’s face it. I’m trying to get a reporter, too, or a lawyer or something. Many want to help but none of the ones I know practice in Massachusetts.

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    • Thanks Julie I am going to look up Mark Taylor’s case and the others you mentioned. As with the drug companies the rehab racket of teasing and treatment both are multi-billion dollar industries. I was told by the lawyer for the drug-testing lab no matter what the evidence shows the tactic is to never settle a case and draw it out foreve

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      • I am not surprised, Michael. I now have so much evidence myself. More and more people realizing I was right all along. I find this gratifying but still, I am suffering from trauma from the abuse and hope to demand money from the abusers to pay the cost of trauma treatment. I want to do this out of court. I’m hoping to appeal to whatever human side the abusers have left, if any, and tell them just what the consequences of their actions were. I believe in restorative justice. Actually, even a heartfelt apology would really be helpful to me right now. From any of them. The nurses, the other workers, the doctors, the administrators, anyone. I have this odd dream that I am dead, and the whole lot of them, all in a row, dressed rather oddly with a mist all around them, tell me just how sorry they are and tell me that they know they did a very bad thing, won’t kill anyone else. Obviously if I were still living in USA I couldn’t say the word “dead” or I’d hear sirens, the sound of a stretcher rolling down the hall toward my apartment, and police radios. If I ever hear that ole familiar sound again, I think I’d die of terror. The nightmares have mostly stopped now, thankfully.


      • Also, I still cry over the abuse, but not every day anymore, just now and then. Look for an upcoming article by Sharon Cretsinger. I’ll be linking to it. She’s an ex-social worker, she says, XCSW, or some such thing. I believe she too was framed. She has a blog called Mildly Dysthymic in America, a spinoff to MIA. Larry Drain’s blog, too, which I am now discovering. I’ll try to remember to tell Sharon about your situation. I told Katherine as well. We are all behind you.

        Wanna know something? At first glance, I told myself, “This guy is just disgruntled.” But no, I know that others, shrinks included, are too quick to jump to conclusions before even asking WHY or even considering other angles. I truly believe it’s my training as writer that keeps me questioning and always considering the other point of view, trying to see through another’s eyes. I ask myself, “How would it feel to be in that position?” This is something shrinks aren’t trained to do, though they are Messiah who act like they can mind-read and are psychics. So I kept reading with an open mind and it didn’t take long before it was very obvious you were framed. Your story is consistent. No, you aren’t just some pissed off person going on and on. Pissed off, yes, but for a darned good reason. Let’s put that energy to good use and nail ’em. Anytime you want to talk I’m here. I’ve got tons of ideas.


  2. l believe a criminal complaint should be filed by you with the FBI, as this crosses state lines. Also file a complaint with the Atty Gen., even though they are in bed with the PHP, but for a paper trail that you tried. Likewise, if you have an organization like our Texas Rangers in your state, contact them.

    Have you contacted your Congressman, your state and your US Congressman? I think that may be helpful.

    How else can I help?


    • Gail, I called my Massachusetts state rep and it seemed like they were listening and concerned. This was more than I got from the state agencies, such as Disability Rights who took a very brief phone interview from me. This was difficult to do as I was so traumatized it was tough to rush through the entire story. They cut me off before I finished every time so I had to squeeze in as much as possible. I spoke quickly and I doubt they could follow what I was saying. I am told by a professional that my speech became rapid due to trauma from the abuse. After four years, I still get fired up, and I have a very bad case of insomnia because of what MGH did to me in 2011, and also, Mount Auburn in 2013. I can see that anyone thus traumatized could be easily psych labeled again if they try to complain. My shrink claimed I was “manic” but I think she only said that to justify more drugs. The professionals I’ve spoken to recently say this was gross malpractice. A pro-diagnosis shrink once blooped on his own article and said in comments what happened to me in 1997 was also gross malpractice, then I suppose he realized his mistake and erased my comments from his article.


    • Psychiatry’s right arm is the police. The state only defends the medical institutions. No one gets anywhere with the state protection agencies since they are there to defend the state and not the people. Better to get a private lawyer and bypass the state. They are there to stall lawsuits and placate the masses. In-house complaints NEVER work and usually get you more “time.” I even ran across this when Gloria Gervase was blinded at NJ state facility. We found the state didn’t give a shit. This is a conflict of interest. Patients get incarcerated in these places and who decides? A judge hired by the state to defend and uphold it. Not only that, we know corruption among judges runs rampant. Even a criminal gets a jury trial, but not a patient, which shouldn’t even be necessary given that most of us aren’t criminals anyway. This is genocide, ruining the lives of innocent, talented people who have so much to give. God bless America. Geez.

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