I’m armed with documentary evidence, critical reasoning and common sense….but if you have a problem with that….

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5 thoughts on “I’m armed with documentary evidence, critical reasoning and common sense….but if you have a problem with that….

  1. Interesting statement there, coupled with the picture. People do have a problem with common sense because it’s human nature for people to believe only what they want. If the truth is ugly, they won’t see it nor believe it, they’ll insist it’s incorrect or impossible. What if it really did happen? I myself have been receiving more and more confirmation lately, folks telling me I was right all along. I’ve been trying for years to warn others simply because I don’t want anyone else to suffer at the hands of those who only want to make a profit to the detriment of innocent people, funded by taxpayers ignorant of where their money is going.

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      • Michael, Why would anyone lie and cover up the truth? Because they have a skeleton in the closet they are desperate to keep hidden. If they weren’t dishonest in the first place, why would they object to those of us determined to expose the skeleton for what it really is? If they only had roses in the closet, and we were claiming they had skeletons in there, then, of course, their claims would hold water. The more we see of these abusers, the more they look like fools. Let’s continue to uphold the truth, and all the lies will fall away.

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        • Of course. I was talking on the radio last night about whistleblower protection laws. We don’t have many. If we had more, maybe more would blow the whistle like us. The person who was on the radio said that chances are the protection laws wouldn’t be followed, since there’s so much corruption in the system. But to the unsuspecting public that thinks these things go by the books, having the laws there might give others the courage to speak out.

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