American Doctors Are Killing Themselves and No One Is Talking About It–By Gabrielle Glaser via the Daily Beast

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Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 7.31.40 PMVia the Daily Beast:

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“Doctors who acknowledge problems with substances or mental health are typically referred to a physicians health program, or PHP. These organizations evaluate, monitor, and treat physicians. Established initially in the 1970s, PHPs, which exist in almost every state, were intended to divert physicians suffering from alcohol or drug problems from censure from their state medical boards. PHPs are incorporated as nonprofits and have autonomy from the boards. But some PHPs breach confidentiality if they fear a doctor is a danger to the public. And some state medical boards also fund their PHPs. Since the boards hold the keys to licensure, many say this is a conflict of interest.

There are growing concerns about whether PHPs have the right approach to the job. They typically send doctors to rehab programs rooted in the faith-and-abstinence principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. While AA’s 12 steps might work…

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2 thoughts on “American Doctors Are Killing Themselves and No One Is Talking About It–By Gabrielle Glaser via the Daily Beast

  1. Another tragic loss of what sounds like incredible medical asset, a beloved caring Doctor and a good man. Their appears to a subset of physicians who have dependency issues as a primary reason for entering the PHP . Unfortunately the 12 step/AA success approaches levels no better than placebo . The writer of the above article clearly does not recognize the sinister underbelly that is representative of the PHP. The PHP is a lair for sociopath physicians who then become ASAM pseudo-addiction authorities , PHP directors and members of corporate ASAM. The fact is the majority of sociopaths are also dually diagnosed with substance issues. In some estimates approaches up to 90% !!!. Sociopaths would likely be represented of the hierarchy of the PHP in at least 3 times the general population. Given the immunity from wrongdoing and the false credo of protecting the public, the PHP will not be an easy nut to crack until we expos the suicides and the corruption. This forum is an excellent starting point. It is simply ludicrous to have anybody who has no shame, scruples or conscience to care for anyone who is needs compassion and real medical intervention.
    What makes the occasional user of alcohol a PHP victims can be nothing more than making the wrong ,albeit well meaning, suggestion at a staff meeting. It often originates from an administrator or a marginalized sycophant physician graduate of the PHP. Once the PHP director has been contacted the truth no longer matters. Once you are labeled disruptive and it is known that you have had a drink in the past year this is all that is necessary for your demise. Any denial is regarded as a symptom of a much bigger problem. The false construct of substance dependence is a tool used to control any physician who represents a threat to the hospitals bottom line.. You have entered the twilight zone !!
    Their is no whistleblower protection or due process in medicine for the physician . Their is simply no room for nonconformist. I have seen many physicians at dinner meetings ( i.e. pharm rep. drug dinners) having a drink while on call. The fact is the range of cases that find themselves subject to the PHP tyranny goes from the casual monthly user of wine who couldn’t keep up with his impossible work load to the hard core addict who commits medical fraud to maintain his/her habit. For anybody forced into one of the “approved” 3 month PHP residential treatment programs you know what I am saying is true. At the Farley program every single instructor councilor physician and janitor was a” recovering” member. Imagine a program run by addicts felons and sociopaths who are in charge of the welfare of physicians who may or may not have a substance issue. The only common denominator is that we all are coerced and risk loosing our careers . I liken it to being placed in prison with pedophiles and murders for a parking ticket then having to admit to a felony and enter into 5 years of probation in order to leave (as long as you don’t complain) .
    I have no doubt that the vast majority of PHP physician suicides are avoidable but unfortunately the goal of the PHP is anything but physician health.

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