Physician Suicide

Disrupted Physician

Physician Suicide.

Physician Suicide 101:  Secrets, lies and solutions by Dr. Pamela Wible, M.D., is now featured on  Please read and comment!   We need to use this as a stepping stone to start discussing the Elephant in the room; state Physician Health Programs (PHPs) organized under the Federation of State Physician Health Programs.  These programs once served the dual purpose of helping sick doctors and protecting the public from harm.

Taken over by the “impaired physician” movement the current manifestation is one of absolute power and unrestrained managerial authority with no meaningful oversight, regulation or accountability.  It is a culture of institutional injustice that is preventing doctors from seeking help for fear of being ensnared and monitored by them.  Those being monitored by them are subject to bullying, abuse and forced 12-step indoctrination under threat of loss of licensure.  Many of these doctors do not even have an addiction…

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    • Too much rhetoric, false, misleading, unjust manipulation! Meaningless!
    • Restore JUSTICE -fix “ROBBER-ISM” first; NOT to benefit “MURDER-FRAUD-CRIME-INJUSTICE NETWORKS” operation.
    • The most urgent serious problems here and overseas: ROBBERISM”= “MURDER- FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE NETWORKS” operation = bad guy propaganda to help/benefit/self-promotion among themselves; victimize others = destroying freedom, fairness, democracy, capitalism; continuing, on-going; expanding; penetrating every segment of our lives, including civic non-profit, women, minorities, churches, nonsense studies, proposals, block grants, “think tanks”, etc.
    • OPPOSE PUBLIC FINANCE MATCHING SMALL DONORS FUND – falsely named “Fair Election Act”, “Government by the People”… whatever. It is simply “Government by Bad Guys”.
    • Oppose Supreme Court decisions on Citizen-united, and on Mcclucheon on election campaign, and Koch Brothers Dark money and super PAC strategies.
    • Promote democracy, fair election, quality, competition, people input (policies, issues, officials, judges); televise public hearings, citizen/candidate forum/debate; maintain, disseminate meaningful accurate information, records, capability, reasoning, good sense of justice, public interest, endurance. Objective screening by meaningful rigorous examinations, evaluations for quality, capability, endurance and public interest.
    • UNJUST killing: not just gun shooting; false imprisonment, rehab, medication, injection, accidents, brutality, freezing, hungry…
    • Many people are misdiagnosed, hospitalized/ imprisoned as mentally ill, etc.; political prisoners; dissenters; victimized/abused – resources/properties/benefits (private, public; vet, Medicare, ssa, …).
    • Living wage=min. for survival in justice; but never enough in injustice: unlawful traffic tickets, fines, legal fees, other problems.
    • Agencies, doj, fbi,cia, nsa, dhhs,dot, …etc. local-federal have no accountability! Lots of problems: waste, abuse, official misconduct.
    • Urge @WhiteHouse, Congres, officials local-federal to investigate suppression/concealment of public comments/complaints; e.g., on federal solidarity CMU, DOJ, policing, correction facilities
    • PREVENT hidden agenda; not to divert taxpayers’ resources to benefit “BAD GUYS”; more law/caucus/task force and/or shuffling do not make government/contractors/churches etc. work better.
    • Urge to re-open/investigate/prosecute “MURDER- FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE NETWORKS” operation; seizure, destruction; obstruction, tampering; denial of LIVES/resources/ rights/freedom/reputation; access/use of communication; phone, fax, media; equipment, facilities; computers, internet, social media; work, documents, files, petition/action sites, voters guides, websites, e.g., DNet (by League of Women Voters,;, Vote-Md, Project Vote Smart, media, links… ..more.

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  2. WORK TO BE DONE; SOCIAL JUSTICE IN GREAT DANGER! Prosecute, eliminate “MURDER- fraud- crime- injustice networks”= cruel tyranny= robbery machine = ROBBER- ISM; relaying, penetrating every segment of our lives; inc. civic non- profit organizations); expanding; with threat, coercion, victimization, deprivation, discrimination; unjust practices, manipulation, influence; bad legislative bills; unjust hidden agenda; false/ misleading excuses; divert resources for private gains;
    (inc. private-public partnership, econ development, housing, school, transportation, abandonment of properties, roads

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    (1). Prosecute, eliminate “MURDER- fraud- crime- injustice networks”= cruel tyranny= robbery machine = ROBBER- ISM; destroying essences of democracy, capitalism; continuing, on-going; relaying, penetrating every segment of our lives (inc. civic non- profit organizations); expanding here domestically to overseas- foreign countries; with threat, coercion, victimization, deprivation, discrimination; unjust practices, manipulation, influence; bad legislative bills; unjust hidden agenda with false/ misleading excuses (inc. private- public partnership, economic development, housing, school construction, transportation, abandonment of properties, maintenance of “paper roads”, nonsense grants, programs; …, whatever) to benefit/ facilitate “MURDER-fraud- crime- injustice networks” (inc. officials, judges, developers, lawyers, employees, etc.); expand further unjust operation; endless unlawful- immoral acts; rob/destruct resources (rights, land, properties, home, buildings, assets, accounts, income, pension, documents, evidences; public, private; business, civic, political); frivolous litigation, levies, foreclosures, garnishment, guardianship, power of attorney; improper processing of complaints, procedures, proceedings, docketing, bookkeeping, accounting; cause vicious cycles: socio- political- election-media- budget- legislative- system problems; civil-human rights backwards; people-slave. Examples of problems are provided below: **
    (2). Restore: principle, fairness, cost-effectiveness, accountability, reliability, capability; fair election, justice, peace (including civic, non-profit organizations), “check and balance”; Restore: TRUE essence of democracy, fair election process; easy access to government, files, records, transcripts; not unjustly manipulated, influenced, misled by wrong person, information, or “official misconduct- government gang- fraud- crime- injustice networks” = serious causes of socio- political – election –media- budget- legislative problems, which destroy people, families, society, peace, justice, democracy. Based on merits, justification; NO double standards, improper processing of complaints, procedures, proceedings; falsification, false records, tampering of evidence, data; harassment, intimidation (complainant, witnesses); false charges, citation, bond, imprisonment; disparities and improper treatments, etc.; abuse of laws, power, authorities.
    (3). Promote democracy, fair election, quality, competition, people input (policies, issues, officials, judges); televise public hearings, citizen/candidate forum/debate; maintain, disseminate meaningful accurate information, records, capability, reasoning, good sense of justice, public interest, endurance. Objective screening by meaningful rigorous examinations, evaluations for quality, capability, endurance and public interest.
    * To capture extended serious problems of “MURDER-fraud- crime- injustice networks” with official misconduct- government gang, please incorporate the following: (A). complaints/ cases: administrative and judicial levels; (B) frequent testimonies before government bodies, official, legislators, law enforcement, committees, public hearings; local – federal; (C) spin-off complaints, improper processing of complaints, procedures, proceedings, accounting, bookkeeping, docketing, etc.; (D) Candidate statements, see Webs and archives. Urge to re-open and investigate, DNet (by League of Women Voters), links, etc.; (E) complaints and reports to police, law enforcement, consumer affairs, other authorities/agencies against “fraud- crime- injustice networks”; (F). Numerous TV programs on social issues (Dr. Lih Young: producer, host, speaker).

    (G). Frequent recommendations/petitions to officials, agencies, law enforcement, local – federal; as individuals or with civic organizations. ** EXAMPLES OF PROBLEMS – “MURDER- FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE NETWORKS”- with official misconduct, government gang- endless unlawful immoral acts:
    (A): OPM, IRS, DHHS, SSA, DOJ, FBI, DOD, USDA, DOC, USCIS (US citizens/ neutralization services), custom services, various agencies, law enforcement; 3 branches, local – federal- global; National Park Service (Prettyman?), Library of Congress (Neil Gladd); many financial/brokerage/ accounting/ bill-payment processing/ collection institutions/agencies; insurance, car related businesses, utilities…, more; dealers Lakeforest Oldsmobile; phone/utilities/cable, judges, legal/court personnel, detective/ process server/ impersonators, with phony names, or would not provide names even in the court cases (Complainant could not get access to court files; could not even make copies); Leslie Gradet, Tamera Jones, William D Roessler; Offices of Treasury, Comptroller, Attorney Gneral: Joel Jacob/Jacobson, Gail Malle-Davis, Sylvia J. Brokos, Mary Hawse, Linda Tanton, Gerald Langbaum, John Barry, Pamela Porter, Leo F. Partridge, Mark Vulcan, Jamis Riley, James Britt, Audrey Thomas, Jeanne Lippy, Jesse Rosenburger, Ralph Lepson; transcribers Margaret Bauer, Senators: Walter Baker, Barbara Hoffman, Thomas Middleton, Trooper: Marty Sealey, Vincent Mass, State Election Board Ross Goldstein; Maryland DOEd Susan Page, Barbara Smith(?), SSA employees and supervisors (especially in Rockville, Md), and Bullivant (?, probably in N. J.; or other states). Lobbysts/ municipal attorneys/lawyers/affiliates, Paul Glasgow, David Venable, Joseph Stoltz, Jr., Barry Gordon, Stephen Perouka, David Steinberg, Wolpoff & Abramson, Richard D. Mirsky, Poppleton, Garrett & Polott, P.C., accountant Hilda K. Matijevic; Marc Sliffman (Silver Spring, Wheaton area), Samuel White and his law firm and lawyers Shawn Bartley, Daniel Pesachowitz, Laura Jolly (phony person, named as “substitute trustee”, but can never be found or contacted even through official agencies); many court personnel and judges (District Court – Court of Special Appeals). Court Auditor Robert Romero. State, county health services organizations/ agencies, Department of Health and Human Services, Montgomery County Crisis Center, Jean Burgess (white, female), Marsha Aaron; Department of Aging; Adult Protective Services, Sherry Davis, Suzanne Lord (?), Odick Esq., Bonnie Klem, etc.; Suburban Hospital, physicians, emergency staff; social worker Jody Crecensi (?), case manager Patricia Grafferty (?), Robert Rothstein, M. D. (?), Tipp Woodward; Manor- Care in Potomac Maryland: Cheryl Paulson (?, administrator) and nurses, etc.; forensic services, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene: Jolie Smith; numerous psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, etc.: Potomac Ridge Steven Israel, Collin, Gabriel (?); social worker Tracy Lewit; Springfield Hospital Center: forensic services, Kevin Knight, Dr. Valadez (refused to give full name, despite repeated requests); Carla Craville, Francoise Reynolds, Roxanne Heyman, Amy True; Judges James Sasfield, Gary Crawford, Cheryl McCally, etc., prosecutors/government attorneys, e.g., John McCarthy, Nunylny (?), Peter Mitchell (Montgomery County Office of Human Rights); District Court Commission (Rockville, Md) M. Dickerson; Court Personnel T.M. (only initials, no full name available); many judges, clerk of the courts (Jeffrey Ward, Loretta Knight, Bettie Skelton, Molly Rhul, etc.), other court personnel, various counties, states; local – federal; law enforcement, FBI; police e.g., in Rockville, Md. Sgt. Cowell (first name not available), C.P. Sadleson; officer Davis (MCPD); Denis Lewis (Baltimore County); sheriff: R. Lewis (Female, White, Montgomery Countym Md.), K. Naff (white, male, Montgomery County, Md); fire and rescues (abuse, even no fire; conspiracy).

    (B): The problems are interrelated horizontally and vertically, among all issues, local- global. Clerks of the Circuit Court (Montgomery County, Md.) Loretta Knight, Bettie Skelton, Molly Rhul; District Court Clerk Jeffrey Ward, Administrative Judge Cornelius Vaughey, Sheriff Elliot Tolbert, etc. government attorney John McCarthy, Kristen Bender, court personnel, attorneys (public, private), law enforcement (FBI, sheriff, police, fire/rescue, etc., contractors) are part of the “:fraud- crime- networks: with spying, surveillance, harassment, unlawful search, stealing, robbery, injuries; false arrest, imprisonment, citation, trespass, testimony; withholding witnesses; destroy information, documents, evidence, etc.
    ( C). False/ unjust/ frivolous levies, liens, garnishment, guardianship, power of attorneys, foreclosure, tenant-hold-over- eviction, etc. Thousands of cases are pending in the court systems for years or even decades; believed to be filed by “fraud- crime- networks” to victimize people; without due process, proper services, proceedings; cause homelessness, poverty; not because of the problems of homeowners/citizens, but because of unjust judicial/court/legal personnel, court auditor Robert Romero as part of “official misconduct- government gang- fraud- crime- injustice networks”. Judges (unjust, irresponsible, judicially disabled) include Warren Donohue, John Debelius, Durk Thumpson, Ann Harrington, Louise Scrivener, Lawrence De Beard, Eric Johnson, James McKenna; District Judge Gary Everngam, Judge Gary Crawford; court personnel/ sheriff, attorneys, affiliated law firms; Sheriffs Earnest Turner, R. Lewis, K. Naff, etc.
    (E). Problems of privatization, irresponsibility, disabilities of government attorneys and judicial/legal/court personnel are very serious, expanding, local- nationwide- global; exporting injustice overseas; Rockville city, Montgomery County, Maryland state; New Jersey Monmouth County, Judge Robert McLeod (private attorney), Judge Patricia Bueno Cleary, Prosecutor (private attorney) Patrick Healy, police David D’Arcy.
    (F) Other people committed, conspired with police and fraud- crime- networks: Private attorneys: Robert McCarthy (Bethesda, Md.), Olivia Cammack (Silver Spring, Md.), David Slacker (Bethesda Md.); Ria Rochvarg (assigned as legal assistance provider to certain counties by Md. Department of Health and Mental Highgiene, but she went around the state for various abuses with Sherry Davis, Police Davis, etc. attorneys (public and private), Timonthy Adelman, Esq., (?) and law firms Adelman, Sheff and Smith(?, in Annapolis, Md), Robert McCarthy, Suburban Hospital, etc. Landlord/ landladies e.g., Jiewen Tan (Rockville, Md.) and Chia Yao (Gaithersburg, Md.) had been unjustly influenced/ conspired.
    (G). MURDER-FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE NETWORKS inc. Montgomery County Council, Md, Nancy Floreen, Roger Berliner, Valerie Ervin; Sonya E. Healy, Esq. Legal counsel/Chief of staff (any relation to Patrick Healy, esq. in New Jersey??), Jackie Steward, council hearing coordinators/substitute; Md General Assembly, Jamie Raskin; U. S. Congress, Senate, legal staff; American U, administrative staff, security guard, students (4801 Massachusetts Ave., NW, DC); Catholic U; US Institute of Peace, conference organizers/ speakers.

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  4. AFFIDAVIT– Lih Y. Young, Ph.D., Complainant
    Email:; Mailing address: P. O. Box 10286, Rockville, MD 20849
    (1121 Pipestem Pl. Rockville/Potomac, MD 20854 , to reclaim, supposedly still homeowner.).

    I like to SUPPORT NOFEAR legislative bills to help correct discrimination, torture mechanism and related “system problems”. Please work diligently to resolve social issues to safeguard equality, freedom, Constitutional rights,the essence of democracy, fair election and legislative processes. An effective way is to work on the problems I have identified, testified or produced in my TV programs. Complaints/Cases filed: since late 1970’s, as a Ph.D. economist, GS-12 and GS-13 in U.S. DHHS NCHSR Extramural research monitoring studies, grants and contracts with most projects and quality compared with other employees; one reviewer commended “the best research in years”. When detailed to Intramural potentially to be its director, I was very unjustly treated by incompetent but violent Rosanna Coffey and new agency director John Marshall with falsification and adverse actions. I applied other positions just to be rated “over-qualified” but not hired, even when jobs were re-classified and announced. Complainant independently found a GS-12 “program analyst” with OFA in DHHS, experienced also serious problems, and was terminated. Numerous “FORMAL complaints”, each with numerous complained issues were all filed timely, based on protective classes, e.g., race, color, national origin, reprisal, official misconduct, spin-off complaints (with improper processing of complaints, procedures and proceedings), and violations of rules, laws and constitutional rights; e.g., adverse actions, constructive discharge, denial of sick leaves and annual leaves; suspension; employer’s tampering, falsification of employment contract, annual and sick leave data; providing false data or no data for research, false records, testimonies, affidavits, denial of hearings). Most complaints and complained issues were unjustly manipulated and dismissed. I won a decade-long litigation against NCHSR high up to US Supreme Court (which cost a fortune), and an employer’s promise for reinstatement from very early on. But now decades later, there has been no proper resolution, remedies, reimbursement of legal costs, or reinstatement. Complainant and families have been continually being victimized. Identified problems were complained or filed with authorities or law enforcement on frauds, crimes, official misconduct, conspiracies, cover-up; depriving rights and resources (public, private); legal/judicial/court personnel, related occupations), EEOC, MSPB, DOJ, FBI, IRS, SSA, OPM, Comptroller Offices, Treasury Department, law enforcement (police, sheriff, security guard); other agencies, collection agencies, (public, private); financial institutions, businesses, communication, utilities; administrative and judicial levels, local- federal; improper accounting, bookkeeping, pleadings, docketing entries, trials, hearings; destruction or tampering of official records, computer data, files; candidate information, candidate’s issue statements on websites, e.g., DNet,, Project Vote Smart, internet, communication, utilities, etc. Identified serious “official misconduct- government gang- fraud- crime- injustice networks operation= cruel tyranny= robbery machines= “super classes of crimes, parasites, welfares”= “Vaughey-Ward Social Epidemic”, “Ken Starr Syndrome” even before “Patriot Act”; causing poverty, homelessness, and serious social problems;
    continuing, on-going; expanding here to overseas, penetrating every segment of our lives (inc. non-profit civic organizations, public access channels); with threats, coercion, retaliation; endless unjust unlawful, immoral acts, practices, schemes, manipulation, influence; falsification, deceit; false records, liens, levies, garnishment, foreclosure, eviction, peace-order, racial profiling, false charges, citations (traffic, municipal); hostage/ransom disguised by false contempt of orders, bond/bail; vandalism; deprivation, destruction or damage of properties, homes, vehicles, computers, files; spying, stalking, surveillance; abuse, waste; death threats, hate crimes, abduction, kidnap, assaults; burglary, car-theft, identity thefts, murders or attempts; injuries (personal, physical, traffic, substance); deprivation of rights (Constitutional, litigation, jury, fair trials hearings), resources (public, private; assets, reputation, credit rating; personal, civic, business, political, salaries, social program benefits (SSA, Medicare, etc.), pensions, health cares, etc.); obstruction/damage of activities, productivities, media information, TV programs production, airing etc.; destroy individuals, families, businesses, society, democracy, justice and peace.

    Qualification and community services: candidate for US Congress, 2008; for US Senate, 2006; for public offices since 1994, local- federal. Reformer, advocate, activist; producer, host, speaker of numerous TV programs on social issues (e.g., Citizen Times, Freedom Times (both studio series); other programs on equality, freedom, judiciaries, federal agencies, working class, taxation, humanity, democracy, conscience, global affairs, Around Capital, etc.); profiled in Marquis” “Who’s Who in America”, and “Who’s Who in Business and Finance”; endorsed by a large women coalition for US Presidential appointee; participated in White House Conference of Small Business. Spouse: Kan, Ph.D. Columbia U; two children: Albert, Ph.D. MIT; double majors in Physics & math in 3 years; Janice, MA, MIT; two children skipped altogether 5 years, inc. college. I testified frequently before government bodies, officials, legislators, public hearings, law enforcement, 3 branches, local- federal, on a wide variety of issues; worked to restore accountability, fairness, justice, peace, moral and ethical values. Urged to base on merits (objective measures, not rhetoric recommendation), priority, principle, justice, cost-effectiveness, social needs and to promote true freedom, democracy. Served in Executive Committees, steering committees, lobbyists, volunteers: diverse civic organizations; local- national; ACLU, NAACP, NWPC, LWV, Common Cause, Public Citizen, NOW, etc. # # #

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  5. 1
    6/14/2010 (minor revision of 7/15/2009)
    CALL TO ACTION CALL FOR INVESTIGATION COMPLAINT: (Regarding statements of complained issues: Similar version in hand-writing was submitted on 7/13/209 as in “Waiting room intake form” to Crisis Center, Montgomery County, Maryland (1301 Piccard Road, Rockville, Maryland). But they would not do anything to correct problems or solve problems as before. Lih Young visited Crisis Center to complain many times.) COMPLAINANT: Lih Ying Young, Ph. D. (Mailing address: P. O. Box 10286, Rockville, MD 20849; Registered address: 1121 Pipestem Pl. Rockville/ Potomac, Maryland 20854; reclaiming homeownership, because of false foreclosure, eviction by “official misconduct- government gang- fraud- crime- injustice networks): COMPLAINED AGAINST the following; based on recent incidences, especially regarding false guardianship, termination of Kan Young’s life and false detention and imprisonment of Lih Young for two months with forced medication or injection which adversely affect her health, speech, social activities, etc., and related problems; against “official misconduct- government gang- fraud- crime- injustice networks”: Department of Aging, Department of Health and Human Services (401 Hungerford Dr., Rockville, MD 20850, Adult Protective Services, 240-777-3000); especially Elizabeth Boehner (Director); Sherry Davis (public guardianship program, 240-777-3573); Suzanne Lord, Peggy Odick, esq.; Bonnie Klim (Investigation Unit), others. Robert McCarthy (4404 East-West Hwy, suite 201, Bethesda MD 20814); Ria Rochvarg Esq., (Legal Assistance Provider, Maryland Department of Health and Human Hygiene; P. O. Box 1907, Ellicot City, Maryland 21401-1907); Suburban Hospital (8600 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, Maryland); Jody Crescenzi (social worker); Patricia Grafferty (Patricia Graggerty? Case Manager), Robert Rothstein, M.D.; other Emergency staff, physicians and staff. Manor Care Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (Potomac, Maryland); Cheryl Paulson (Administrator); other nurses, staff. Bethesda Health and Rehabilitation Center, (Bethesda, Maryland); Puran P. Mathur (?, physician, 2401 Research Blvd. #350, Rockville, MD 20850, 301-330-6985); Tip Woodward, physician (being pressured?, 5530 Euscunsin (?) Ave. #550, Chevy Chase, MD 20815, 302-656-3316). Adelman Sheff and Smith, LLC (180 Admiral Chchrane Drive, suite 370, Annapolis, Maryland 21401, 410-224-3000); attornays for Suburban Hospital, Inc. especially Timonthy B. Adelman. Police, sheriff, fire and rescue (Rockville city and Montgomery County, Maryland), especially Officer Davis (check: any relation with Sherry Davis (Montgomery County Department of Aging?); Cowell (Sgt. Detective, wore plain clothes), Officer Sadelson C.P. and _________ (name not yet identified), more. COMPLAINED ISSUES – PROBLEMS: Complained issues against government agencies and related MURDER-fraud- crime- injustice networks: abuse of power, laws and regulations. Unjust false guardianship attempts to deprive the rights of wife and families, properties and death benefits from life insurances. Husband Kan Hua Young was MURDERED, his life was injured, damaged and terminated by order of the state and their phony guardian, Department of Aging, Adult Protective Services, especially Sherry Davis and related “official misconduct- government gang- fraud- crime- injustice networks”, unjust practices, manipulation and influence; chronically; continuing, on –going with threat, coercion; violation of Constitutional rights, government rules, regulation; crimes against humanity. Government agencies did not resolve complained issues against the fraud- crime- injustice networks which deprive, destroy, damage our assets(home, properties, reputation, cars, documents, belongings etc.; injure damage bodily, physically, mentally; endless unjust practices, e.g., false foreclosure, evictions,(from home that we owned and renting places with no fault of our own, no default payment); causing poverty, homelessness.; obstruct, destruct activities, liberty, freedom (individual, family, business, civic, political, community services; freedom of speech, communication, association, etc.). Department of Aging, Department of Health and Human Services not only did not help, but instead working as part of “fraud- crime- injustice networks””, mastermind “phony guardianship”, kidnap Kan Hua Young to Manor Care, where Kan Young was injured by having no food, inadequate food, poison food, unsafe food and other unsafe equipment and bed. Complaints have filed with Manor Carein writing, in person or orally, but were not resolved, instead complainant was retaliated. Kan Young was made un-conscience and sent back to Suburban Hospital. Phony guardian, Department of Aging, especially Adult Protective Services Sherry Davis and Manor Care; denied the wife Lih Young to visit her husband in Manor-Care. Instead, they called police (including Officer Davis, ID——— full name not given) on 3/27/2009 to drag the wife out with force to break bones, chock neck and pressure chest, pulled the hair and send to Shady Grove Hospital with 4-point restraints imprisonment. Police Officer knew the complainant, but wrote petition for mental evaluation with the name Jane Doe. (Police are assigned to Wheaton District, but they came to Manor Care- Potomac which is in different district.) Again on 4/3/2009, abuse of police and Fire and Rescue (there were no fire, and no rescue necessary). They sent complainant to Suburban Hospital, more than two shots to complainant which made complainant Lih Young un-conscience; and later transported to Potomac Ridge Behavioral Health Center. Basically hospital and health center are used as prison complex to detain innocent citizens for victimization, retaliation; abuses, forced medication which adversely affected complainant’s health, activities and social relationship. Obviously, they attempted to silencing people down; and can not do all kinds of activities, including visiting husband in their facilities. Kan Hua Young was improperly treated in Suburban Hospital also with or attempts of poison food and procedures (even unlawful, without physician’s approval), causing vomiting, complications, e.g., pneumonia, swelling in hands, foot and body, wide variation of sugar level, as might be 83 – 280+, etc. The court papers appears to be conspiracy among other parties. They are not only total strangers, but practically has not
    shown up or show any care or concerns about patient Kan Young’s health, except Dr. Tip Woodward, who appeared to be under pressure by others who are serious “official misconduct- government gang- fraud- crime- injustice networks” operation, unjust practices, manipulation and influences. The Circuit Court hearing for permanent guardianship set for June 25, 2009 was removed from the docket. The hearing was cancelled. The wife Lih Young received no court papers, and appeared in the Circuit Court on 6/25/2009. No one from other parties appeared. In between those time, the wife Lih Young visited Adult Protective Services, Department of aging, Department of Health and Human Services, and asked to see supervisor and complete files that they have concerning Kan Young and the family, but was denied except to give 3 pages of papers, and they called security guard to escort Lih Young out.
    Later, Lih Young went to Circuit Court to see the file, which consist of false statement, bypass all family members, relatives, friends and other community members as guardians. They made of no mention that Lih Young has been with Kan Young in his care and stay in hospital or rehabilitation; and had been a devoted wife and mother. They also ignored that Lih Young complained against their abuse, neglect, and various kinds of wrongdoings and harms bodily, physically, financially, and hurt our reputation. They spread false rumors against the wife and family and Kan Young’s. The staff in Manor Care even said that Lih Young is not the wife, as if they were. Who paid them? Are they prostitutes? Their filing of court paper also appear defective services, and lack of due process. The wife Lih Young asked the Suburban Hospital for thorough investigation, medical examination, and autopsy, including the problems concerning especially the un-conscience and adverse effect bodily as well as ‘fraud- crime- injustice- networks” operation. The wife also contacted Bonnie Klem of Department of Aging, Investigation Unit, and complained over the phone a couple of time, and left messages to ask for thorough investigation, medical examination and autopsy, etc., and the wife would like to have an investigative report. But complainant has not received any response. On 7/13/2009 the wife also reported to police, asked for a thorough investigation about incidences and related MURDER- “fraud- crime- injustice networks” operation. # # #
    = =
    = =

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  6. 1009113_Media- Murder-fraud-crime-injustice networks
    (continuing expanding; based on recent incidences -):
    Montgomery County Government
    Montgomery County Council, especially
    Nancy Floreen
    Roger Berliner
    Valerie Ervin
    Sonya E. Healy, Esq. Legal counsel/Chief of staff
    (Check relation to Patrick Healy, esq. in New Jersey)
    Jackie Steward
    Public hearing coordinators/ substitute
    Susan Kennedy, TV televise coordinator, controlling microphone
    Montgomery County Police Department
    Rockville City Police Department
    Sgt. Cowell,
    Maryland General Assembly
    Jamie Raskin,
    Montgomery County Delegation, especially
    U. S. Congress, Senate and House of Representatives,
    Legal Staff, especially Sen. Durbin Office,
    Unjust/ misleading legislative bills, despite being opposed strongly.
    Complainants tried to communicate with officials/ staffs, but were obstructed, ignored.
    American University, Washington, D. C., especially
    Staff/ students, administrative offices (4801 Massachusetts Ave., N. W.)
    Catholic University of America, Washington, D. C.
    Security guard
    United States Institute of Peace
    Conference/symposium organizers/ speakers
    Please incorporate other complaints, testimonies, public hearings before government bodies, law enforcement, local- federal; for more COMPLAINED ISSUES, PROBLEMS, FACTS.
    “MURDER- FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE- NETWORKS- OPERATION”= “robbery machine”= “super-class of tyranny-parasites-welfare” (private- public sectors, three branches, local- federal- global, including law enforcement, agencies, institutions, educational, non-profit organizations); CONTINUING, ON-GOING, EXPANDING, INFILTRATING, RELAYING; WITH THREATS, COERSION, UNLAWFUL/ UNCONSTITUTION, conspiracies, committed, involved, covered-up, suppressed unjust/unlawful/unjust acts, schemes, scams, manipulation,
    monitoring, influence to benefit themselves at the expanse of complainants/general public; victimization, discrimination, injuries, defamation; deprivation of rights (constitution, legal/litigation, due process, speech, affiliation/ association, possession, living places, etc.), resources (private, public), freedom of all forms; denied/ obstruct complainant/citizens to speak, complain, communicate; abuse/misuse of authorities., laws, personnel, resources, contractors; ignore/failure to resolve problems; unjust legislation, appropriation, public debt; social- political- media- election- legislation- appropriation- system problems; destroy individuals, families, children, communities, society, justice, peace; Unjust/abuse of laws, authorities; abduction, guardianship, power of attorney, attempts to deprive the rights of wife and families, properties, benefits (life insurances, health insurances, pension), assets, vehicles, homes, etc.
    Government agencies did not resolve complained issues against the fraud- crime- injustice networks which deprive, destroy, damage our assets(home, properties, reputation, cars, documents, belongings etc.; injure damage bodily, physically, mentally; endless unjust practices, e.g., false foreclosure, evictions,(from home that we owned and renting places with no fault of our own, no default payment); causing poverty, homelessness; obstruct, destruct activities, liberty, freedom (individual, family, business, civic, political, community services; freedom of speech, communication, association, etc.).
    MEDIA and MURDER- FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE NETWORKS including public access channels, e.g., MCT/ Access Montgomery (Montgomery Community Television, Montgomery Co. Md.) and FPA (Fairfax Public Access, Fairfax Co., Va.): continuing on-going, repetitive, “relay methods” unjust patterns, practices; threat, coercion, censoring, spying, surveillance; obstruction of activities, projects; deprivation of Constitutional rights, laws, regulations (local, state, federal) and MCT or FPA public access own rules; BOD management, staff and volunteers: biased, prejudiced, conspired, committed endless unlawful, immoral acts; or change their arbitrary rules to victimize good members/ citizens/complainant, advocate or political candidate; serious obstruction/ destruction/ deprivation on TV production and/or Radio Production, training, certification, use of facilities, equipment, membership, etc.; uses false information, create false excuses and implicit unjust penalties against the complainant; disregarded complaints/grievances and requests; create FALSE information, maintain FALSE record; complainant was excluded from events, and HOMETOWN Video or film festival. Regarding the candidate taping and airing for upcoming election for MCT/ Access Montgomery: (a). We have not be informed; (b).On or about 8/3/2010, I have tried several times and did contact by phone to several staff in MCT/ Access Montgomery (Montgomery Community Television), including the following, but we still have not received any response to have an opportunity for candidate taping, Executive Director, Merlyn Reineke; Larry Merewitz Whom Reineke told me is responsi ble for the candidate taping; 301-424-1730×311; G. Gadarawsji (?), 301-424-1730×349. No email address of officials, Members of the Board of Directors and staff, except web-tech contact, On 8/23/2010, Dr. Lih Young sent email to regarding the problems, and asked him/her to send my email to: officials, Members of the Board of Directors, and staff, and ask each of them to respond. But the Lih Young still has not received any response. # # #
    = =
    = =

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  7. 1
    6/14/2010 (excerpt from 11/30/2009 version)
    CALL FOR INVESTIGATION COMPLAINT: FALSE FORECLOSURE and related MURDER- fraude- crime- injustice networks”. Lih Young complained to Crisis Center on incidences and evictions. COMPLAINANT: Lih Ying Young, Ph. D. (Mailing address: P. O. Box 10286, Rockville, MD 20849; Registered address: 1121 Pipestem Pl. Rockville/ Potomac, Maryland 20854; reclaiming homeownership, because of false foreclosure, eviction by “official misconduct- government gang- fraud- crime- injustice networks): COMPLAINED AGAINST the following: See also other complaints, e.g., on health services, false guardianship and related “MURDER-fraud- crime- injustice networks” with endless false excuses, unlawful actions, frauds, crimes, etc., which cause serious socio-political- media- budget-poverty- freedom problems.
    Laura Jolly , phony substitute trustee (who can not be found, contacted, or communicated even inquired by law offices or government agencies); Marc Sliffman, Esq. (Georgia Ave., Wheaton/ Silver Spring, Maryland). Samuel White LLC (initially office in Richmond, Va, later office in Alexandria Va.); Samuel White, Esq., Daniel Pesachowitz. Esq., Shawn Bartley, Esq. , etc.
    Attorneys hired originally by homeowners, but betrayed homeowners, as bribed by other parties and court auditor Robert Romero: Olivia Cammack, Esq. (offices in Silver Spring, Baltimore, Maryland); David Slacter Esq. (Bethesda, Maryland).
    Judges, Clerks of the Courts (former and current), court personnel, sheriff, etc: Circuit Court, District Court, Court system of Maryland, and U.S. Federal courts.
    Rockville city mayor/council, clerk office, city attorney office, Paul Glasgow and related law firm David Venable, etc., City police, etc., staff. Other government agencies: DOJ, FBI, OPM, SSA, IRS, Tax court (Federal, state),DOC, US DHHS, USDA financial services; Comptroller’s office, attorney general, etc.; lawyers (government, privates), accountants, landlords/landladies (especially under unjust influences and manipulation),…, and more.
    Media: Montgomery Community Television: John Hansmsn, Nancy Poole, Executive Directors, Board of Directors; Marian Merewitz, Larry Merewitz, Cintia Cabib, Laura Cooper, Kimberly Watkins, Bernard Dowell, Dee Willet, etc. Fairfax Public Access; executive director, Board of Directors, especially Georgia Graves, Bob Girrusso, instructor David McArlery, other volunteers, etc.
    Around years 2004, before housing collapsed, the housing market in my home area is good. Houses can be sold in a few days or within a week. Sometimes the purchasing prices were above asking prices. The market value of my home under foreclosure was around $700,000 – $800,000 as the complainant was informed. (The house has recently transacted around or above $850,000, as of 4/21/2010). The balance of my first mortgage at the time of foreclosure was only about $48,000. But the “fraud- crime- injustice networks” foreclosed the home with only $470,000, less than two third (2/3) of market values, and took a long time for them to manipulate. It is grossly unfair.
    The Court Auditor Robert Romero (phony, a private attorney) did not give a single penny when the complainant/ homeowners were evicted out and exiled to out of state. Even after the exile, the homeowner was only given about $100,000, a small fraction of net proceed ($470,000).
    “Fraud- crime- injustice networks” took years of unjust practices, manipulation; false auction, buyers (names change later), rental, etc., without complainant’s prior knowledge, consent, or due process, etc. They did a lot of harassment, annoyance, unlawful acts, harms and false statements and document against complainant and family.
    Even with the foreclosed amount $470,000, it could buy a medium sized home in the Rockville are. But the “fraud- crime- injustice networks” unjustly manipulated to exile the complainant and the family out of the area, or cause homeless in the cold. The “fraud- crime- injustice networks are truly cruel and tyrannical; destroy people, family, society, democracy, fair election and fair market mechanism.
    Despite the complainant’s disagreement, and asked the court to give the proceed directly to the complainant and not to give any proceed to the lawyers or via the lawyers Olivia Cammack, esq and David Slacter; both had betrayed homeowners. The court and the court auditor Robert Romero arbitrarily disregarded complainant’s request, and gave the money via David Slacter, who did not explain why such a small amount to complainant.
    At the time of retainer agreement, complainant asked lawyers Olivia Cammack and David Slacter to coordinate with civil rights organization, NAACP, ACLU and AARP etc. They agreed, but they failed to do so. At the time of retainer agreement, David Slacter overcharged the amount for the retainer. He refused to make correction about over-charge or fraudulent charge at that time. He said he would return the amount later. This is unjust and fraudulent practices.
    Factors causing hardship: deprivation of complainant’s resources, salaries, fringe benefits, banking accounts, cars, etc; denial of social securities disability benefits; disability retirement benefit etc., were unjustly reduced or deprived of a big portion with false unjust vague reasons, e.g., tax deficiency, but has never been itemized or explained with specific justification by government agencies. It has not been provided with installment payment schedules with itemization for specific periods of time. The “fraud- crime- injustice networks” operation is like “ROBBERY MACHINE” forever.
    During the hardship, complainant continued to have mortgage paid by family members- complainant’s son, who may even pay double payment under harassment. One of the checks was returned by the “fraud- crime- injustice networks” who marked the check with social security number to identify homeowner, complainant’s spouse. Complainant’s son wrote back for clarification.
    Complainant filed motion to vacate order before eviction, but received no response. The “fraud- crime- injustice networks” came with sheriff to evict the complainant, and warned of arrest if homeowners went in the house again. After eviction from own home and exile out of state, complainant’s spouse was injured and hospitalized. But eventually complainant came back to Washington D.C., Rockville and Gaithersburg areas and rented places to live, but were evicted again, without faults on the complainants. There were ample unjust practices, deprivation, manipulation, influence, brutality and injuries by the “fraud- crime- injustice networks against complainants. # # # #

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    June 17, 2010
    Social justice in great danger; unjust arrest, detention, medication, torture, injury.
    Lih Ying Young, Ph. D.
    Mailing address: P.O. Box 10286, Rockville, MD 20849
    Registered address: 11221 Pipestem Pl. Rockville, MD 20854
    (Reclaiming homeownership; home was robbed away by “MURDER- fraud- c rime- injustice network”. For more detail, see other complaints.)
    Actually now I am still recuperating from the harm that I have suffered from false arrests, detention; forced hospitalization and medication and various unjust practices, deprivation, victimization by “MURDER- FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTIC NETWORKS”, e.g., false foreclosures, guardianship, evictions, etc. For more detail, see various complaints at administrative and judicial levels. Hopefully, based on the complained issues and problems I had identified, testified or presented to the officials, city hall, presented in candidate statements, or .the problems raised in the TV programs (concerning domestic and global affairs) produced by the complainant (Lih Young Ph.. D.) Further the media was unjustly influenced by them, including public access channels, e.g., Montgomery Community Television (Montgomery County, Maryland) and Fairfax Public Access (Fairfax, Virginia). Staff or Directors of the Boards of the public access channels have used variety of unjust methods, false excuses and unjust statements to obstruct complainant from production and airing of TV programs; deny complainant memberships and other opportunities; damage complainant’s reputation by false advertisement and other adverse actions, e.g., suspension for two years, and further two years of probation; threat of arrests if enter the building, etc., while MCT and FPA staff and board directors violate the laws, regulations and even their own rules.
    Despite I have been mentally and physically strong and healthy; successfully raised my families; actively participated in civic activities; resided in the same location for decades; and have run for public offices since 1994, including U. S. Congress, U. S. Senate and Maryland State-wide Comptroller, Maryland state senate, Rockville city Mayor/ Council. I have successfully attained my educational goal of Ph. D. in economics. My two children with two years early graduation from high schools; son, double majors in math and physics in three years; champions in state-wide mathematics (N.J. and Md); both children, graduates of MIT; one Ph. D., one MA.
    November 3, 2010, I was falsely arrested by Rockville City Police, because I wanted to register to vote, but was denied. Rockville city police and related “Murder- fraud- crime- injustice networks” had denied complainant to testify, enter public places even before we were evicted; now denied the complainant to vote, or even just to give registration form to fill. They had removed complainant’s name from voter list; as they have unlawfully robbed our home, rights, properties, assets, accounts, cars, etc; with threat, coercion, harassment, intimidation, death threat, burglary, fraudulent sales of cars, theft, identity theft, injuries, victimization, retaliation; false guardianship, power of attorney, false arrests, forced medication, injury, etc. (see separate complaint with subject on: health services, “MURDER- fraud- crime- injustice networks”); evicted us from our own home (with homeownership for decades, see separate complaint with subject on false foreclosure and related fraud- crime- injustice networks); and later evicted us from two renting places with brutality and unjust practices; without faults on our parts. Their patterns of unjust practices, conspiracies, false excuses, statements, documents, etc., are continuing, on-going, penetrating every segment of our lives; expanding here to overseas; very cruel, tyrannical; lack of ethical immoral values; denial or deprivation of people’s income, social program benefits (disabilities retirement, SSI, Widow’s); cause financial hardship; foreclosure or false foreclosure, bribery to homeowners’ lawyers (with foreclosure proceeds by the court auditors- private attorneys, e.g., Robert Romero); false eviction, exile; denied complainant to choose where to live; to have freedom of speech; to testify before government bodies; to affiliate with organizations; to participate in civic and community activities; to ruin complainant’s identification, citizenship and social security status; denied voting and democratic process; deprive of all rights and protection under the U.S. Constitution, laws and regulations (state and local). It is like under dictatorship in foreign country, causing exiles, refugees, disasters and suffering, while refusing them to vote or elect their leadership. It is like labeling immigrants illegal or undocumented while depriving their status and denying their opportunities. destroy individuals, families, society, democracy, justice, peace; create ROBBER- ISM while destroy essences of capitalism; cause serious socio- political- media- budget- legislative- judicial problems; local- federal- overseas, 3 branches; public and private sectors.
    Since 11/3/2009 arrest, I was continually handcuffed, detained and later with forced medication for nearly six month till April 21, 2010; in MCDC (Montgomery County Detention Center in both Seven Lock Road and Clarksburg) and in SFHC. On 11/3/2009, I was falsely charged with not obeying police’s order to leave, with disorder and noise. It was false and unjustified Even in that class of crime if convicted at all, the maximum penalty is 60 days or $500. But District Commissioner M. Dickerson (female, white complexion) imposed an outrageous bond of $5,000; and other unjust rulings. After biased, prejudiced decision and conspiracies among Judges Cheryl McCally, Gary Crawford, court personnel and related “fraud- crime- injustice networks”, complainant was continued to be handcuffed and detained. Judge Gary Crawford also handled TWO previous unjust eviction cases against complainant and family; in one case he was presided with Judge Gary Everngam, i.e., two judges in the same court room for the same case(s); another case involved that fraud- crime- networks who conspired to have landlady using various unjust schemes, to brutalize and injure complainant and family; and the court and their divisions refused to take pleading or complaint/ counter-claim from the complainant. For a long time, court personnel have shown to be biased, prejudiced and unjustly manipulated the court cases, with serious improper processing of complaint, processing and proceeding, docketing and bookkeeping.
    On January 5, 2010 (i.e., 63 days after arrest), the prosecutor Nunlny and Judge James Sasfield conspired to continue to detain the complainant with false excuse of cold weather. Although eventually they dropped the charge on January 12, 2010, i.e., after 70 days of imprisonment – more than maximum of penalty 60 days, the complainant was not released; and was not free to go. Complainant was handcuffed and then transported back to SFHC for further detention with their conspiracies to have FORCED MEDICATION and thus torture and injury on complainant. Complainant STRONGLY OPPOSED.
    For the first three months since I was detained, I was still physically healthy and strong, without medication; without problems physically. I actively participated in various activities. SFHC had planned to released me on January 5, 2010, as SFHC anticipated that it had been 63 days of detention, i.e., beyond maximum penalty of 60 days). But SFHC and related fraud- crime- networks designed a secret attempt to FORCED
    MEDICATION and injury against complainant. Judge James Sasfield and prosecutor Nunlny (?) refused to release complainant, even on January 12, 2010 (70 days of detention); and placed me under “fraud- crime- injustice networks” for unjust arbitrary disposal and conspiracies among unethical health professional in SFHC and related “murder- fraud- crime- injustice networks; including forensic services; Jolie Smith (DHMH), Kevin Knight (SFHC); psychologists, Francoise Reynolds and Carla Carvell; psychiatrists (Dr. Valadez who refused to give full name), social workers, clinical review panels, Office of Administrative Hearing, judicial/ court personnel, etc.), Md.DHMH (Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygine), and legal assistance provider Ria Rochvarg, who involved in false guardianship, power of attorney, and “MURDER- fraud- crime- injustice networks” as complained previously. Such REPEATED false arrests with false excuses (i.e., disorder, noise, disobey orders), unjust detention in MCDC and hospital or mental facilities with forced medication are patterns of unjust practices with serious false excuses, cruelty, unlawful and tyrannical acts against innocent citizens. Such fraud- crime- injustice networks should be thoroughly investigated, prosecuted and punished.
    Thus complainant was continued to be detained and forced to be medicated with adverse impacts on my health, brain, tongue and other physically capabilities. As a result, I was like a mental retarded. There were false diagnoses with forced unjust harmful medication in Springfield Hospital Center (SFHC) Sykesville, MD. The forced medication harm complainant mentally and physically; damage brain, speech and other physical capabilities. Such unjust immoral and unlawful injuries are extremely forms of TORETURE. This torture and cruelty are against humanity and justice system. It could be worse. I could be dead. There had been one young cheerful detainee dead in about a month since I had been detained in the same unit of SFHC there. It sounds scary.
    Despite I mentioned the adverse impact, professional at SFHC refused to stop the medication except for a short one- week; then continue the medication, except the dosages were reduced slightly, but the adverse impact continued. This is an abuse, waste and counter- productive by the health services workers, professional (especially psychologists, psychiatrists, forensics services, and other workers) and judicial court personnel, as part of “murder- fraud- crime- injustice networks” operation, unjust manipulation and influence. Often, health care facilities are not for health care. It is basically a prison complex to detain and torture good citizens who might be falsely arrested at the wrong time in the wronging place; and those who oppose “official wrongdoing, conspiracies, corruption, etc.” Thus unethical workers chosen to work there against those “anti-conspiracies” and “fighting corruption”. Health facilities gain profits tremendously- by charging to patients and receiving support from public fund and corruptive officials.
    For more detail of unjust practices, etc., see complaints filed with the courts, SFHC, DHMH, and Official of Civil Rights, Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Unfortunately, these agencies do not work properly and have failed to resolve problems. “Other agencies” are usually related to “MURDER- fraud- crime- injustice networks” (public, private, 3 branches, local- federal, law enforcement, police, sheriff, fire and rescue). They are interrelated, and should be investigated and prosecuted thoroughly. # # # #
    = =
    = =

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  9. 1
    Date: September 28, 2008
    COMPLAINT/ GRIEVANCE PART 3 (dated 9/28/2008) with
    To be incorporated with:
    Complaint/grievance PARTS 1 and 2 (previously the words “Par 1” and “Part 2”had been omitted, not been assigned);
    Part 1 being the Complaints/grievance dated March 26. 2008 delivered/ presented at the end of March 26, 2008 FPA Board of Directors (BOD) meeting (totally 20 pages; main text 16 pages, plus Table 1, 4 pages; previously omit words “Part 1”; addressed to each of All FPA BOD members and Executive Director. Chairwoman Georgia Graves reluctantly accepted the complaint on behalf of the FPA. Complainant asked her to give a copy to each of the BOD member and Executive Director.
    Part 2 being the Complaints/grievance: dated August 13, 2008 (one page); delivered together with Complaint/Grievance Part 1 to each of BOD members who were present at the August 27, 2008 FPA BOD meeting; additional copies for Jim Housel (VP of BOD for Internal Affairs); one copy when he arrived late, one copy left with equipment room, and one copy by certified mail.
    TO: FPA (Fairfax Public Access),
    Chairman, Georgia Graves
    VP Jim Housel, Director of the Internal Affairs
    Each of All members of the Board
    Executive Director Chuck Pena
    Address: 2929 Eskridge Rd. (Suite S), Fairfax, VA 22031
    Phone: 571-749-1100,
    Complainant: Lih Y. Young, Ph. D.
    Member, Producer, FPA
    1121 Pipestem Pl. Potomac/Rockville, MD 20854
    (To reclaim, supposedly still homeowners)
    Mailing address: P. O. BOX 10286, Rockville, MD 20849
    Email address:
    (Some may be unjustly misled, misguided, influenced):
    Fairfax Public Access (FPA)
    Board of Directors;
    especially Georgia Graves, Chairman
    Jim Housel, VP, Director for Internal Affaires
    Bob Giarrusso, Director of Membership
    Management/ Administration
    Training Department
    Radio Production Class
    Instructor David McAlary
    Related “OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT- GOVERNMENT GANG- FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE NETWORKS” operation; unjust practices, schemes, endless unlawful immoral acts, frauds and crimes.
    1. See Complaint/grievance PARTS 1 and 2; especially Part 1 Remedies I to XIII.
    2. It should be closely examined that ALL Episodes of FREEDOM TIMES have actually be aired and aired TIMELY AND REPEATEDLY.
    3. Disqualified the complained officers or staff from the FPA BOD, management or even members.
    4. Prosecute/eliminate unlawful, immoral acts opposite to FPA missions, consumer protection, U.S. Constitution, laws, rules.
    COMPLAINED ISSUES (divided into General and Specific Issues):
    (I). Incorporate with complained issues raised previously:
    (1). Complaint/Grievance Parts 1 and 2, Sections on General and Specific issues; More issues on TV production, Radio Production, use of facilities or equipment, management and membership, etc. are provided in separate sections.
    (2). Additional complained issues raised:
    (A) To the FPA Board of Directors and FPA members at the 9/16/2007 Annual Meeting,; especially concerning discriminatory and abuse against complainant’s use the facilities, member previledges, and Hometown festival participation, etc.
    (B) Separate issues and facts to the Executive Director Chuck Pena,
    (C) Separate issues and facts discussed in 3/15/2008 meeting with:
    (a). Jim Housel, FPA Board of Director VP of Internal Affairs
    (b). Chuck Pena, FPA Executive Director
    (D) FPA staff (Management, equipment, training, membership, etc.).
    (1). See Complaint/ Grievance Parts 1 and 2. Specific issues presented in separate section below applies to general issues; interrelated; TV production, Radio production, use of facilities, management or communication, etc. More issues on TV production, Radio Production, use of facilities or equipment, management and membership, etc. are provided in separate sections.
    (2). Continuing on-going, repetitive, “relay methods” unjust patterns, practices with threat, coercion, censoring, spying, surveillance, obstruction of activities, press, or projects, deprivation of Constitutional rights, laws, regulations (local, state, federal) and PUBLIC ACCESS CHANNELS e.g., FPA own rules; endless unlawful, immoral acts; including membership etc.
    (3). Some FPA BOD management, staff and volunteers are biased, prejudiced against good citizen, advocate or good candidate like complainant; and do favors for bad citizens or “official misconduct- government gang- fraud- crime- injustice networks”.
    (4). FPA uses false excuses or without justification to deprive of complainants’ rights, equal protection and justice under the U. S. Constitution, state laws, rules and regulation.
    (5). Some FPA management, staff and volunteers even violate its own rules.
    (6). Some FPA management, staff and volunteers use falsification, false excuses, maintenance of different member lists for unjust practices; as to deprive the member’s rights, airing of the TV programs produced by the complainants; or even denied memberships and privileges, or failed to notify or allow the complainants to participate certain events.
    (7). FPA has unjustly manipulated to fail to allow complainant for events, parties, e.g., Hometown Video Festival, competition/ contests, etc.
    (8). FPA has obstructed complainants for activities, use of FPA facilities; TV production of “FREEDOM TIMES” and Radio production ‘LIBERTY EXPRESS WITH DR. LIH YOUNG” as submitted.
    (9). FPA has damaged complainants’ reputation, resources, credit; and potential career.
    (10). FPA uses false information, create false excuses and implicit unjust penalties against the complainant.
    (11). FPA has not taken proper actions or resolution, including procedures, investigation, or hearings, despite complainant has repetitively complained for various problems, and those issues presented previous
    (A). at the FPA 2007 ANNUAL BOARD MEETING (9/18/2007).
    (B). in Complaint/ Grievance Part 1 and 2.
    (C). Communication or meetings (orally, over the phone, emails, regular mails etc.) with BOD members, especially BOD Chairman Georgia Graves, Jim Housel, Bob Giarrusso
    (D). Communication or meetings (orally, over the phone, emails, regular mails etc.) with Executive Director Chuck Pena
    (E). FPA membership, staff
    (F) FPA volunteers.
    (12). FPA maintained different membership list; implicitly denied the complainant’s membership, rights, participation of activities, events, e.g., Hometown Video Festival, etc. unfair use of facilities or equipment without justification.
    FPA works to benefit and facilitate “official misconduct -government gang- fraud- crime- injustice networks” operation at the expense of public interest, social needs, justice, peace and democracy; cause serious “socio-political-media-election-budget problems”.
    (13). FPA unjust manipulation and arbitrary procedures against complainant Lih Young. FPA arbitrary, unjust practices, unlawful acts against complainant, violate U. S. constitution, laws, rules and regulations, including FPA own policies and missions; obstruct complainant’s activities, membership, rights, privileges; tampering complainant’s TV programs, airing; failed to air complainant’s TV programs, or failed to present complainant’s TV programs in proper manner; use of facilities, edit facilities, equipment; wiretapping, bugging; internet, computer bugs, etc.
    (14). FPA conspired with “official misconduct- government gang- fraud- crime- injustice networks”; implicit denial to allow to produce TV program; failed to air or display properly complainant’s programs; obstruct or failed to provide proper equipment for production; conspiracies to obstruct complainant’s training, equipment uses or certification.
    (15). Unjust manipulation, influence, obstruction of the production of Freedom Times and other programs as well as the adverse impacts on FPA missions, democracy and the society
    (1). There have been abundant unjust practices, manipulation and influences at the FPA against the complainant. ). FPA has practiced unjust schemes, and violated its own rules in denying complainant’s rights.
    (2). FPA have disregarded complaints/grievances and requests previously delivered i.e., Parts 1 and 2. Part 1 delivered on 3/26/2008 and 8/27/2008, Part 2 delivered on 8/27/2008.
    (3). FPA has been violated complainant’s rights as a member, despite complainant has paid all fees on time, and maintain good standing at all times, since joined FPA.
    (4). FPA has practiced discrimination, abuse, unjust practices, and violated FPA’s own rules in denying complainant’s requests, even put in writing in detail.
    (A). to speak:
    (a). at the BOD meetings
    (b). at the Annual Meetings.
    (B). to put in the meeting agenda for complainant to speak
    (a). at the BOD meetings
    (b). at the Annual Meetings.
    (5). On the even of FPA BOD meeting, FPA BOD chairwomen Georgia Graves repetitively abused her power, violated FPA rules, and wanted to stop complainant’s right to speak at the BOD meeting, by simply saying she wanted to speak with the complainant in private, which complainant disagreed..
    (6). On 3/26/2008, complainant thought the opportunity to speak at the Board after a meeting
    For complainant to speak at the BOD meeting, or put in speaking agenda, FPA has discriminated and repeatedly violated its own rules or common sense, and even changed its own rules, procedures or requirement; including the requirement that the complainant to meet with Executive Director Chuck Pena and Jim Housel, the VP of BOD for Internal Affairs before complainant can speak at the BOD.
    (7). The meeting scheduled to meet with Executive Director Chuck and Jim Housel, the VP of BOD for Internal Affairs was repeated rescheduled, sometimes against common sense, and eventually we met and discussed problems on Saturday 3/15/2008.
    (8). 3/15/2008 meeting with Executive Director Chuck Pena and Jim Housel VP of BOD for Internal Affairs biased, unjustly and unfairly conducted although it should help them to understand some of the complained issues.
    (9). On 3/15/2008, the meeting with Executive Director Chuck Pena and Jim Housel VP of BOD only discussed part of the complained issues. Jim Housel left the meeting first. He asked the complainant to put in writing for the BOD. Complainant did and delivered to the BOD on 3/26/2008.
    (10). On 3/26, 2008, complainant thought FPA had put in the BOD agenda allowing complainant to speak before the BOD. But through the whole meeting, no one speak up or suggest the complainant can speak before they motioned to adjourn, Complainant raised to object the meeting procedures. Complainant said that the Executive Director Chuck Pena had said I can speak at the BOD after complainant meet with the Jim Housel, the VP of the BOD for Internal Affairs, which complainant did.
    (11). Complainant asked to FPA BOD to listen just a short moment, not even a fraction of the requested 30 minutes, and that complainant liked to delivered complaint/ grievance (Part 1), and explained the problems especially related to the Radio Production Class, its test and grading system for them to comprehend the problems at the FPA and related problems.
    (12). At the end of BOD meeting on 3/26/2008, FPA BOD chairwoman Georgia Graves, conspired with other BOD members, especially two female ones, denied complainant to speak, or even refused to accept complaints/grievance. Although they eventually reluctantly accepted the complaint/grievance, and would review the complaint before a meeting with the complainant was to be made.
    (13). But nothing happened on the part of FPA regarding the BOD review of complaint/grievance. Every time, the complainant requested a speaking agenda, FPA abuse its power to deny, with a unjust reason for meeting, when they have failed to review the complaint for such a long time.
    (14). Actually, FPA BOD and Executive Director not only deny complainant to speak, they have actually TOTALLY disregarded complaint and requests.
    (15). FPA create FALSE information, maintain FALSE record.
    (16). FPA Executive Director Chuck Pena stated that BOD chairwoman Georgia Graves had not had the complaint.
    (17). FPA has failed to send the rules and procedures regarding the complaint and speaking agenda, despite complainant’s repeated requested, orally in person, over the phone and email.
    (18). On 3/26/2008, Chairwoman and two female BoD members denied complainant to speak or even just deliver the complaint/grievance at the BOD meetings by IMPROPERLY CITING “certain procedures to follow,” despite complainant had followed every rules.
    (19). FPA staff and BOD violated the rules, and denied equal treatment and complainant’s rights.
    (20). Besides, FPA BOD and Executive Director have failed to provided the FPA procedures governing the processing of complaint/ grievance and speaking agenda, despite complainant’s repeated requests.
    (21). FPA has been using arbitrary schemes to deny complainant’s request to speak at the BOD meetings, since the REPETITIVE requests were made since before December 2007 and in writing.
    (22). FPA BOD Chairwoman Georgia Graves has been ABUSE OF HER POWER, deny complainant’s rights to file grievance, to speak at the BOD meeting, etc.
    (23). On 3/26/2008, FPA BOD Chairwoman Georgia Graves said to the complainant: “If you do not like it here (FPA), go find somewhere else that you find more comfortable with.”
    (24). On the complaint/grievance, there have been lack of fair treatment, investigation, and no investigative report available on complained issues.
    (25). But occasionally, there were some FALSE RECORD popping up. Complainant disagree with those, and asked staff or Executive Director Chuck Pena for correction.
    (26). FPA not only has failed to correct problems, Staff the BOD have even create false information and maintain false records, forded documents, e.g., emails, etc.
    (27). Regarding live show, TV or Radio, complainant requested repeatedly according to instructed procedures and certification or class requirement.
    (28). The possibility of the LIVE show for FREEDOM TIMES as requested by the producer some time ago appeared to be UNJUSTLY influenced and appeared to go down the drain; by different unjust reasons. At the time of last annual meeting September 18, 2007, Programming Department Jamie Plesko told the complaint to submitted three more episodes. But when complainant did three more, and another three more, nothing happened. The live show was still denied. Then complainant was told to submit a different application form, which FPA staff did not agree, and Jamie Plesko finally took it back. At time, Steve Russel was there, I asked Plesko to have him to clarify, but Steve ussel and Jamie Plesko seemed to be in dilemma to do things fairly for complainant.
    (29). FPA has failed to grant the producer Lih Young for LIVE SHOWS, as requested repetitively:
    (A) TV program or
    (B). RADIO programs as requested.
    (30). Jamie Plesko refused to give updated air schedules. It seemed that there have been no airing or adequate airing since at least September 2007, at least not on regularly scheduled air slots, e.g., first Wednesday (3 pm), Thirsday (10 am) and Fourth Wednesday and Thursday;
    (31). The reliability, availability, equity of the production and airing of TV program should be examined. Jamie Plesko of Programming Department at FPA said she would no longer make the airing schedules available, when the producer requested. In the previous list, it appears that the FPA has already cut down if not totally cut off the airing of the TV program “FREEDOM TIMES”. In the previous schedules, there appeared also to have some inconsistency with respect to airing schedules, TRT, etc. This happens for other Episodes too, although for Episode #14, the problems seem to be plenty
    (32). FPA had failed not to air WEEKLY, AS THIS SERIES SUPPOSED TO BE for “FREEDOM TIMES”. Although eventually it seemed to air weekly, but the airing might not be TIMELY according to the submission.
    (33). The request for prime time air schedule has also be ignored. FPA has been using “seniority” and “newcomers’ priorities” inconsistently or contradictorily against complainant, and to deny the member privileges of this producer.
    (34). FPA has exclude the complainant in its proper lists.
    FPA has placed the complainant in its “black list”, not allowed equal treatment as other members.
    (35). With FALSE ACCOUNTING, unjust practices and manipulation, FPA has placed complainant in “non-members category” for a long time. Occasionally, some unjust “behind payment” or “delaying payment popping up. Despite complaint at the last annual meeting, September 18, 2007, FPA did not make correction. Complainant was repeatedly asked to pay fees or annual dues, despite complainant had done so and objected. Eventually, FPA staff Jay agreed that Complainant has paid all dues since first joined FPA. FPA did not act in good faith. It took complainant extra effort to oppose FPA’s wrongdoing.
    (36). There appeared to be unjust practices and schemes against complainant. FPA has maintained improper member lists. Complainant was mailed sometimes repeatedly with the same content, e.g., rescheduling of meeting, or fundraising; but not related to concerned issues.
    (37). Complainant was excluded in FPA member lists, when regarding to other purposes, e.g., HOMETOWN Video or film festival.
    (38). FPA has hurt the freedom of speech, equal opportunities, democracy, justice and peace. Complainant has been excluded from participation in HOMETOWN video festival, media exposure. FPA has obstructed complainant’s career opportunity. Society has been obstructed from true reporting and true essence of democracy.
    (39). It is false statement that the article by Executive Chuck Pena in FPA newsletter (December 2007) stated that mailed regarding HOMETOWN video or film festival or survey has been sent to every member of FPA. Complainant has not received one. Complainant discovered this much later.
    (40). FPA excluded this complainant from participating important events e.g., HOMETOWN VEDIO/FILMING FESTIVALS, etc.
    (41). FPA has maintained arbitrary improper, irregular and inconsistent payment methods, accounting records, and demands for duplicate payments or with improper behind payments to damage the reputation and progress of the producer.
    (42). Complainant has been harassed, intimidated in FPA, because arbitrary restriction on the use of facilities, including editing and dubbing, and obstruction and destruction of the progress against this producer. Such unjust practices are parts of “fraud- crime- injustice networks” operation, conspiracies, cover-up, suppression, influence, manipulation and monitoring. These should be thoroughly investigated. Equipment in edit/dub facilities and in Control room may be bugged.
    (43). The instructor of “Basic Edit Class” Francine Davis would like to help the use of CG. Francine Davis said she did not show up, because she had long meetings with FPA Training Director Meena Gupta, etc.
    (44). For Freedom Times Episode #5, FPA data base IMPROPERLY noted with “NO RECORDING”, instead of “AVAILABLE” as for other episodes. Jamie Plesko of FPA Programming department could not explain, except that it was done by Equipment department. Producer asked Equipment department, including Lisa Clark, could not explain either, except that it was done by Programming department. The “NO RECORDING” was later changed to “available”, but still no one would tell me reasons or what have happened, and whether tapes have been AIRED AND MAINTAINED CORRECTLY at FPA. Actually, the sequences of the listing in the data base for Episodes 5 and 6 have been changed too. There have been serious problems including irregularity, inconsistency, different sets of membership listing, implicit denial of member privilege, participation of events (including those at FPA or HOMETOWN VIDEOS/FILMS FESTIVALS), accounting, booking, fee collections, etc. All problems are related and should be investigated thoroughly, not just Episode #5 and not just FPA staff or crew members. It might be UNJUSTLY MANIPULATED, INFLUENCED, OBSTRUCTED, DESTRUCTED OR “MISSING”, especially considering that some tapes had been mislabeled etc., including those tapes which had been submitted already. Such problems thus affect the FPA airing. It also affects the progress, the achievement and reputation of the producer. Further and more importantly, it has appeared that FPA staff , and members (including volunteers as crew member or non-crew members for the production of “FREEDOM TIMES” to have been spying, surveillance; stealing and destroying the tapes; CENSORING, conspired, concealed and covered-up unlawful acts, frauds and crimes, and cause serious social problems, including those issues presented by the producer in the TV programs. Such problems have adverse impacts on the producer, on the FPA mission and the society, democracy, justice, peace and serious “socio-political- media- election- budget problems” in vicious cycles; the adverse impacts include short term of harassment, intimation, humiliation, damages in reputation, and resources. The damages of short- term, long- term and perpetual are very great, and turn our society up side down.
    (45). The “OPEN MAIL BOXES” are different from “LOCKERS”. The OPEN MAIL BOXES are pigeon cells, which have NO locks and NO SECURITY at all. The producer of FREEDOM TIMES Lih Young were not aware of such mail boxes and lockers, and had never been given any mail box or locker . Later the producer was given one which is on the top shelf, very hard for the producer to reach, or even to see. The producer has indicated to a few FPA staff to change to another mail box, but it still has not been changed yet as of 02/18/08. The producer Lih Young asked the staff not to put something important such as master tapes in the OPEN mail box which provide NO SECURITY.
    (46). SIX master tapes DVC-pro for Episodes #30, #31, #34, #39, #40, #41 were still missing as of 03/20/08, besides those with problems or questions. Producer provided for all episodes DVC-pro, DVD and VHS for production. Except recently, none DVD and VHS have been produced, except #30 and #31 with master tape DVC-pro still missing. Attempts to use FPA edit or dub facilities for the episodes with missing Master (e.g., #30, #31) tapes or problems in control room facilities (e.g., #59, #60, it was found that the FPA facilities have caused serious sound and images problems.
    (47). FPA Programming Department Jamie Plesko would not given FULL airing schedule, when the producer of FREEDOM TIMES requested.
    (48). Serious problems occurred on 12/26/2007 during taping in the control room, and later in the editing and dubbing facilities at FPA. For instance, according to the crew members, during the taping the FIRST show Episode #59 on 12/26/2007, DVCpro tape stopped (probably 7+ minutes) before the REAL end of the show; and VHS stopped recording half way through the show. For the taping of the SECOND show Episode #60 on that same evening, DVD and VHS started (probably 30+ seconds) late. While dubbing DVD disc in the FPA dubbing facilities, it appeared to have serious problems, e.g., irregularity in sound and images, as well as speed. At times, it went like “FAST FORWARD”, while it should not be. During such UNWANTED FAST FORWARD, the sound or voices or images did not appear right or no sound and image at all. Other serious problems appeared when viewing other tapes. The FPA facilities appeared to have been UNJUSTLY wired, bugged, unjustly programmed, controlled or damaged by someone or likely to be very remotely controlled or monitored from outside the control room or editing or dubbing booths. One IMPORTANT consideration is that FPA should seriously examine a scenarios that the equipment might be OUTDATED, discontinued or defective items, which are not purchased at the fair market values and need unnecessarily tremendous repair costs at the expense of the FPA, its members, volunteers and taxpayers.
    (49). It has been an awful hostile environment against the complainant. Some staff and volunteers have been acting strange and hostile lately, and would not really talk or explained what had happened, or discussed the missing tapes.
    (50). Note that on Episode #5, #6 and #7 staff production, it had been found the irregularity, glitches, shift, or jump cut in sound and video images. Later, the problems exist, especially #5. Lisa Clarke said that she could NOT fix Episode 5, because it was used an OLD USED TAPE. Producer paid all the costs for the tapes as NEW TAPES. Copyright was assigned to “LY 2006” for staff production.
    (51). Unjust spying and surveillance, and unjust treatment of using facilities remain major concerns.
    (52). Sometimes the studio facilities were not in proper orders, like CG or Camera. Sometimes the batteries for microphone were so weak that could not function well, despite producer reminded the equipment staff (e.g., Maryam Shah) to provide good ones. Thus affect the production.
    (53). Major concerns regarding training, instruction, certification, equal opportunities, freedom of speech true media reporting are essence of democracy, fair election processes and good society. But FPA has work against its mission, and destroy not just complainant, but our democracy and society. Problems has amply stated in Complaint/Grievance Parts 1 and 2, especially in Part 1, Sections (IV) SPECIFIC COMPLAINED ISSUES: PROBLEMS AND ADVERSE EFFECTS – RADIO PRODUCTION, CLASS, TRAINING, MANAGEMENT AT FPA.
    Also major concerned are management, membership, communication, as stated in complaint/grievance Part 1, Section (V). SPECIFIC COMPLAINED ISSUES –MANAGEMENT, MEMBERSHIP, COMMUNICATION, etc.:
    (1). FPA use relay, postponement, biased, prejudiced methods against complainant.
    (2). FPA unfair methods, practices, conspiracies to benefit, facilitate and cover-up “official misconduct- government gang- fraud- crime- injustice networks” operation, unjust practices, manipulation and influences.
    (3). FPA has obstructed complainant to speak at the annual meeting, or even attend the annual meetings. The meetings date or locations are not available to the complainant.
    (4). FPA has not maintained correct accounting and bookkeeping, including membership information.
    (5). FPA maintains different member lists, exclude complainant privileges, and deprive of complainant’s rights and potentials, e.g., FPA events, Hometown Video Festival.
    (6). FPA fails to process and resolve complained issues properly.
    (7). FPA failed to provide information, despite requests repetitively.
    (8). FPA failed to “FORWARD” emails which FPA claimed to have sent, but complainant did not received. Complainant received a letter informing that the complainant is not legible to vote, and another letter asking donation. None are on resolving the concerned issues. Recently, complainant received “TWO” letters containing the same information; basically relating the cancellation, rescheduling of the meetings, or improper delegation of jobs to other or the instructor.
    Besides those stated above, the following deserve serious attention:
    (1). Instead of taking complaint/grievance seriously, FPA designed unjust practices, schemes to deny and obstruct against complainant:
    (2). e.g., Request for speaking agenda at the BOD meeting requested last year regarding FPA missions and complained issues, since December 2007, but still be ignored, denied and disregarded.
    (3). Complainant requested to speak at the BOD meeting. But the BOD changed secretly its meeting location and agenda. Even if it is a closed door session, the location and topics should be known, and can still be in FPA building as in August 2008.
    (4). No one in FPA can inform the complainant the location regarding BOD December 2007 meeting.
    (5). The meeting minutes of December 2007 BOD meeting have not been posted, even now.
    (6). BOD meeting of 3/26/2008, in which BOD denied complainant to speak, was not posted either.
    (7). On 8/27/2008, Chairwoman Georgia Graves still deny to put complainant in speaking agenda, so did Jim Housel and Bob Giarrusso with unjust reason, such as the request is only made a few minutes. The request had been made since last December in year 2007. Even written complaint Part 1 was delivered in March 26, 2007, and part 2 dated and delivered August 13, 2008 first by email.
    (8). At the time of request last year, there is no requirement to speak with some BOD VP for Internal Affairs Jim Housel first, but it all changed after my request.
    (9). When the appointment was approaching, Chuck Pena would call to cancel and need to reschedule. Even when the complainant had arrived ahead of time to wait, just to know the meeting had been cancelled for some unknown reason that the complainant had to call first.
    (10). After the requirement meeting with VP, then there is an unjust bad-faith requirement to meet with BOD Chairwoman Georgia Graves; again hard to schedule one.
    (11). On 3/26/2008, Georgia Graves reluctantly agreed to review the complaint first, then scheduled a meeting. Unfortunately, she did not for good-faith meeting. When complainant requested to speak at a BOD meeting again, then Georgia wanted to obstruct or denied complainant’s request at the BOD, she wanted a meeting first against, with a date months away.
    (12). When complainant asked, via Executive Director Chuck Pena, if the BOD Chairwoman Georgia Graves had:
    (A). Reviewed complainant’s complaint
    (B). Gave a copy of complaint to each member of the BOD?
    The answer are “NO”.
    (13). Even worse, the complainant was told that FPA, especially the Chairwoman Georgia Graves did not have the complaint.
    (14). To avoid the meaningless bad-faith scheduling of meeting, the complainant would not have desired to speak any unnecessary meeting unless that the requirement.
    (15). Complainant again asked to provide procedures, rules, or requirement, but FPA provided nothing.
    (16). There had been other members speaking at the BOD meeting, but not this complainant.
    (17). Other speakers need not prepared detailed issues, but this complainant was treated differently, with all kinds of false excuses, obstruction, denials of rights.
    (18). On 8/27/2008, Bob Giarrusso denied complainant to speak right there in that BOD meeting. Again, in bad-faith, he wanted to obstruct my right to speak at the BOD meeting. He said he would like to arrange a private meeting with complainant, the complainant opposed the bad-faith meeting. This complainant asked him and the BOD to review and respond to the complained issues POINT BY POINT. So far, the complainant has not received any response.
    (19). Another female member of BOD (thin, darker complexion) wanted the complainant to re-write a request to speak at the BOD meeting, without mentioning previous requests. Complainant opposed.
    (20). That female BOD member (thin, darker complexion) said she would put my name with another member in his presentation of issues. This complainant answered that his issues can be only part of my complained issues. But my complained involved a lot more, as stated in my written complainant delivered to the Board repeatedly since March 26, 2008. This complainant asked the BOD to review and response POINT BY POINT.
    (21). It appeared that FPA management has ignored my complaint, with all kinds of unjust practices, obstruction, destruction with false records, communication, emails; forgeries of document, emails, etc.:
    (A. Occasionally, FPA Executive Director would rush to type up something, when he saw me that in the FPA. He gave me a printed copy. I asked him to send it out by email. He said he would. But I did not receive many his mails he said he had sent.
    (B). One of the email that FPA Executive Director Chuck Pena said that he had sent me (dated 6/12/2008) consist of one and half line, with 4+ typos or wrong spelling. It did not mention the date and time of the BOD meeting that Georgia Graves and Jim Housel have agreed to meet you outside of a Board meeting. There is no indication of time, date, location of the BOD to meet etc
    (C). In his letter/email of 5/27/2008, FPA Executive Director Chuck Pena stated “we are sending to you, as a follow up to our prior metting (sic) the attachyed (sic) report. I am still waiting for your written compliant (sic) (if you still desire to send it), which I informed you, Georgia does not have.”
    (a). It consists of less than two lines, with several typos or misspelling.
    (b). It informed the complainant that “I (Chuck) am still waiting for your written complaint (if you still desire to send it), which I inform you, Georgia does not have.” Note that, two months after the delivery the complaint in person to the BOD, now BOD Chairwoman said she “does not have.”
    (c). The “report” is on plain papers (two and a third page):
    (i). No heading, subject line, date, etc.
    (ii). No name of person or author who wrote it,
    (iii). No person whom this report sent to
    (iv). No subject matters
    (v). Wrong date of meeting
    (vi). The report was given to the complainant on 5/27/208, regarding a meeting two and a months ago (3/15/2008).
    (vii). The “report was prepared two- month after complaint’s written complaint delivered to the BOD on 3/26/2008.
    (viii). The “report” was of poor quality, reflecting bias, prejudice, irresponsibility; with misleading or false information.
    (D). A recent email (dated 8/27/2008) FPA Executive Director Chuck Pena said he had sent me appeared again, phony with complainant’s email content forged:
    (a). the complainant had not received through email.
    (b). The email is in response to complainant’s email, basically denied or ignored
    Complaints and requests, as well as complainant’s rights to speak at the BOD meeting.
    (c). FPA email forged the complainant’s email, changed several areas, e.g., subject line, the persons the complainant had addressed to, deleted some important words that complainant had wanted FPA to discuss the complaint POINT BY POINT, etc.
    (d). It appears that FPA involved, conspired with, covered-up the wrongdoing, fraud and crime, while suppressed the truth and defamed and obstructed complainant, while destroyed democracy and society. I asked for FBI investigation regarding “official misconduct- fraud- crime- injustice networks” operation, unjust practices, manipulation and influence, and follow-up allowing complainant’s feedback. Chuck said he would not.
    Lih Young
    Kan Young
    1121 Pipestem Pl. Rockville/Potomac, 20854
    Mailing address:
    P. O. Box 10286, Rockville, MD 20849
    Email address:; Phone: 215-872-6545
    I, Lih Young, certify under penalty of law that the information contained herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information and belief. And I am competent to testify.
    Signature Date
    I, Lih Young, certify that on this 28th day of September, 2008, (the day for FPA Annual Meeting 2008), I caused to be delivered in person or by first class mail, postage prepaid, the foregoing documents to the following:
    FPA (Fairfax Public Access),
    Chairman, Georgia Graves
    VP Jim Housel, Director of the Internal Affairs
    Each and All members of the Board
    Executive Director Chuck Pena
    2929 Eskridge Rd. (Suite S),
    Fairfax, VA 22031
    Phone: 571-749-1100,
    Lih Young
    # # #
    = =
    = =

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  10. Date: April 5, 2015
    TO: Ford’s theatre, Washington, DC (
    18th Annual symposium of the Abraham Lincoln Institute
    P. O. Box 10286, Rockville, MD 20849
    Email address:
    (NOTE: Previous email account has been unjustly obstructed, closed and/or denied access by “MURDER-FRAUD-CRIME-INJUSTICE NETWORKS”, like other social media, internet, computer, as complained.)
    SUBJECT: COMPLAINT; unlawful, unequal discriminatory acts; unjust practices;
    related “Murder-Fraud- Crime- Injustice Networks” operation
    Ford’s theatre
    18th Annual symposium of the Abraham Lincoln Institute (Free event, 3/21/2015, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm);
    Registration desk,
    Ticket/sale office
    Moderator: Female, white complexion, greyish bushy hair (time: 4:00 – 4:30 pm)
    Please incorporate other complaints, testimonies, public hearings; before government bodies, law enforcement, local- federal. For more COMPLAINED ISSUES, PROBLEMS, FACTS. E.g., See attachments.
    “MURDER- FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE- NETWORKS- OPERATION”= “robbery machine”= “super-class of tyranny-parasites-welfare” (private- public sectors, three branches, local- federal- global, including law enforcement, agencies, institutions, educational, churches, non-profit, think tanks); CONTINUING, ON-GOING, EXPANDING, INFILTRATING, RELAYING; WITH THREATS, COERSION; unjust/unlawful/ unconstitutional acts; conspiracies, committed, involved, covered-up, suppressed unlawful acts, schemes, scams, spying, obstruction, manipulation, monitoring, influence to benefit themselves at the expanse of complainants/general public; victimization, discrimination, injuries, defamation; deprivation of rights (constitution, legal/litigation, due process, speech, affiliation/ association, possession, living places, etc.), resources (private, public), freedom of all forms; denied/ obstruct complainant/citizens to speak, complain, communicate; abuse/misuse of
    authorities; laws, personnel, resources, contractors; ignore/failure to resolve problems; unjust legislation, appropriation, public debt; social- political- media- election- legislation- appropriation- system problems; destroy individuals, families, children, communities, society, justice, peace; unjust/abuse of laws, authorities; abduction, guardianship, power of attorney, attempts to deprive the rights of wife and families, properties, benefits (life insurances, health insurances, pension), assets, vehicles, homes, etc.
    One of my major concerned: regarding how the information presenters obtained from the records, archives, friends or families; how the records have been verified; whether those information is true or false; whether falsely created, tampered; as often by “MURDER-FRAUD-CRIME-INJUSTICE NETWORKS” operation; while silenced peopled down, as the moderator did.
    Such unequal treatment is sure unpleasant, unequal and discriminatory. Worse, it simply silence people down; avoid finding about the “truth”. And thus warrant a thorough investigation.
    ON 3/21/2015, Complaint arrived at the Ford’s Theatre around 9:00 am for the Lincoln symposium; inquired the registration desk (a female) about the admission/ticket for the whole event/all sessions for the day. Complainant was directed to get ticket at the ticket office, a short distance away. A male there gave me several tickets for separate sessions for different segments of time.
    The complainant went to the line for the symposium, but was not allowed to get in.. I was told to wait until 10:25 am; quite a long time to wait.
    Complainant waited. But soon found some other people were allowed to get in. Complainant wanted to get in, but was then told to get the ticket from the registration desk where I was denied ticket before.
    That female asked me to sign-in with personal information. They did not seem to ask other people; did not ask me before. Ticket office did not ask before.
    Besides, I was asked to put the FIRST NAME in large print in the center of a badge label, and put it on the cloth I was wearing.
    Then complainant was given a WHOLE DAY ticket; and asked to return all the tickets I had had for separate sessions.
    Later that afternoon on 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm there was a session “Speakers Panel”, featuring the presenters responding to questions from the audience. The moderator knew me on the line to ask question, but cut off the questioning right in front of me. The time was about 4:24 pm.
    Even after the presentation of the book award and remark, the WHOLE symposium adjourned on around 4:27 pm, ahead of scheduled time
    = =
    = =

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