Physician Health Services, Inc. (PHS): a tale of corruption, crimes and unethical behavior

Chaos Theory and Pharmacology

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“If your doctor had a drug or alcohol problem, wouldn’t you want to know that help was available that your doctor would feel good about accessing? 

Approximately 10-12% of physicians will develop a drug or alcohol problem at some point during their career.  If physicians are impaired, they should be able to seek help from a firm but supportive and fair resource—one that demands sobriety and can determine when physicians are safe to practice. 

Physicians with substance use disorders often seek the assistance of a state physician health program (PHP). Some physicians engage willingly with PHPs, but most are compelled to do so either by their hospital or their board of medicine.  PHPs meet with, assess, and monitor physicians who have been referred to them for substance use or other mental and behavioral health problems.  In most states…

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