Straight Inc., –Torture as Treatment

“The biggest problem Straight has is knowing how good it is.”–Dr. Robert Dupont, M.D., 1981

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In 2012 former Nixon Drug Czar Robert Dupont, MD delivered the keynote speech at the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association annual conference and described a “new paradigm” for addiction and substance abuse treatment. He advocated zero tolerance for alcohol and drug use that is enforced by monitoring with frequent random drug and alcohol tests. Detection of any substances is met with swift and certain consequences. He proposed expansion of this paradigm to other populations including workplace, healthcare, and schools.

Robert Dupont was a key figure in launching the “war on drugs” which is now widely viewed as a failure that has turned the US into the largest jailer in the world.

As the founding director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), he administered a 1.8 million dollar grant in 1972 to an experimental drug rehabilitation program in Florida called “The Seed,” that was later investigated by congress who noted the methods used by Seed were similar to those employed on American POW’s by North Korean Communists.Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 1.18.54 AM

After leaving NIDA he became a paid consultant for a non-profit  “family oriented treatment center, “Straight, Inc. praised by Dupont as the “best in the country.” …”the biggest problem Straight has is knowing how good it is.  And I have taken it upon myself to do what I can to expand it nationally.” (Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Feb 9, 1981).

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Straight did not treat addicts but “troubled teens,” mostly referred by concerned parents. When authorities closed Straight in Massachusetts they were cited for treating a 12 year old girl for drug addiction when Straight’s own record showed that the only Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 2.01.30 PMdrugs she had used was that she had once sniffed a magic marker! Straight, inc.., torture as treatment. and indoctrination that killed scores of kids by dehumanization, humiliation, and abuse leading to helplessness, hopelessness, and despair. These moral preening profiteers exploited parents fears to admit children to these inpatient boot-camp money trees. Propaganda, disinformation, junk science, and overt fraud as standard operating procedure. Dupont championed these programs as the paradigm of drug abuse treatment and used misinformation, junk science, and propaganda to promote them.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 9.01.47 PMStraight executive Christopher Yarnold stated that “anybody that is using a drug that is mood-altering has a problem.  Okay.  He has a problem.  From now until eternity he will be chemically dependent,” and must be treated with “holistic” care.  Drug use in any form is harmful and requires treatment.

Once referred to these programs these children were subject to mental, psychological, and physical abuse and indoctrinated into 12-step  prohibitionist dogma at the hands of unqualified zealots.  The legacy of this program of coercion, control, 12-step indoctrination and abuse can be seen on this facebook page in memory of those who died.

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9 thoughts on “Straight Inc., –Torture as Treatment

  1. I just sent Dr. Langan a lot of information on straight inc. I was involved with that horrible organization for 7 years. I hope someone out there can help me and the thousands of people whose lives were altered forever because of having been there.

    Dr. Langan, please call me asap after you finish reading the packet I sent you. The packet I sent, was sent to 4 ACLU’s in hopes of taking down the ppl responsible for the damage the experiment known as straight inc was and still is under new names! NOT ONE ACLU WAS INTERESTED IN HELPING US!

    this packet I sent is very thorough! I refuted the first denial from ACLU OF PENNSYLVANIA and showed the why they were wrong to deny us legal help and sent one back to them. I also sent one to the ACLU OF MASSACHUSETTS and the ACLU OF VIRGINIA. I also sent packets to journalist, and other lawyers.

    I called the WASHINGTON POST , a paper that covered many stories about Straight while it was in the DC area, but they were not interested in doing a follow up story about what happened all of us 35 years later!!! Neither was channel 7 news in DC!! all I got were phones hung up on me…I couldn’t believe it!

    The abuses that happened to many of us are as comparable to the Catholic Church scandal. One of the main perps in our situation was a Minister or reverend. Our abuses were for years on a daily basis…not once in a while.

    any ways, thanks for reading my rant…Matt

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  2. Btw, {just to add} Dr. Langan, my Uncle, for that matter ALL of my mom’s family is from Worchester , Ma and surrounding areas. My Uncle Richard Martelli would love to talk to someone up in Mass about what happened to me up there in 1986 – 88. When he saw and read my packet he was blown away…! He had me make a packet for him so he could show it to a few of his police buddies etc {he was a Holden Mass cop}

    What happened to me in your state is way beyond the pale of normal Straight stuff…you’ll see when you read my letter to Dr. Mel Riddel…. {again} ttyl… Matt

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