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The Petition can be found here.  Or better yet, sign the petition and call her at 617-727-6200.   The evidence that Physician Health Services, Inc. (PHS) is committing crimes has been free-floating for the past two years.   It has been posted on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, blogged, faxed, and phoned.  The response?  Absolute silence.

The procedural, ethical and criminal violations are clear and many.     The incontrovertible evidence has been directly delivered to individuals who can and should address this but for some reason do not.  This is not a matter of opinion folks but a matter of fact.    Time and time again we hear of  egregious misconduct hidden for decades because of  cognitive dissonance and blinkered apathy.

What evidentiary standard is required for action?   Over the past three years and under a lot of duress I have obtained indefensible documentary prima facie  proof of  crimes committed by individuals that should elicit immediate action but produced nothing but silence.

The crimes are many and they are of significance.  Accountability necessitates both the provision of information and justification for one’s actions.   This group has effectively blocked both of these. With much effort and under threat I have obtained proof of criminal activity with the expectation that the provision of this information would  result in those who should and could do something about it would.   They have not.

The documentary evidence of crimes is self-evident.  It is indefensible.    It is inexcusable that criminal activity is taking place within the walls of the Massachusetts Medical Society.   The fact that PHS is unregulated and without any meaningful accountability is irrelevant.  They are engaging in criminal activity within the walls of an institution whose very foundation is the antithesis of this groups actions and it must be addressed. Either support what the documents show or do something about it.

So please sign this petition and call  Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne Bump at 617-727-6200

Institutional injustice just like that being committed by Luis Sanchez, Linda Bresnahan and the corrupt MRO Wayne Gavryck is killing doctors across the country.  They need to be held accountable.  Help me hold them accountable.

You do not need to be from Massachusetts to sign this petition. It is to raise public awareness–hopefully enough to elicit more exposure of this problem to prompt audits not only in Massachusetts but in other states as was recently done in North Carolina. The N.C. state auditor conducted an investigation and found poor oversight of the state PHP by both the state Medical Society and the state Medical Board, a lack of due process for physician’s who disputed the PHP’s evaluations and requirements, and multiple instances of potential conflicts-of-interest.

Dr. J. Wesley Boyd, who was previously an Associate Director at Physician Health Services, inc., the Massachusetts PHP is recommending that state government agencies audit their PHPs and his own state won’t even do it!  This is despite clear evidence that the Massachusetts PHP, Physician Health Services, Inc. is engaging in forensic fraud, ethical misconduct, HIPAA violations and crimes that Deb Stoller of the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine Physician Health and Compliance Unit has been aware of and is most likely complicit in.   The Massachusetts State Auditor, Suzanne Bump, has refused to conduct an investigation.  Why is this?  I’d like to know why?

As Boyd states in his  Psychology Today blog:

“After a group of North Carolina physicians complained about their state PHP to the state auditor, the auditor conducted an investigation (link is external)and found poor oversight of the PHP by both the state medical society and the board of medicine, a lack of due process for physicians who disputed the PHP’s evaluations and/or recommendations, and multiple instances of potential conflicts of interest. 

The national federation of PHPs ought to implement national standards for its members and commence routine audits of its members.  Other state governmental agencies ought to audit their PHPs as well, to ensure that their vast power is wielded judiciously and with oversight.”

The Massachusetts PHP is much worse.     The Massachusetts PHP is engaging in unconscionable conduct including forensic fraud and self-evident criminal activity that is indefensible from within the walls of the Massachusetts Medical Society. Most are not aware of this. They need to be. This rigged game is a national problem and how the racket works in Massachusetts can be seen here.

Please help me expose this and put a stop to it!   Please Sign Petition and Call (617-727-6200) MA State Auditor Suzanne Bump to Demand Audit of Corrupt Physician Health Services and the MA BORM Physician Health and Compliance Unit.

The corruption is undeniable and the actions are indefensible, unethical and unconscionable. Please help me shine a light on these criminals.   Corruption needs to be acknowledged and investigated. Ignoring it and hoping it might go away seldom works.

The Massachusetts Auditor should either be able to defend the actions of PHS and the BORM Physician Health and Compliance Unit or investigate.  It is as simple as that.

26 thoughts on “Need Signatures: Please Sign Petition

  1. I signed the petition. I am struck by the sincerity of your site. I know you subscribe to two of my blogs. I wanted to let you know I have a lectionary type blog based on the Anglican/Episcopal daily office, in the event you’d like to follow that one as well. It’s a nice meditative few minutes of reading the lessons. Greetings from Pittsburgh, where we’re pretty cold but fortunately don’t have the snow like you guys have in MA. ~Laura

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  2. To be honest, I never heard of the PHS before, but having fought City Hall more than once (and lost each time) I see painful similarities. When the economic crunch started, I was a long-time instructor for the University of Phoenix Online, teaching a variety of Information Technology courses. Suddenly a ‘committee of one’ with no identifiable credentials started attacking my teaching style, despite great reviews from peers and students. I took it very personally, and was feeling all alone, when I ran into some forums of UoP faculty and discovered that a lot of them, in all areas of study, were experiencing the same thing. Apparently the university, hoping not to lose students, decided to harass veteran faculty into lowering standards of excellence in favor of tuition. This is not surprising since UoP is private.

    I decided I could no longer lick boots and wrote a letter of resignation. I published this letter in my blog: removing the names. I got a lot of response from other college-level instructors — I found out I was not alone. I admit I miss the profession, but I need to look at myself in the mirror each day.

    I am unaware of what the actual practices of the PHS are, but it’s an old story — too much power in the hands of people who have no proper credentials and a lot of greed. And each time they attack a victim, they give the impression that ‘this’ is an isolated incident by an isolated person. So the person takes it to heart. If the organization doing the harassment is large enough, the victim will find no successful recourse. I have to agree — Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Other members must find out that they are not alone; incidents have to be meticulously documented. This type of harassment only works if the majority of victims bow to the authority. If NO ONE obeys — the authority is powerless. Until that time, those under pressure should temporarily back out of their fields so the authority has no ammunition for its guns — and then expose the organization. You might even consider writing to your congressmen and senators and requesting a Senate Investigation to the whole complex. Instead of crawling up the ladder till you find a glimmer of support — start at the top.

    It’s very easy to feel powerless and have such a low opinion of oneself that one contemplates or commits suicide. What a wonderful revenge to say “You can take my profession — I can work in another field. I am smart and competent and compassionate. But I refuse to reward YOU with my life!”

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  3. My families life has been disrupted by PHS hypocracy ,lies and inuendo.There has NEVER been proven any of the anonymous acusations against the physician member.
    Repeated intrusive testing has resulted in zero positive results. Yet, our doctor member is CAUGHT in the system.Months have dragged on with no end in sight. This system I liken to the old practice of blood letting! Keep them weak and helpless!! NO!! fight on !

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  4. Thank you, Michael for your campaign of awareness of these despicable individuals. They not only destroy physicians lives but those of physicians assistants as well. These organizations who monitor the programs have no medical directors ( Maximus) and have harmed and ruined so many colleagues via rogue practices and corruption. If healthcare providers are not entitled to receive humane medical care…who is? How can we advance this cause. Litigation and public awareness appear to be the only venues. However, the road is slow and arduous.Many of my colleagues have not survived to see the change or even acknowledgment of the corruption involved. Human rights violations are occurring, I have witnessed firsthand in a PHP. Something has to be done quickly.

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  5. hi
    I’m in florida and can’t figure out how to sign an online petition. What can we do when we have the evidence, the proof, the presentation of the facts? I have written a well researched article on Generic Price Gauging under the ‘orphan drug act’ of 83, which was to incentivize drug companies to develop new, not jack up the price of ancient generics. But it’s legal so they are doing it. I’m involved with an institution that is drug company dollar INDEPENDENT but still won’t print my article. Mental Health publications often won’t tough the topic of prescriptions. Do you have any idea who might? My blog doesn’t yet have enough followers.

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  6. Dr. Michael Lawrence Lawrence Langan MD like to congratulate you on your winning your case good to know that and you didn’t give up and you fought for your livelihood I would love to sign your petition even have some questions but I’m not even sure how to ask them because I’m not in the medical field but I am a OTR over-the-road driver I’ve been an OTR over-the-road drivers for 25 years and I have some questions on the FMCSA chain of custody on just the paperwork Collection part on the paperwork form if you could helpme with I appreciate it if you could if you can’t I understand it would just help me out greatly cuz I’m not sure what direction to go in thank you so much and God bless you have a wonderful day. ,Kristina Siewert

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  7. “We hold these truths to be self evident”……no more do these words ring true. The abuse of loyal and honest citizens are trampled into oblivion from our corporate-legal-law enforcemnt complex of greed and deceits.

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  8. Done! With “optional” comment added:

    ANY organization that – or person who – refuses to investigate potential abuses of power is extremely suspect. The failure to shine the light of transparency on programs tasked to protect the health of our populace is egregious. Action MUST be taken – and YOU must take it. Performance Audit NOW, please. The Physicians of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts deserve better than this. We ALL deserve better than this.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


    • It’s Dec. 2019. It was April of 2018 that my son, ‘bi-polar’ to one doc and PTSD to another (oh, and ‘alcoholic’ to a third, tho he doesn’t drink) began his nightmare stint as an addict. That dx came in the discharge note from the acute care hospital facilitating his move to the conveniently located rehab facility which allowed the PHP rep to see him and coerce him to sign his life away because they were saving him from the BIG BAD BOARD! (Lo and behold, the PHP has a contract with, who else? the Board!).
      His signatures were wild and clearly done under duress and in a state of extreme exhaustion.

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