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Anonymous referrals to state PHPs can result in loss of careers, families and even lives.   I have heard from doctors targeted due to age , religion, sexual preference , nationality, political stance and appearance.  Referred to the  state PHP with an anonymous complaint of “alcohol on breath” or “anger issues,” these good doctors were removed from practice under the guise of protecting the public.   By claiming a doctor has a  “potentially impairing illness” and falsely labelling him or her with a substance use or behavioral disorder they are able to remove due process and remove any doctor from practice. The system is designed to give the appearance of legitimacy.   It is not.  The stories I have heard and continue to hear from doctors  and medical students are as horrific as they are heartbreaking.  I have heard from female doctors who refused to go out on a date with, spurned sexual advances and even been raped by other doctors who then reported them to their state PHP for damage control.   I have heard from many doctors who discovered misconduct such as insurance or Medicare fraud who were promptly reported to their PHP and doctors who were reported by competitors for patients.   I have heard from doctors reported out of jealousy, anger, racism and bigotry.    Some of these storied can be seen on who have thwarted sexual advances and even been raped who were reported to their state “letters from those abused and afraid

My work in physician health reform has resulted in some significant gains.  For example the Medscape article  Physician Health Programs- More Harm Than Good? by Pauline Anderson was the result of  Medscape Editor taking an interest in my tweets about a year earlier and contacting me and taking an interest in my blog.  Physician Health Programs- More Harm Than Good?    broke new ground as it was the first mainstream medical article critical of PHPs. This was read by British Medical Journal Editor Jeanne Lenzer and this led to “Physician health programs under fire.”    In this article published in the BMJ she takes on the financial conflicts of interest, abuse and fraud in PHPs and the FSPHP’s response to direct and specific questions revealed what an irrational and illegitimate authority they are.   They cannot provide direct and simple answers to direct and simple questions and remain tongue tied to this day.

By all counts their days are numbered and the articles mentioned above and more to come are the direct result of bottom-up activism.  So too is a forthcoming audit by Massachusetts state Auditor Suzanne Bump whose office has already interviewed enough abused doctors to warrant an investigation which will hopefully look into the misconduct and fraud being perpetrated by the Massachusetts PHP in collusion with a specific group of attorneys within the medical board that blocks due process and conceals evidence to protect the PHP and harm innocent doctors.

It took 25 years for the FSPHP to rise.  Let’s hope their demise is much quicker.  They need to be named as the enemy and addressed on a state by state basis.  We have dealt some significant blows and I would like to keep throwing some direct punches to the enemy but at this point it is getting difficult due to financial matters and I urgently need funding and support.


The need for allies and funding is urgent as time is critical.  We have to expose this group as an illegitimate and irrational authority, expose their fraud and scams and expose the backgrounds of some of the individuals involved.    Physician health programs should not longer be considered the elephant in the room.  All you have to do is look at documentary facts  and evidence to see what is happening and any ignorance at this point would have to be deemed willful ignorance.  You cannot continue to ignore the obvious.  To those within the PHPs and their sympathizers and apologists your silence speaks volumes To save American Medicine it is essential this be exposed, investigated and the perps held accountable.  Silence is no longer an option.

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Anti-Authoritarians in the Medical Profession: A Critical Need to “Question Authority”

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Anti-authoritarians question whether an authority is a legitimate one before taking that authority seriously.  images-24To evaluate the legitimacy of  an authority it is necessary to:
1. Assess whether they actually know what they are talking about.   
2. Assess whether the authorities are honest in their intentions.
When anti-authoritarians assess an authority to be illegitimate, they challenge and resist that authority.
There is a paucity of anti-authoritarianism in the medical community concerning groups that have gained tremendous sway in the regulation of the medical profession.    There is, in fact, an absence of anti-authoritarian questioning  of  what is essentially illegitimate and irrational authority.
Most doctors are unaware of the impact these organizations have had on both the regulation of the medical profession and social control of individual doctors.  Through “moral entrepreneurship” and “bent science” these groups have successfully swayed both policy-makers and the public to support an agenda not supported by reality testing or critical thinking.  This acceptance without investigation has led to a deterioration of professional ethics and evidence-based decision making in the regulation of the medical profession.
 In order for these organizations to maintain power it is necessary that their authoritative opinion remain unquestioned and unchallenged.  Consciously manufactured propaganda has persuaded regulatory and public opinion of their value and to maintain power it is necessary that this authority remain insulated from outside evaluation because the entire system is based on assumptions that can be aptly characterized as “illusions.images-4The dogmatic statements and abusive generalizations do not conform to reality.
Everything is adapted to an existing stagnant cognitive system that falls far off the map of the scientific approach to information and evidence based medicine.  Perceiving only confirmations the physician health paradigm embodies and expresses preconceived ideas, values and mentalities based on certitude and absolute truth.

If one looks behind the curtain there is not much there.   Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 3.39.59 AM

Historical, political, economic and social analysis can all show how the construct that exists today came to be.   This can be factually ascertained by simple reasoning and examination of the documentary evidence.

Any one of these analyses would reveal that the “PHP-blueprint” is a false-construct built on circumnavigation and obfuscation.

An evidence-based scrutiny of the literature would reveal it to be invalid and of little probative value.  A public policy analysis would reveal the logical fallacies involved in trumpeting  their positions including exaggerated rhetoric and  fear monitoring strategies designed to inspire moral panics and exploit fears to further an underlying political agenda

Any critical analysis would reveal cherry picking. proof by anecdote, deceptive propaganda, double talk, contradictory, illogical and incomprehensible jabber,  unprovable and  un-disprovable statements and a panoply of logical fallacy.

These groups  misrepresent, censor and suppress. They  nit pick and split hairs.  Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 3.40.37 AMThe concept of denial is not just used to force people into treatment and justify abuse during treatment but  to suppress specific questions and deliberately avoid key facts.

So why are we not questioning this “authority?”     They have been left alone and basically thrown in the backyard left to proliferate like feral cats.

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We need anti-authoritarians and we need them now.

I need allies before the door closes for good. And that door may be closing a lot sooner than you think!

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A Call for Allies– Astute Comment Speaks for Itself– Question Authority!


Despite not being a physician, I have read many posts on your blog and I am horrified by what I have read. While I believe that physicians are being treated inhumanely by the PHPs, I do not think that the source of the problem is unique to their experience. In fact, I think the basis for this ideological takeover of “health” began in the 1980s when modern psychology became the predominant belief system (religion) in American society.
Many new ideas, based on the personal writings of psychologists, were introduced at that time. Their purpose was to tell us how to best live our lives. In order to get the public to buy into their agenda, the proposed ideas were formalized by pseudo-scientific “studies,” allegedly “proving” their worth.
For instance, can you remember anyone claiming to have had an “unhealthy relationship” in the 1970s? Not likely. In the 1970s no one had “relationships.” We had relatives (a word we can no longer use), friends, classmates, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. And now what do we have? Relationships. Every connection we have to another human is now termed a relationship – family relationships, intimate relationships, work relationships, and so on. Now that everything is a relationship, the word has lost its meaning, and so has the specificity of human connections. Unfortunately, this change ushered in an era which can be defined by the imposition of superficiality on things which were once substantive.
I believe that living in such a superficial environment has led to nearly universal self-absorption and apathy. That may explain why so few people appear to be interested in your message, despite the fact that ignoring it will cause enormous harm to them in the future.
It is not only those with substance abuse or psychological problems who will be affected by the Religion of Psychology movement. Everyone will lose their rights and their freedom. But since most people have become stupid sheep, blindly following along instead of thinking for themselves and standing up for their rights, it will be difficult to prevent this loss.
Young people used to be the ones who championed causes. Youth and idealism went hand in hand. That was until political correctness made independent thought a “sin.” Like relationship theory, political correctness tells us who we are, what to think, and how to act. There is no room for individuality, no room for questioning, no room for discussion. This is very sad. It will not make for a more humane world. Instead, it will create a world where uniformity and blind conformity are mandatory. What was once life will be mere existence. And what was once meaningful will be perfunctory.
The leaders of the PHPs, and others like them, as overlords of the realm of modern psychology will force their religion on the world and will obtain control of every aspect of our lives in the name of health. This trend has driven me away from conventional medicine and has made me a loner. I have, however, found some hope from Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Not only is he advocating for a more humane and equal society, and telling people to stand up to the one percent, but he has managed to get a lot of young people to support him.
I do not expect Sanders to win the nomination. But, I am holding out hope that the young people who agree with his message will take up his cause on their own and will fight for their future.

Perhaps you could appeal to those young people to join you in your fight. You would do well to join forces since you are both fighting for human rights and for a future which will still contain Humanity.



The Need to Speak up Against Bad Science, Bad Medicine, Bad Policy and Bad Actors–Neutrality is not an Option. Use Your Voice and Question Authority!

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The bad science, bad medicine, bad policy and bad actors are easy to identify. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

So what are the barriers?

Why has this not been done?

The answer to that is complex but involves a confluence of factors including psychological, political and cultural. “Feel good fallacy,” “political correctness, and moral and policy entrepreneurship have effectively swayed the targets intended. The well-funded misinformation and propaganda was cast with a large net using the same techniques others have successfully used throughout history to accomplish the same. Moral panics, moral crusades, and a plethora of logical fallacy have been used and used with considerable resources and skill.

So what can we do about it?

The first “step into the breach” is to identify the problem with the first one being the Emperor has no clothes. Once this is acknowledged it would not take long to address directly the specific problems and erroneous assumptions of this paradigm through the lenses of science, critical reasoning, ethics and common sense. If this were to be done the entire Potemkin village would fall like a house of cards.Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 12.05.53 AM

But the very first and simplest step is to use your voice to question this authority. Neutrality is not an option.   Either support what these groups are doing or question them with your voice and the written word.

The bad science, medicine, policy and actors are obvious.   It would be like shooting fish in a barrel and the first target needs to be the “PHP-Blueprint.”   It would be so easy to take down this “research” they are using to promote PHPs as a “gold-standard” and replicable model.  Shooting fish in a barrel requires someone take aim and at this point hardly anyone is even willing to pick up the gun.

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Disrupted Physician

Drug Companies and Doctors: A Story of Corruption.

What we need is a Marcia Angell to take on the multi-billion dollar drug and alcohol testing, assessment and treatment industry.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 7.22.25 PMWhile all eyes were focused on the drug companies these multi-billion dollar industries erected a scaffold of immunity and profit by removing (and blocking) themselves from essentially all aspects of accountability; answerability, justification for actions and the ability to be punished by outside actors.    The 2009 quote in reference to “big pharma”  is just as applicable to the drug and alcohol testing industry,”  the inpatient assessment and treatment centers and the “authorities” pushing public policy and swaying public opinion to accept irrational and illegitimate authoritative opinion as truth.

And unlike the pharmaceutical industries carefully constructed “bent science” which requires a keen eye and critical analysis , the evidence-base supporting the testing, assessment and treatment industry rests on a foundation that can…

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