Rep. DeFazio – Dr. Dover vs. The Oregon Medical Board

Rep. DeFazio – Dr. Dover vs. The Oregon Medical Board
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2 thoughts on “Rep. DeFazio – Dr. Dover vs. The Oregon Medical Board

  1. This is an excellent horror story! Have you written other things in the genre? Woo! My skin is still crawling. Have you thought of sending this to Stephen King? Is the DeFazio character based on a real person? Who is he? Does this story have an epilogue? When do we find out if Defazio wrote back or did anything at all to help out?
    Just kidding, unfortunately. I happen to know that this is not fiction. It concerns real events and yes, it IS a horror story. Thank you to the author Eric Dover and for having an eye which now on 12/31/18 is as keen as ever.
    And yes, Dr. Dover HAS written other NON-fiction horror stories. Anyone who was moved by the Defazio letter should read more about these matters on Dr. Dover’s website. If you personally need help on matters such as these, you can contact the Center for Physician Rights (CPR) or the Healthcare Alliance for Regulatory Board Reform (HARBR-USA). Both serve professionals in ALL states and in some cases, other countries.

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  2. Then Rep. Ron Wyden introduced the HCQIA legislation in 1986 allowing state medical boards to make all their peer review activities privileged and not open to discovery. This singular legislation allowed anonymity to the actions of medical boards – often promoted by the boards’ attorneys who succumbed to state and corporate healthcare politics. Thank you, Ron Wyden…

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