The Proposed Expansion of PHPs. Illegitimate and Irrational Authority and the Urgent need for a critical analysis of the “PHP-Blueprint”

via The Proposed Expansion of PHPs. Illegitimate and Irrational Authority and the Urgent need for a critical analysis of the “PHP-Blueprint”

6 thoughts on “The Proposed Expansion of PHPs. Illegitimate and Irrational Authority and the Urgent need for a critical analysis of the “PHP-Blueprint”

  1. Hello, disrupted physician

    Swiss government is abusing the WHO-Alcohol Treaty 2004 to take drivers off the road by empowering authorities to send people with a driving license, who occasionally drink, but never when driving, to forensic tests, including EtG. They(!) suddenly have to prove that they are non-alcoholics, using EtG. Proving to be an alcoholic before was entirely the duty of the authorities.

    Now, all of sudden, quite contrary to our law, the duty of proof has turned the other way. Now everybody has to prove, that he is not an alcoholic, whereas before, it was the authorities, who had to prove it. This alone is already a breach of the Swiss Law System.

    However, I cannot keep up reading your blog due to lack of language knowledge as well as the academic vocabulary. For this reason, I would like to ask you to sum up the following:

    1. How did all this start, meaning, what was the initial cause to go after doctors – and in Switzerland now, after everybody.

    2. Where exactly is the flaw in the relevant study that erroneously is proving that EtG is useless for all this. I know it is a fake, but I need proof.

    3. attached, you will find a report from (2018-01), that you might copy and paste and hand out to other victims after having it had translated by Google in order to understand, what really is going on here in Switzerland. It will fully support your stance!

    Like you, I am a blogger since 2007 opposing exactly to such hilarious assumptions and expose Junk Science. I started opposing against the evident joke of deadly danger of passive tobacco smoke (ETS / SHS)

    I would be more than grateful, if you could sum up in short the whole story in max. 5.000-7.000 words. After having it translated, I will set your link on my page and write a favourable introduction text about your blog. I will also emphasize, that to my knowledge, you were the first to put your thumb on this hoax. You may even write that part by yourself, if you like.

    Hoping to be reading from you soon, I remain

    Yours sincerely

    Carols Magnus –

    Annex – – “Lotterie um den Führerschein” (Lottery about the driving licence)

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      • Sorry for my being late. I believe to remember having sent the above text by eMail. Actually I was hoping for some already written text you might have hidden in your vast blog.
        However, most important for starters, could you please give me the link where you point clearly at the missing link in the underlying study /as well as the study itself) of the validity of EtG which should allegedly proof the exact consumption of alcohol within the past six month?

        In the meantime I have learnt from a serious independent Swiss quality attesting institute, that the results fluctuate in a range of enormous 30 per cent, meaning, anyone can switch on the same day with the same legally proven hair-samples sent to different forensic institutes (Frankfurt, Germany, UZH, Zurich and another one in the French speaking part of Switzerland) from a “socially aceptable drinker” (whatever this is) to an “alcoholic” (whatever that is). So, whenever EtG is playing a role, it is pure lottery for anybody, damned by the authorities to undergo this procedure.

        I then further would like to know, by whom, and with which intent this cr*p-study or -test was produced. Has there been a special incidence responsable for prosecuting alcohol connoisseurs prior to its usage or study production, or is it only the usual militant mind of frustrated puritans.

        With your consent, I would like to posing further questions after having digested the first load, which I expect from you, and for which I thank you in avance.

        I take it you know my eMail address.


  2. A deep argument needs pro and con as I see it from my experience. It is, however, sad we are unable to know ahead of time before the acts that produce a duty, a breach & causation then injury, damage. Certainly it could be accidental. Suppose the professional had concealed his terminal cancer from placing patient and scheduled a radical surgery as opposed to minimal invasive procedure and the experienced surgeon arranged for filming the matter for teaching purposes: as such the last waltz before the well liked surgeon exhibited his talent to a class plus of ORTHOPEDIC students – and then was hospitalized and passed on.
    Similarly a lawyer knows of his terminal cancer and makes a mockery of client after the check cleared by throwing his client to the prosecutor and renews his/her standing with the court and county and state ABA – gets promotion by way of offer to assistant of the township Prosecutor with full benefits package to leave his wife and kids s better future and recreation of self from earlier fall from grace. And his/her client tossed under the bus with open door for under a train… passing on quietly to dignity and large AUDIENCES after all.
    Both distinguished members to notably trustworthy organizations, AMA & ABA. HIISTORY MADE as a passing friendly.


  3. I am unable to account for errors where the automated correction is performed negating prompt feature. Hope you lottsa luck translating my intents. As for the positive in these scenarios – I believe that was covered – I recon it’s hard to please everyone all the time. P.T. Barnum said it best.


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