As Louisiana dentists testify to the rank corruption of the Louisiana Dentistry Board, Inspector General Street’s investigation is revealed to be so easily dismissive that a former Dental Board executive had to be reminded that he even conducted an investigation at all.

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Via:  Sound Off Louisiana 

Louisiana Inspector General Stephen Street

On Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at the Louisiana Senate Commerce Committee, several dentists and a former Louisiana Dentistry Board (LDB) executive, Diana Chenevert, testified to the rank corruption which has plagued the LDB for years.  They were testifying in favor of SB-260 by Sen. John Milkovich (D-Shreveport).  The bill would allow a person who has a disciplinary action brought against him by a professional licensing board or commission to elect to have the matter moved to the Louisiana Division of Administrative Law for a disciplinary adjudication by an administrative law judge.  Highlights of testimony are provided in the following video:

Highlights of testimony at Louisiana Senate Commerce Committee meting on SB-260.

Especially noteworthy entailing the preceding video is Senate Chairman Martiny asking Ms. Chenevert whether she reported the contents of her testimony to law enforcement (see from 19:27 – 19:59 mark of the video).

Ms. Chenevert first indicated, “no,” (i.e. that she had not reported the alleged criminal activity to any law enforcement agency); however, upon Dr. Ryan Haygood stepping out of his seat on the first row and whispering in her ear, she corrected her testimony to indicate that she had in fact reported the alleged criminal activity to Louisiana Inspector General Stephen Street.
Long-time subscribers to Sound Off Louisiana are well aware of our extensive efforts to demonstrate Street’s extensive historical financial difficulties (Federal tax liens and occupational license tax liens) which demonstrate that he is in no way financially independent as he portrays.
 Street has also been quite sensitive to our questioning of him regarding his independence of the Governor of Louisiana.  Most recently, we revealed former Alcohol and Tobacco Commissioner Murphy Painter’s efforts to strip Street’s Inspector General Office of its law-enforcement status.Over two years ago, we at Sound Off Louisiana were told by several dentists that they had met with Street and that his office had “assured without any doubt that arrests and prosecutions are going to arise from all that has transpired at the Dentistry Board.”  Well, despite all of the alleged criminal acts depicted in the video above, the following letter from Inspector General Street to Sen. Barrow Peacock dated January 25, 2018 demonstrates that, even with all of that alleged criminal activity, Street managed to find a way to “close our file.”:


Finally, Stephen Street is required by statute to report instances of potential criminal activity to the appropriate Federal, State, or local law-enforcement agencies.  That fact is evidenced in the following highlighted statute:

We’d love to see evidence of Street having done so regarding the activity described in the above video, but as he will quickly tell you, all of the Inspector General’s records and work papers are privileged.  Our money is on him never having done so, and it provides yet one more reason why his office needs to be abolished just as Corey delaHoussaye called for over two years ago.

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6 thoughts on “As Louisiana dentists testify to the rank corruption of the Louisiana Dentistry Board, Inspector General Street’s investigation is revealed to be so easily dismissive that a former Dental Board executive had to be reminded that he even conducted an investigation at all.

    • Complaints are either patently ignored or met with a form letter making the same points as the Inspector General here. Thank you for your complaint, it was thoroughly investigated, we took it seriously but the matter is now closed as it was determined there was no evidence to support the complaint. The substance of the complaint (no matter how specific or serious) is never directly addressed. No matter how egregious or unlawful or clear or detailed the complaint is the specific allegations (diagnosis rigging, fraud, perjury, etc.) are never directly addressed but patently dismissed in one fell swoop. It has become quite clear that none of the substantive issues of the complaints are ever deliberated by the intended group but are intercepted and deflected by individuals who appear to be positioned for precisely that purpose. Complaints concerning PHP/MLB misconduct to the Massachusetts Medical society ethics committee are never ever heard by the ethics committee. The reason for this is because the ethics committee volunteer who offered to separate the “frivolous” from the ” valid” complaints deems them frivolous and the buck stops there. Attorneys at the medical board are in complete control of all of the evidence that is presented to the board. They are able to pick and choose all of the evidence presented so it is understandable why no doctor is ever successful. Problem is these attorneys within the board are themselves committing crimes of perjury, concealment, obstruction and even fabrication. It is necessary this be exposed and these attorneys held accountable in a manner commensurate with their misconduct.

      The misconduct of these board attorneys is reprehensible. It is a systemic problem.
      The perjury, fraud and other dishonest tactics need to be exposed as a systemic problem and the specific misconduct needs to be addressed by those who are supposed to be holding them accountable but are currently ignoring the matter for various reasons.

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      • I’d like to have the copyright to these boilerplate dismissals. I could be a soulless zillionaire. The one’s you describe Michael, are nearly word for word the same as are used by the Oregon State Bar in response to complaints against state DOJ board legal counselors. We have been taking steps to force their hand. Most recently in appealing a OSB dismissal against Assistant Attorney General Warren Foote, OSB General Counsel Amber Hollister sent me one of these boiler plate dismissals. I told her I hope she is able to show that she at least took some notes as she reviewed the matter because if she hadn’t, it will not look very good for her when we take OSB before the Oregon Supreme Court (their overseers). My allegation is and will be that she never so much looked at the case and that she possesses nothing to show that she has looked at it meaningfully. IF, I challenged her, she did look at it and did take some notes, why send me a boilerplate dismissal with zero mention of anything specific to my complaint. I suggested if she hasn’t actually read it yet, she do so now and that she get back with me with a REAL opinion. I suggest that the Oregon Supreme Court will not appreciate have to deal with something she and I could have dealt with directly.


  1. Thank you, Dr. Langan for finding this and posting this. To other readers, the video is a MUST watch. Do NOT simply read what Dr. Langan has posted. I issue the viewers of the video a “trigger” warning though. That is, if you have been subjected to healthcare regulatory board abuses yourself, the video may retraumatize you. THIS IS THE STORY OF EVERY STATE HEALTHCARE REGULATORY BOARD ACROSS THE NATION. The question is, WHY is this corruption so hard to stop? The corruption is clear cut. We have all appealed to the boards themselves. We have appealed to administrative law judges. We have appealed to state attorneys general. We have appealed to our respective state bar associations and we have appealed to our state and federal judiciaries where on occasion, we have won. The boards, nevertheless prove perennially UNDETERRED in levels of corruption which are so heinous as to be nearly beyond words. My admiration goes out to Dr. Haygood (the first witness in the video) for his courage and determination, and as much as this, for his eloquence and articulation. Louisiana State Senator John Milkovitch (sitting at the table with the witnesses) is nothing less than a champion of justice. We who have been abused by our healthcare regulatory and licensing boards extend our deepest respect and appreciation for the diligent work he has done, and for the work he is doing.

    Having exhausted many of our other avenues, it seems we may be left with no alternatives but to petition police powers. In my time with HARBR, I have developed skills of statesmanship and diplomacy. It is not without awareness that I speak plainly now. Healthcare regulatory boards across the nation need to be raided. Employing the law enforcement powers of the FBI and FTC to name two such powers would be a good place to start. There are bad actors in these boards and affiliated with these boards who need nothing less than to go directly to jail, immediately, WITHOUT PASSING GO.

    It is also time to bring these matters before the Congress of the United States and it is time to bring these matters to the attention of the Senators and Congresspersons who represent us there.

    Please notice that in the videos, Senator Milkovich and his witnesses are not speaking before a Health & Welfare Committee. They are speaking before a Commerce Committee.

    Thank you again to Dr. Micheal Langan of for finding and posting this material, and thank you to the people originally responsible for the material at Sound Out Louisiana.

    Christian Wolff, MA
    Executive C0-Director
    Healthcare Alliance for Regulatory Board Reform

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  2. These boards are crazy doing more harm than good. Innocent and decent docs are getting their lives ruined and these boards and attorneys who are connected to crimes against doctors need to be called out and exposed.
    Thank you for sharing this!

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  3. Professionalism is not a guarantee and they have crested defense mechanisms that need no more than winks to implement without words or a paper trail. Those graduated from business administration cariculum have learned cleanup sanitizing of professional errors and lawyers that represent them can rack up hours go bill. Otherwise they can be bested in courtroom staged dramas – defense attorneys and prosecutors answer to the same boss ABA and doctors similarly the AMA.
    They do not speak truthfully to regular people unattached to either. And as for internet coverup specialist they are round the clock hacking away to make nice everything otherwise not so nice or true.
    Sad but there it beez.


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