Request Medical School Administrators Question PHP Authority to Prevent Future Medical Profession Brain Drain

Disrupted Physician

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Physician Health Programs (PHPs) are now targeting medical students and the stories I am hearing are heartbreaking.   Medical students who do not fit the diagnostic criteria for psychological problems or Substance Use Disorder (SUD) are being diagnosed with psychological problems and SUD in a closed system absent the usual safeguards of transparency, regulation and oversight.  No accountability exists.  None.   PHPs and their affiliated drug and alcohol testing labs and “approved” assessment and treatment centers have created a culture of impunity and immunity. The “tone at the top” is unethical and unjust and by targeting medical students this illegitimate authority is now snuffing out many brilliant and talented doctors before they even become doctors. I have heard from many medical students who are not able to afford the unneeded treatment being mandated by medical schools for issues that are resolved, trivial and even non-existent as described below.  Continued deference to this authority could be…

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5 thoughts on “Request Medical School Administrators Question PHP Authority to Prevent Future Medical Profession Brain Drain

  1. wow , unreal the extent they will go to . Very familiar with cover ups that include risk mgt, hospital administrators , Attorney General office , forged letters . All of it ! Please include the names of the SDBMOE members who got this standing ovation. We’d like to recognize them too.

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  2. Medical school and residency training program administrators are demonstrably NOT questioning PHP’s. On the contrary, the unconstrained powers of PHP’s to “force out” medical students and residents with the invention of thinly-supported or wholly-invented diagnoses that must be evaluated by private contractors who “specialize in physicians” and are compensated at great private-pay expense are a blank check issued to these administrators. PHP’s and their unregulated powers can accomplish administrative wonders that legal departments cannot deliver. Why would they question their authority when PHP’s are so capable of abetting illegal actions by educational institutions? These are ALLIES and not antagonists.

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