During this Christmas week and Holiday Season– please consider making a contribution to a worthwhile cause!

Please donate here:  https://www.gofundme.com/PHPReform


Michael, thank you for your years of effort – you have made a huge difference to hundreds (thousands?) of us individually, and have changed the system. I wish I had 45K to fund you. I discovered the Disrupted Physician in April and have read every post and link. It has given me hope and strength as I work to recover and rebuild my life. -Kathryn Neraas M.D.

Michael, I have witnessed your efforts for 2-3 years now and I completely understand what you’re trying to do. Your work is so important. I have been doing similar work and wish I could donate enough to keep you able to do this as long as it takes until this is resolved completely. Talking to brick walls is expensive. Something needs to give.–Tom Gleason

With a team of criminals and incompetents running the show unconscionable misconduct inevitably ensues.  The malfeasance and unprofessionalism in state physician health programs (PHPs) and medical boards is staggering.  One can only hope that, in time, a wiser system will emerge.  I have been told the audit of the Robert Harvey’s  sham  “physician health and compliance unit”  is going to proceed.  This is good news and what the state auditor is going to find ( barring outside interference from those fattening and battening off this racket) is that incorrigible corruption has remained unchecked for decades.   The dissembling reach of the odious individuals is tremendous.    They have deliberately denied victims justice and permitted the physician health predators to roam free among the vulnerable for decades.   The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine needs a drastic  rejiggering as do many others.  The corruption needs to be addressed,   the cognitive dissonance needs to end and the heinous individuals responsible need to be held accountable for their misdeeds.   We have made significant gains in exposing this corruption over the past few years and the  I am counting on you to please contribute whatever you can.  I need to raise some immediate funds (a few thousand dollars ) to meet a December 31st deadline that is going to create a significant setback if I do not do so.  So please get this out and help.




2 thoughts on “During this Christmas week and Holiday Season– please consider making a contribution to a worthwhile cause!

  1. Sometimes you have to wonder if you live in a free country. How can a board have so much unchecked power and control over peoples lives . I hope you prevail in 2018! In the mean time EXPOSE the problems . If Physicians knew how these boards operate they would be behind you and fighting or think twice about getting into a profession that allows those with too much power to work corruptly and do what they are doing . IN the mean time I will share this , and info those who are not aware of how they operate. BEST 18′

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    • Under new Public Records Law and Regulation (and with the help of the attorneys at the Department of Public Records who have been wonderful) it has been uncovered that the factual findings used to suspend my license do not exist. Board attorney Robert Harvey made it all up and presented false statements to the board (and in turn to the SJC). All decisions were based on the intentionally fraudulent statements.

      This information is not simply ‘exculpatory” evidence but it completely exonerates me. It was revealed that the documents claimed to provide the evidence that my suspension was based on do not exist and these were intentional fraudulent misrepresentations.

      This was uncovered in August but the boards records access officer Gerard Dolan refuses to acknowledge the false statements (which are obvious) and disclose the fraud to the board and SJC. The attorney misconduct is outrageous here. Given the severity of attorney Harvey’s serious and substantial misconduct and the fact it is 100% material to my case Dolan is also required to report it to Bar Counsel under the MA Rules of Prof. C. When false statements and misrepresentations are causing serious harm to another person the rules require an attorney report the misconduct of the other attorney immediately. The law is clear on intentionally false statements and misrepresentations–they need to be disclosed and corrected. Attorney Harvey fabricated evidence and created a fraud upon the court. He committed perjury to cover up the truth about the falsely created lab test (which I understand is the clearest illustration of forensic fraud in the history of forensic fraud yet it is still being called a “chain of custody error”). The uncovering that these docs do not exist tantamount to the investigation that led to correcting the fraudulent test. It exonerates me completely yet the information is being ignored.

      The document below is a must read for anyone who wants to get a glimpse into what is happening as it shows an utter disregard for truth and fact. It also shows an absence of moral compass.

      Dolan was made aware of the false statements months ago and also made aware the damage that was being caused to my family and me. His response to this is to deny it and make excuses. I truly believe this is a culture of psychopathy. Honest and decent people do not act this way.

      Click to access PRR-20171122-Langan-Unspecified-request.pdf


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