TT Wilsons PHP Playbook–Feel Good Fallacies, False Dichotomies and Frontal Lobotomies

The mentality we are dealing with–
“I’ve known several docs over the years who have been forced into treatment by the state for substance issues. To the man they have been able to stay in practice by following mandated treatment programs whether they believed the plans to be valid or not. The docs who took a stand and fought the Board spent years wasting their effort and money. Even after all of that defiance, the one’s I’ve known are able to return to practice after capitulating and complying with the mandated treatment plan. One wound up living in his in-laws’ basement and ending with half a million in debt before he stopped fighting. But 30 days later he was back in practice and stayed with it for decades.
I believe the way we must look at this is that the Boards see this as a patient safety issue. Rightly or wrongly they issue firm but achievable goals and as long as the doc goes along with it, life goes on. I’ve not known a single doc to win fighting the board.
So I have to say is this the hill you want to on then by all means soldier on.”
— TT Wilson


Source: TT Wilsons PHP Playbook–Feel Good Fallacies, False Dichotomies and Frontal Lobotomies


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2 thoughts on “TT Wilsons PHP Playbook–Feel Good Fallacies, False Dichotomies and Frontal Lobotomies

  1. When fighting this battle , you cannot listen to people who discourage you, and say silly things like “get on with your life” what , wishing you had the rest of your life. Make a difference and go for it , keep fighting . this statement is from someone who wants to dictate a diagnosis and no one question it.

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    • Yes- – I actually know who he is as I matched his IP address to the list of like-minded docs. I think it’s useful to post his comments as he illustrates the standard level of thinking among this group– they are oblivious to reason, paternalistic,simplistic and concrete thinkers.


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