The Regulatory Capture of American Medicine by the Drug and Alcohol Testing, Assessment and Treatment Industry  by Michael Langan, MD


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Another incisive piece by Dr. Langan on the crucially important concept of “regulatory capture” of a market sector, in this case the Physicians Health Program.  Clearly, Medical Licensing Boards (MLBs) have mastered the art of regulatory capture, essentially writing legislation which includes stipulations that essentially allow them to write their own rules as they see fit. Then, covered by that state’s sovereign immunity, they’re essentially tin-pot dictators. Then, allied with PHPs who are extended the same sovereign immunity with utterly no oversight or accountability and, which in multiple states, are alleged to have neglected (and thwarted) all means of due process, one has a co-conspirator in the regulatory capture. Now two “state agencies” (in quotes because the recent SCOTUS FTC v. NC Dental decision throws their claim of “state agency” into major question) operate in tandem to both capture the regulatory process by which physicians operate and then collude…

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