Regulatory capture and the critical need for Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Investigation of Medical Licensing Boards

screen-shot-2015-09-12-at-4-00-15-pmThe system is almost foolproof.   It is a culture of impunity and deference.  To make matters worse states Attorney Generals defer to the medical-board and their physician health experts.  The AGO represents the state agency and its expert in legal challenges and crimes reported by doctors are dismissed at the outset.  The agency responsible for investigating rackets and laboratory and healthcare fraud as well as civil rights violations and color of law abuse is the states AGO. No one is minding the minders.

The assistant AGOs representing boards appear to use the same tactics as the PHCU Board counsel and a similar moral disengagement mentality but it is unclear what the interface is with the PHP/medical board and states AGOs.  If anyone has any insight please advise as I have not figured it out.  Perhaps they agreed to deference to the medical board/PHP just as the medical board agreed to deference to the PHP.  Perhaps they have specific administrative attorneys who they use or even a cadre within but it is implausible that the entire AGO would be supporting the rehab racket.

Then again the Florida AGO  knew in 2012 that Millennium Laboratories, the nation’s largest drug testing company, was defrauding Florida Medicaid of millions  in a massive drug screening scam  persuading doctors to test Medicare patients for Angel Dust. It billed Medicare for 59 dead people. It bribed doctors and rigged research results and  made a mint from getting doctors to order expensive drug tests that were not needed but Florida AGO Pam Bondi in a March 2014 letter to the head of the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, argued the tests were indeed needed.   Turns out Millennium once salvaged a key anti-drug initiative championed by Bondi and, through its high-powered lobbying firm, had deep ties to Bondi and Gov. Rick Scott’s legal team.

In the final analysis this has resulted in is a complete systems failure where corruption and abuse is occurring as a product of bad apples in plain view and within the walls of regulatory medicine with each agency deferring to the integrity and honesty of its predecessor. This is not good governance.

Historians will someday look back at the fall of American medicine and wonder how it was allowed to happen and link systemic as well as specific problems pervasively plaguing the profession with regulatory capture by the drug and alcohol testing, assessment and treatment industry.

Source: Regulatory capture and the critical need for Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Investigation of Medical Licensing Boards


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3 thoughts on “Regulatory capture and the critical need for Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Investigation of Medical Licensing Boards

  1. exactly ,” no one is minding the minders.”
    although appointed by the Governor he states that , the board is ‘autologous” .
    really you Gov appoint them but you cannot fire them?


  2. I think in my experience , and others the similar connection would be the boards are in lockstep with the hospitals . If a whistleblower or possible litigation might be a possibility , then take them down with false complaints . When you change the word BAR to BON , it is the same pattern . A charge that makes no sense then come up with a second charge to really wipe out the respondent.
    very much the same , like that took How to do unethical , illegal behavior 101 .
    justify their existance , nail a nurse to show what they have done was ‘effective’ and if they have to order psych evals , done by underhanded “dr” , then so be it. A “dr ” who is on “the list of approved ” psych.

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