Medical Students at Risk as Fraudulent Physician Health Programs (PHPs) Cast a Wider Net–Need to Address This Problem at State Level


An old joke asks “How does a doctor define an alcoholic?”  Answer–“anybody who drinks more than he does.”   How does a physician health program (PHP)  define an alcoholic?  Answer –anybody who walks through the front door. These profiteers and “addiction addicts” want to test the urine, blood, hair and nails of the entire population but their current net has now expanded to medical students.   They want to test them all and let God sort them out but in reality, a zero-tolerance paradigm utilizing non-FDA approved tests of unknown validity would be  ruinous. With recreational and experimental drug use common in young adults a profession that refuses to accept anyone who tests positive for drugs will exclude large numbers of brilliant, talented individuals and dismissing highly talented people in medicine for what might be a one-off recreational non problematic drug experience would retard its advance.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 10.11.53 PMThe use of these non-FDA approved tests of unknown validity should not be allowed to begin with but there needs to be a concerted direct attack on their use on medical students or the brain-drain on the profession will bring it back to the dark ages.  The ASAM White Paper on Drug Testing proposes imposing this system with mandatory drug testing by the healthcare system from childhood to old age.  College loans are proposed as “leverage” for college students in this “contingency management” paradigm so a lot of promising students could be weeded out before even applying to medical school.  Forget GPA and MCATS as the primary criteria for medical school admission will be sobriety and clean urine screens..

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 10.10.23 PMIt is important that medical school administrators refuse to engage in  blind deference to the authority of the state PHP. Authority must always be questioned and to not do so is irresponsible.  Unquestioning allegiance to an authority does not comport with the history of the medical profession or science. Faith in institutions demands mass adherence to faith in that authority and direct challenges to the status quo are needed to undermine that faith.   They have bamboozled the medical boards into implementing bad policy, accepting bad science and approving 14931812 bad decisions. This problems needs to be addressed at the state level state by state.  The medical board swamp of co-conspirators, apologists, sympathizers, insecure idiots of medical mediocrity with chips on their shoulder who get off on harming smarter and better doctors as well as the brain dead fossils and geezers need to be swiftly identified and put to pasture.

Additionally this swamp needs to be drained of the extant attorney pool by replacing state salaried attorneys lock-step in the cesspool with law school graduates who have integrity, honest and moral compass.   The Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP) and their state franchises need to be dismantled with dispatch and this needs to be done state by state. Power absent accountability needs to be identified and removed.   The fracture points of this racket includes  direct confrontation using  fact and truth–when these things are tossed their way they scatter like feral cats.  These jokers have duped state and local legal authority into deference to their expertise and integrity under the notion that questioning these attributes undermines a culture of professionalism.  The fact of the matter is, they have no expertise, no integrity and no professionalism.  The current bed we lay in is the consequence of a simple extortion scheme concocted by a coterie of unscrupulous 1980’s impaired physicians who like Billy Idol’s Rebel yell wanted more more more and the paradigm architects have successfully created a  monopolistic conglomerate with insular power in a manner analogous to the post-war activities of Bugsy Siegel who, with help from friend and fellow mob boss Meyer Lansky,  poured money through Mormon-owned banks for cover of legitimacy, into the Flamingo in 1946 and created Las Vegas as we know it today and, in both cases, the house always wins.  In this sick and twisted analogy the role of Siegel  would be  played by G. Douglas Talbott and the role of Lansky would be played by Robert Dupont and the progeny they created is knee slapping themselves and laughing all the way to the bank with the blood money.   This entire scaffold, however,  is built from false premises to create a false construct of logical fallacy and lies; a Potemkin village and foundation built of sand.  We need to point out the emperor has no clothes, no balls and no brains.   That part is easy.  The hard part is arousing the complacent and the indifferent from their blinkered slumber. The rank-and-file need to wake up from their “what me worry” slumber and say something.  Ignorance is bliss until falling through the rabbit hole and unlike the Wonderful Wizard of Oz what lies beneath the curtain is not so wonderful. The wizards at large are not bad  wizards but good men but a coterie of good wizards and bad bad men and a large number of bad wizards and bad men,  a dark tower of delinquent deadlights. In 2011 these carney hucksters got the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) to accept make believe and fantastical pseudo-bullshit such as “potentially impairing illness” and “relapse without use” as real things and the FSMB even wrote this non-sensical gibberish into their public policy on physician impairment.   They might as well have sold them the Brooklyn bridge.  How is it possible that the organization responsible for the regulation of over 900, 000 doctors incorporated nonsensical psychobabble that does not exist into regulatory policy potentially impacting an entire profession and those potentially impacted speak nary a peep?   The fact that unintelligible and meaningless gobbledygook got past editorial review  signifies that the swamp needs to be drained.  Is there not enough collective brains and balls in this organization to call out swindle and rook?   Historically the FSMB does whatever the FSPHP says.  When the FSPHP says bend over the FSMB unquestionably does and its time to retire or remove these willing gulls and start from scratch.

The terms “potentially impairing illness” and “relapse without use” in the context of PHP clutchability widens the net to everyone.   In a just and civil society the threshold for power and hold over a medical license would be alleged misconduct that presents a clear and present danger but in this alternate reality the threshold lines have not only been blurred but set to zero.   The intentional potential impairment trap and relapse without use ruse is able to target anyone and everyone.

Physician health programs (PHPs) have become tainted and contaminated by dark matter and outside drug and alcohol assessment, testing and treatment influence and the agenda has nothing to do with helping medical students or protecting the public.  This confederacy of dunces is an unquestioned authority, an unelected authority, an illegitimate authority and an irrational authority and by targeting medical students this Machiavellian culture of impunity and fear can effectively silence those who could and should be able to question authority.  At this point we have two choices.  We either wake up, come together and get these sociopathic profiteers in the crosshairs and take them down or sit back and watch the whole shit-house go up in flames.

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Source: Medical Students at Risk as Fraudulent Physician Health Programs (PHPs) Cast a Wider Net–Need to Address This Problem at State Level


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5 thoughts on “Medical Students at Risk as Fraudulent Physician Health Programs (PHPs) Cast a Wider Net–Need to Address This Problem at State Level

  1. State Departments of Health need to address the problem here. I would add that the Federal Department of Health and Human Services should address this. and that I think it’s odd that their own Office for Civil Rights has omitted the word ‘religion’ from the anti-discrimination policy.

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  2. My case goes before the Supreme Court in Massachusetts May 4th and I am requesting the Establishment clause piece set a precedent and the perpetrators be held accountable. This is not agency level complicity but the result of corrupt organizations placing point people in large organizations who interfere with the flow of information by blocking, deflecting or diluting it. For example in Massachusetts the administrative law bureau of the AGO has a crooked attorney Bryan Bertram who represents the medical board and the managing attorney of this own department is unaware of his unethical and illegal activities. The pool of attorneys representing doctors is a trash bin filled to the top with former assistant AGOs and medical board attorneys who work for the state agencies for a few years who prove their loyalty to the cartel by proving they have no scruples and moral compass and willing to throw doctors under the bus. They then pretend to represent doctors by taking their cash up front and telling them to do whatever the PHP says including 12-step participation. As this racket started in the 1990s and scum attract and finds scum they have had no problem filling these positions in each state and attorneys outside this insular cesspool have been up till this point clueless. Time to get these motherfuckers in the crosshairs and take them down.

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  3. Hi Michael Absolutely correct Most of these targeted physicians have no idea that they are hiring those lawyers complicit with the php and medical board. I will pray for you with the courts in Mass. but I have adopted the stoics approach of expecting nothing righteous or moral from anyone . It makes the outcome much less painful. Truth is the higher the court the more corrupt the court with few exceptions.
    I am an internist from the other side of the tracks born in a family of 12 having to deal with numerous broken bones abject poverty and sexual deviance from the catholic church. As a marine I have developed a unusual set of skills not typical of your average silver-spoon physician or average American for that matter. I am a hardened street savvy man who has had to come to grips that I am no match when fighting on their terms in their stadium under their rules and judged by their judges.
    My experience with the Maine PHP and medical board is an astounding compelling story of injustice and betrayal. My PHP director Dr. Dalco used his position to accommodate a hospital sham peer review and fabricated substance abuse construct after I reported, in good faith. a serious medical issue. Eventually this coward after years of failure to show any non compliance issue or even a single positive test attempted to accuse me of terrorism and assault but failed to get his desired outcome. He was able to eventually have the medical board in Mass issue a a career destroying false data bank report ( he was on the mass.PHP advisory committee) . If you are interested in talking I continue to live in Maine as I am not allowed to practice in Mass, my home state . If the system continues down the shit hole that we are so familiar with, the remedy may be a more direct patriotic approach.

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