Physician Suicide and “Physician Wellness” Programs–It’s time we start talking about the elephant in the room!

psychologicalmurder1Heightened perceptions of defeat and entrapment are known to be powerful contributors to suicide.23,24 The “Cry of Pain” model 25,26 specifies that people are particularly prone to suicide when life experiences are interpreted as signaling defeat which is defined as a sense of “failed struggle” or loss of social position and resources.. The person is unable to identify an escape from or resolution to a defeating situation, a sense of entrapment proliferates with the perception of no way out, and this provides the central impetus for ending ones life.

There is also evidence that rescue factors such as social supports may play a role in preventing suicide. These rescue factors act buffers to protect against suicide in the face of varying degrees of life stress.27,28 The study of female physicians revealed meetings to discuss stressful work experiences as a potential protective factor, 29 and support at work when difficulties arose appeared to be a protective factor for the male physicians.30   Research involving Finnish physicians found that control over one’s work and organizational justice were the most important determinants of work-related wellbeing.31,32 Organizational justice is related to fairness and refers to an individuals perception of an organizations behaviors, decisions, and actions and how these influence one’s own attitudes and behaviors and has been identified as a psychosocial predictor of health and wellbeing33 34 Low organizational justice has been identified as a notable risk factor for psychological distress and depression.35,36

Source: Physician Suicide and “Physician Wellness” Programs–It’s time we start talking about the elephant in the room!


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3 thoughts on “Physician Suicide and “Physician Wellness” Programs–It’s time we start talking about the elephant in the room!

  1. In my 32 years of working in hospitals around the world, I can say that I have experienced physician suicide in almost every single hospital. And it always seems like the people who on the surface, really have their act together, they are friendly, outgoing, and seem to roll with the punches, those are the people that choose to end their lives. And the rest of us, the ones that don’t seem to have it completely together are sent reeling, trying to figure out if there were obvious signs we missed, were these physicians (and midlevel practitioners – I hate that term, but can’t think of a better one) reaching out as they slipped into abyss, and we just completely ignored them.
    Although, the whole atmosphere of the medical field is changing, it is all about the administrators, telling us there are more boxes to check, more forms to complete, more compliance issues to address. We have no support, no one backs us when parents come in acting like total assholes, demanding unreasonable and really ridiculous things, that are not only wasteful and unsound, but serve no benefit to their children, other than it might make the parents lives easier. And the administrators just kiss the parents butts and tell us to do whatever it is they want, because it is all about the customer experience and their satisfaction. Healthcare is just a whore for money, and we the people, the ones that when into that field to do some good, to help, to be good at what we do, are just drowning in it.


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