The “PHP-blueprint” and “New-Paradigm”-the most dangerous threats to our civil liberties and freedoms no one is talking about.

Through a combination of large-scale funding, rhetorical persuasion and moral panics these groups have gained tremendous sway and power in the medical profession.    They have bamboozled themselves into a seat at the table of power through propaganda, misinformation, logical fallacy and lies.   They are both politically connected and well-funded.  Facts on truth do not matter.  Evidence does not matter.  The data is designed to fit an already determined conclusion.  The collateral damage they have caused to doctors, patients and the medical profession is widespread and in many cases permanent.  Why should you care? Because they are poised to do exactly the same thing they did to doctors to the rest of us using the same scaffold.  All one has to do is look.   They are using the same type of  propaganda, misinformation, logical fallacy and lies  used to convince regulatory and administrative medicine into acceptance of flawed policy and practices.     They wish to remove all the procedural protections and safeguards afforded to those currently being drug-tested in Federal Workplace Drug Testing programs.  This will be done without your consent or knowledge. You are not even in the equation.  As far-fetched as this sounds the plans are easy to see–all one has to do is look.  This Trojan Horse is hiding in plain sight. It is a false paradigm composed of false-constructs assembled with false claims like a cheap Ikea product.  It is all smoke and mirrors–nothing behind the curtain but lint and dust.  Nevertheless, what they plan will become a reality unless we stop it. That is a certainty.  The “New Paradigm” represents the greatest threat to the civil liberties we seek to protect. This is what Abbie Hoffman warned of a generation ago. This is no longer a threat but an evolving reality.   This is not conspiracy based conjecture or fringe-thinking prediction but a straightforward well designed and well thought out business plan to profit the multi-billion dollar drug and alcohol assessment, testing and treatment industry driven by greed and profit.

“Addiction medicine” is now recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) as a bona-fide medical specialty. As with everything else they do this was accomplished by shortcuts, workarounds and graft.   As contemporary Robber Barons they circumvent the usual rigor and protocol required of such things.  They are given allowances.      As an accepted medical specialty they will be able to  cement the chronic relapsing brain disease model of addiction as medical fact and recommend life-long abstinence and 12-step ideology as best practices and standard-of-care.     It will be “medically sanctified” by these self-proclaimed experts.   They are unexamined and unquestioned authority.  They are also illegitimate and irrational authority.

Medicalization of this nonsense subverts the medical profession and “legitimizes” coercion and control.  It legitimizes telling thinking people how to think.   The ASAM White Paper on Drug Testing promotes random testing of everyone. It promotes using non-FDA approved tests of unknown validity.  It promotes lifelong abstinence with frequent lifelong testing.    Fail a test and the cycle starts again.   This is the system currently being used by state physician health programs. The plan is to introduce this dark carnival into the mainstream populace using the healthcare system as a conduit for collecting the specimens and they wish to remove all of the procedural protections currently in place under federal guidelines designed to protect the rights of the donor.

This will most assuredly be a boon for anyone battening and fattening off the profits.  The drug and alcohol Testing and treatment industry and  cottage industries formed by these”addiction addicts” to put coins in their purses are sure to make a killing on the “New Paradigm” but the rest of us will suffer. The systemic application of this very flawed and very harmful paradigm will help very few and  harm very many of the rest of us. It will end careers and lives just as it did in the medical profession.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 3.39.59 AMIn these uncertain times it is hard to choose which battles to fight. The “PHP-blueprint” and “new paradigm’ is not even on the radar of most of us.   It needs to be.

I ask you to simply examine the documents attached to the essay below and come to your own conclusions. Connect the dots. Utilize common-sense.  Question the authoritative proclamations made using logic and critical reasoning.  Fact-check.  Examine the primary sources cited.   Read between the lines. Scrutinize. Question.  Look for answers.  They are hiding in plain sight.  This Trojan horse needs to be recognized and put in the cross-hairs.  It is an easy target.   Nothing is there but logical fallacy and lies.  The emperor has no clothes.  It is a Potemkin village populated by snake oil salesmen and some very bad apples.    This halloween parade is populated by narcissists, sadists and psychopaths.  We need to identify them. We need to recognize them. We need to take them down.


Source: The “PHP-Blueprint”–A Trojan Horse for Profit and Wider Social Control



One thought on “ The “PHP-blueprint” and “New-Paradigm”-the most dangerous threats to our civil liberties and freedoms no one is talking about.

  1. War on drugs = war on mental health. Follow the hateful soundbites to follow the money.

    Almost any felon can tell you how to beat these tests – another up and coming industry making money for somebody – just like the prison “industry” itself.

    I’m beginning to wonder if ALL politicians are corrupt these days! Do we have ANY statesmen anymore – or is it now impossible to have a political career without selling out and being owned?
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”


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