I Need a Miracle! Please Help!

“Michael, Your blog has provided a platform for so many wronged professionals. I don’t need more convincing that the system in place is wrong in every way. It needs to be scraped and begun an…

Source: I Need a Miracle! Please Donate to a Decent Cause!

7 thoughts on “I Need a Miracle! Please Help!

  1. It hurts my heart that I am unable to donate even to the most worthiest of causes currently. Long story why not, but I am left struggling financially myself due to events following a gang mugging. Once I get back on my feet I can continue to help others financially in my small way, but until then I must confine my efforts to supportive words and adding my “likes” on posts like this that might, perhaps raise your search profile a notch, as I pray for a miracle recovery for myself and others.


  2. A thought…what if professionals who blog here were to apply or reapply for 1 or more state licenses, always writing a cover letter asking for an interview with their state board(s) of choice. Then, professionals who blog go together to attend that interview in solidarity with our fellow blogger-applicants. We’ll ask the members of the board to spell out why an applicant hasn’t had their license approved. We ask them what evidence they have that he or she is not an excellent physician. (Sort of how Mothers Against Drunk Drivers have, for decades, attended trials and, by their mere presence, put pressure on juries and judges to issue stiff penalties to drunk drivers who killed by driving drunk.) It would surely get the attention of medical boards nationwide. I’d say, after 5 or 6 of these in random states, board would start getting nervous that a movement was a afoot, that they can no longer isolate and abuse doctors, take away their careers, kick us to the ground and leave us for dead.


    • Lilly,
      Medscape article is now live! Please comment what you have here in the Medscape comments as people are looking. We need to show the patterns and severity of the problem-Thanks, Michael


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