“My aren’t we plural lately”- Fred Flintstone


Source: May 3rd, 2013–Dr. Steve Adelman: The Mentality of What’s in Charge and Proof that Stupidity Often Reigns!


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2 thoughts on ““My aren’t we plural lately”- Fred Flintstone

  1. Well , yousoundlike you’ve never smoked weed and you blame it for a lot of ills. Pot smokers on the whole are not violent, a definite specific trait to them , it does slow one down but also gives one more time to examine what and who Is around them. I think your thinking is way off when you can tie the Boston incident to smoking pot. Maybe you should try it and then we can talk, otherwise your only surmising . I know some do over indulge as with anything , food, sex, drugs. But to blame pot for his role in Boston is indeed far fetched and you don’t have any idea what your talking about. So ,,go smoke some pot and then get back to me . Take the fear out of your life,

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