Straight Inc., –Torture as Treatment

Disrupted Physician

“The biggest problem Straight has is knowing how good it is.”–Dr. Robert Dupont, M.D., 1981

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In 2012 former Nixon Drug Czar Robert Dupont, MD delivered the keynote speech at the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association annual conference and described a “new paradigm” for addiction and substance abuse treatment. He advocated zero tolerance for alcohol and drug use that is enforced by monitoring with frequent random drug and alcohol tests. Detection of any substances is met with swift and certain consequences. He proposed expansion of this paradigm to other populations including workplace, healthcare, and schools.

Robert Dupont was a key figure in launching the “war on drugs” which is now widely viewed as a failure that has turned the US into the largest jailer in the world.

As the founding director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), he administered a 1.8 million dollar grant in 1972 to an experimental…

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2 thoughts on “Straight Inc., –Torture as Treatment

  1. Sounds exactly like the treatment I went through at Willingway in Statesboro, Georgia. Every single thing! Their program was apparently modeled after this program. What is worse is my family paid for them to abuse me!

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