Snakes in Smocks: Unrecognized Corporate Psychopathy in the Medical Profession

Disrupted Physician


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Psychopathy is present in all professions. In The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success, Kevin Dutton provides a side-by-side list of professions with the highest (CEO tops the list) and lowest (care-aid) percentage of psychopaths.   Interestingly surgeons come in at #5 among the professions with the highest percentage of psychopathy while doctors  (in general) are listed among the lowest.

Although by no means a scientific study, Psycopaths, by their very nature, seek power and it would make sense that a psychopath among us might pick surgery over pediatrics or pathology as they are drawn to power, prestige, and control. Be this as it may the incidence of psycopathy or psychopathic traits in doctors of any specialty is low. Statistics indicate that no more than 1% of men in general exhibit psychopathic traits. In Women these characteristics are far less.

Due to…

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2 thoughts on “Snakes in Smocks: Unrecognized Corporate Psychopathy in the Medical Profession

  1. Yes, there is corruption in the medical communities and systems, as we have identified and proven. A doctor can contact their state auditor to request a review of either PHPs or even MBs. I think that hard evidence of corruption, such as you have shown us in many cases, can encourage or even mandate such an audit. That is a good way to go…to find out if there are kickbacks or favoritism.
    Now these PHP programs are self-funded, I found out, and they need warm bodies to survive—hence they are sycophants. So I personally take advantage of this, because I am in a program right now, and I, well, get my way. I agree I need to be in a program for my brain or mental illness…btw. but not be pounded by this program. I do believe that PHPs can serve a protective function if they act as they are supposed to.


    • Yes, it goes without saying PHPs are needed just as EAPs are needed in all professions. There is nothing special about doctors. The either-or logical fallacy is one of their favorite arguments. It is a false-dichotomy. No one is anti-PHP –just anti-corruption and abuse by the current ideology in charge-namely the FSPHP


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