The “PHP-Blueprint”–A Trojan Horse for Profit and Wider Social Control

Medicalization of 12-step will be accomplished when “addiction medicine” becomes recognized as a bona-fide medical specialty by the American Board of Medical Specialties.(ABMS) which is slated to occur within the next couple years. At that point this group will deem 12-step ideology as best practice “evidence-based” doctor recommended care. This will “sanctify” the ideology as medical “standard of care” and can then be imposed on anyone with impunity and immunity. Medicalization subverts the Establishment clause of the 1st Amendment and the propaganda supporting this has already begun. See the 12-step “facilitation” piece below giving the reasoning they will use. This is not facilitation but coercion.

Disrupted Physician

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 2.47.54 AM.png“In the small world of drug testing, these four—Angarola, Bensinger, DuPont and Willette—are affectionately referred to as the Gang of Four. Dr. John Morgan explains, “They are the ones responsible for a good deal of drug testing’s success, and some of the fear that goes along with it. Remember these names. These men are among the most competent and knowledgeable about drug testing—scientifically and politically. They are well-informed: they have to be. Their livelihoods depend upon their credibility. Unfortunately their expertise represents the greatest threat to the civil liberties we seek to protect. Know your enemy.” 1

Steal This Urine Test – Fighting Drug Hysteria In America – By Abbie Hoffman with Jonathan Silvers. 1986

A recent Huffington Post article written by Maia Szalavitz, The Rehab Industry Needs to Clean Up Its Act Here’s How, describes the need to radically rethink and reform American addiction treatment.. The article quotes…

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4 thoughts on “The “PHP-Blueprint”–A Trojan Horse for Profit and Wider Social Control

  1. Hello !
    “Addiction” is a symptom of fear. Fear is The dis-ease. When the mind is not ‘at-ease’ it is in ‘dis-ease’.
    As humanity comes to understand ‘cognitive dissociation’, which is believing something that is Not true but Acting as though it is true, they will no longer come under the pseudo curse of addiction.
    No one is or has ever been addicted to anything. Addiction is a way of escaping thoughts, (guilt, shame, fear, etc…) sometimes audible and sometimes not. While the person suffering from fear is engaged in their ‘chosen temporary cure’ they are at peace. The peace does not last of course and so they believe, and wrongly, that they are addicted.

    Addiction takes many forms. Some forms are not even recognized as symptoms of fear. For example, “church” is one way many suffering from fear symptomize their addiction. “Drugs” is another. “Work” still another.

    Forgiveness, as simple as it seems, is the escape from all fear, and thus all addiction. Forgiveness renews the mind away from judgment and back to Love.

    We are safe and we are Loved!

    Thank YOU for your wonderful blog…


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